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   Chapter 205 No.205

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'I see the damage' Eden admitted, 'but there are a many number of things that could have caused this.

Desmond narrowed his eyes, indicating the soldier beside him to take Cam.

The soldier advanced on Cam.

'I will show you his powers first hand!' Desmond said. 'You shall see for yourself! Then there will be no doubt, not when you witness his evil magic with your very own eyes.'

Cam was dragged from this room, flinching as the burly soldier grabbed him roughly by the arm and hauled him to his feet, biting his tongue hard to stop himself from crying out in fear.

He was taken to a room down the corridor from this one, feeling evermore afraid with every step he took.

Cam walked with the soldiers that accompanied him, scared and unsure of what was going on he didn't resist, fearing that if he did it would be worse for him. His bare feet were cold as he walked the silent corridor, the blood from his torn nails dried and crusted to his skin. At the end of the corridor, they entered a large room, followed shortly by the council members who trailed after him, protected by the soldiers. Many of the council members mumbled uncertainly, casting glances around them at the others to see what they thought of all of this.

Cam was taken to the back of the room where there was a chair, much like the one he had been bound to in the prison cell.

Cam began to struggle upon sight of it.

'No! Please! Not again! I'm begging you!'

He tried to resist them, tried to pull away, but he was no match for the strong man who forced him down into the chair and began to strap him to it.

Cam began to cry, his body trembling all over and his breath in short and shallow gasps.

The soldier stepped back.

Cam watched as the man retreated, withdrawing to the other side of the room to join the council members and other soldiers waiting there.

His eyes darted around at the faces of the men that watched him.

'W-where is Luke?' he stammered to them. 'Where is my brother? Where is he?!'

'Are you ready?' one of the soldiers asked the council members.

'Are you absolutely sure about this?' Storin spoke aloud unconvinced. Beside him Castello watched silently.

'Don't worry' Desmond answered confidently. 'You will see for yourself soon enough.'

Cam looked up at the man standing directly behind Desmond. His heart constricted as he recognised the scarred man as the one that had tortured him.

The memory suddenly came flooding back, and he felt his stomach began to twist and tighten painfully inside him as he hunched over.

Cam looked up again, as one of the soldiers p

ointed a loaded crossbow at him.

He began to scream, remembering Brioke suddenly who had done the same thing to him, that day he had been thrown down the stairs, that day before his coronation.


The soldier fired. The bolt struck the wall behind him. Cam struggled against his binds, crying and sobbing hysterically.

'Is this really necessary?' Rhona asked uncertainly. 'I'm really not sure this is a good idea.'

'Trust me' Desmond told him firmly. He spoke to the soldier holding the crossbow. 'Again.'

The man re-loaded the bow.


The soldier pointed the crossbow at him again and fired.

Cam flinched as the bolt bounced off the ground dangerously close to his foot.

Cam slumped forward, sobbing in terror.

The soldier reloaded the crossbow again, and fired for a third time.

Cam drew a sharp intake of breath as the bolt struck the wood of the chair beside him, just grazing his shoulder.

The wound began to bleed as Cam gritted his teeth in pain.

He tensed, and then slumped forward, becoming utterly still.

The others watched and waited expectantly.

'What's happened?' Eden whispered. 'Is something wrong?'

Cam lifted his head slowly then, his eyes burning with rage.

His lip curled in a snarl, and as the men watched, they saw with shock and astonishment as the bolt that had struck the chair and wounded Cam's shoulder, jerked back sharply from the wood it was stuck in. Hovering in the air it turned to point at the men, then shot towards them and straight through the throat of the soldier that held the crossbow. The others all cried out in alarm, stumbling back away from the soldier who clawed hopelessly at his throat, before collapsing and dying where he fell.

The room began to buzz around them. The air felt suddenly heavy, and a great pressure descended upon them all. The two remaining bolts that had been fired slid across the floor as Cam drew heavy breaths, never taking his eyes off the men across the room from him.

And then he fell still without warning, body slumped forward and head hung.

The council members all stared at him in astonishment. After a time, one of them dared to approach the man who had held the crossbow. He knelt beside him.

'He's dead' Castello remarked briefly before rising again, pulling the hem of his robes back so that the seeping blood would not stain his clothes.

'Do you see now?' Desmond said to the others speaking loudly and clearly. 'Do you understand? He is a danger, we cannot keep him alive.'

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