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   Chapter 206 No.206

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'So what is your plan for him then?' Lamont asked.

Desmond regarded him coldly.

'He must die.'

Cam was taken back to his prison cell where he remained for several days, in the cold and dark with barely any food.

On the last day, he was woken abruptly by a heavy hand slapping him hard across the face, so exhausted had he been; he had not woken at the sound of the prison door opening.

He was escorted out of the prisons, this time accompanied by twice as many armed guards as there had been before.

'Where is my brother?!' Cam croaked miserably at the soldier that had woken him.

'Quite! He snapped, jabbing the blunt end of his lance in the back of Cam's leg and causing him to fall a knee.

When he was down, the guard hit him again, this time jabbing him in the side and causing Cam to double over.

'Enough' another guard barked, 'you don't want to kill him before we get there do you?'

The guard grabbed him by the arm, pulling him to his feet and shoving him forwards.


Cam stumbled forwards, wrists tied behind his back. He walked silently now, consumed by fear and in a state of shock.

He was led through the palace and outside, heading out of the grounds and through the streets to a place just beyond the palace wall, while all around him the crowd that had flocked the streets jeered.

Cam raised his head, his heart stopping in his chest at what he saw before him. A platform elevated above the heads of the people, and a stake where a person would be tied to and burned, where Cam would be tied to.

Cam bowed his head, beginning to sob.

They moved closer to the stake.

Cam was led up the steps to the raised platform, staring hopelessly down at the faces in the crowd before him, where he saw many different expressions.

One of the soldiers pushed him firmly back against the great pole that stood in the centre of the platform, as another behind him began to tie him to it. As this happened, the other soldiers began to stack bundles of kindling around him, so that the fire would light and burn quickly.

Cam stared unseeing at the floor of the wooden platform as they did this, experiencing a strong sense of unreality, of loss and despair. And the people, those that watched in the crowd, they were the faces of anger and fear. Who knew what these people had been told about Cam. Who knew what lies they had been fed by the council?

He would die here today, he knew this.

Cam tilted his head back to gaze at the palace, his heartbeat slowing as he recognised a figure standing on one of the balconies, staring down at him.

Luke stood leaning forward with his hands upon the wall, his expression unreadable.

Cam began to cry openly, his body shaking as his eyes met with Luke's.

Luke…he thought. Oh Luke….

He hung his head, hi

s black hair falling over his eyes. He barely heard the executioner who read aloud his crimes to the crowd.

How could this happen? Did Luke even try to protect me? Does he even care?

Cam raised his head again.

Luke……are you going to just stand back and watch me die?

The executioner finished reading the list of crimes, glancing down towards the man standing on the ground beside the platform and indicating to him.

The man on the ground holding the burning torch stepped forward, and set alight the wood beneath the platform.

The fire caught quickly, the black smoke swirled in the breeze. The crowd watched as Cam tied to the stake began to choke, unable to breathe through the smoke and slowly losing consciousness.

There was commotion suddenly in the crowd. Up on the balcony within the palace, Miranda appeared then to stand by her son and watch events unfold, her expression impassive. Together from overhead she and Luke watched as smoke bombs were set off, sowing panic and confusion in the crowd. Guards shouted orders to one another, and from a safe distance, the council members observed in silence.

There was violence within the smoke, several dark figures moving swiftly, several soldiers falling dead.

By the time the smoke had cleared, the people saw that their king was gone. Cam had been cut from the pyre and carried away, there had been a fight, blood stained the platform as the fire burned ever higher. But by the time the guards gathered themselves to search for the culprits, they were already long gone.

Cam was taken from the city and to a forest nearby. Several decoys were sent riding in different directions to confuse the guards that pursued. But Cam for the moment was as safe as he could be.

The man that had rescued him, was an old soldier named James. He had carried him to a secluded part of the woods, where his sister, a healer a few years younger, waited anxiously nearby.

James dismounted his horse, carrying Cam to their hiding place, a secluded location that was easy to miss unless you knew already where it was, a small cave hidden in dense foliage beside a river. He lay Cam down on the ground in the cave, putting his ear over his mouth and listening.

'He's not breathing.'

Immediately James tilted Cam's head back, lifting his chin. Pinching his nose he placed his mouth over Cam's and breathed into him

Cam opened his eyes, sitting and up rising to his feet.

He looked about him, but saw nothing.


Cam started then. He thought he had been alone, but there was another figure here with him in this strange place. A figure dressed all in black, wearing a hooded robe and gloves to cover the hands, and a mask also, a mask with a long beak, and large round eyes like windows, through which nothing could be seen.

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