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   Chapter 204 No.204

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Cam began to tremble as he felt Brioke begin to undo his breeches, enveloped by a sudden wave of anger he tensed, growling and snarling he pushed Brioke away.

'No!' he cried. 'You will not touch me again!'

The silence echoed around the room.

Brioke stared back at him in disbelief for a moment, before his expression turned to anger.

'What?' he whispered dangerously. 'What did you say to me?'

'I…' Cam whispered, backing away.

Brioke advanced on him. Cam lashed out in panic, slapping him hard across the face, freezing instantly as he realised what he had done. Brioke instantly turned back to him, eyes wild, teeth bared and whole body shaking in raw fury. Still shocked at his own actions, Cam had no time to defend himself as Brioke swung a fist at him, hitting him hard right in the face.

Cam fell back, rolling on his front and attempting to crawl away in panic, but Brioke stepped on his long trailing cloak, preventing him from doing so.

Cam jerked his head around towards Brioke just as Brioke swung a kick at him, catching him beneath the jaw. Cam bit his tongue hard, instantly tasting blood.

Cam had been beaten by Brioke before, but this time was different. This time Cam realised with horror as he curled up into a ball to protect himself, Brioke intended to kill him. This time the kicks were aimed at his head.

Cam's hand shot out to grab Brioke's foot in a vain attempt to try to protect himself as he fought to stay conscious. Brioke only jerked his foot back with ease, bearing over Cam and grabbing him by his hair.

Cam saw the ceiling briefly before Brioke slammed his head with as much force as he could muster against the stone floor, again and again.

He was only vaguely aware of the door opening nearby and hearing his brother's voice.


Cam felt the weight suddenly leave him as Brioke was pulled off him.

He slowly moved his hands beside him, pushing himself gingerly to his feet, he rose.

His eyes began to glow, a blinding white light.

He rounded on the figures behind him; both Brioke and Luke stepped back in shock at the sight of him, both crying out in fear.

Cam lunged for Brioke then, grabbing him by the shirt he began to attack, releasing all the rage and pain that had built up and grown and manifested inside him all these years. He took it all out on Brioke now, lashing out at him and everything around him, his magic spinning out of control.

As he attacked Brioke, tearing at his flesh with his bare hands, he wasn't aware of the storm he had created within the room around him. He wasn't aware of the gale that whipped at their clothes and hair, wasn't aware of the swirling s

now which turned to sleet which turned to rain, wasn't aware of the fire and lightning thrashing in the air around them.

What he was suddenly aware of, was Luke as he grabbed him, shoving him back and away from Brioke.

'Leave him alone!' Luke hollered over the roar of the elements around them.

'YOU'RE PROTECTING HIM?!' Cam screamed as he backed away from him. 'AFTER EVERYTHING HE DID TO ME?!'

'You can't mend violence with violence!' Luke screamed back.

'I CAN!' Cam snarled. 'I CAN AND I FUCKING WILL!'

Cam backed further away as he spoke, straightening suddenly.

The ground beneath them began to tremble, then without warning the floor cracked and crumbled, becoming nothing but dust.

Brioke and Luke backed against the wall to avoid falling, as Cam, descended into the floor below, utterly destroying the stone around him.

Cam destroyed floor after floor, descending he drew closer to the ground, leaving behind him carnage and chaos.

Cam escaped the palace walls, marching out into the garden and heading for the stables, the storm and lightning raging around him all the while, and from his feet, with each footstep, was fire. It spread outwards as he drew towards the stables, burning everything in the garden that it touched.

Cam entered the stables and took a horse, mounting it and wheeling it around, he ignored the cries of the terrified beast as it reared up, pawing the air.

He managed to get control of it, forcing it onwards through the blazing inferno that surrounded. He headed towards the streets of the city before the palace, the wall surrounding the garden crumbled before him as if it were made of sand, and the gale that followed him, tossed the rubble in all directions.

Cam kicked the frightened beast onwards, escaping the palace and escaping the city, leaving behind all the pain and suffering. His magic quickly faded as he went, and the memory of what had happened along with it.

'I…' Cam uttered feebly as he looked around him. 'I did this?'

'You killed people' Desmond said to him, 'when you collapsed part of the building. You killed them.'

'No…' Cam said backing away and shaking his head. 'No it was an accident!'

'They are dead because of you.'

'No!' Cam sobbed, falling to his knees. 'No it isn't true!'

His body hunched over as he began to cry into his hands.

'…it isn't true….' He whispered, speaking to himself now.

'This is wrong' Eden said turning to the others, 'all I see is an innocent boy condemned for something he did not do. I mean magic? Really now.'

'Look at the destruction around you' Desmond spoke aloud, casting his arms out to demonstrate. 'Do you not see?'

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