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   Chapter 203 No.203

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Cam glanced towards Valery, who was watching him closely, eyes wide with expectation.

'Today?' Cam mumbled, feeling suddenly in shock.

'And tomorrow' Luke told him, leaning back against the desk with his arms folded, 'you will be married as quickly as possible. Then perhaps something could be done about this dreadful council.'

Out in the corridor a short time later, when they were alone, Valery turned to Cam, embracing him tightly.

'What are you…?'

'I'm just so happy' Valery interrupted him, voice muffled as she spoke into his clothes, holding him tight. 'I want to be married. I want to be yours. I want to be the queen instead of just a princess.'

'You will' Cam whispered to her, holding her back. 'You will.'

'Cam!' came a sudden and sharp barking call. 'I want to see you in my office.'

Cam's heart plummeted sharply in his chest, and he felt a sudden and sharp fear claw its way into him.

Cam turned, eyes wide as he tried to force himself not to tremble, force himself to stay strong, as he stared back at Brioke who stood behind him.

He swallowed the lump in his throat.

'Is everything alright Cam?' Valery asked him stepping back.

'Yes' he spoke quietly to her, forcing himself to smile. 'Yes everything's fine.'

He looked back at Brioke, who stared at him with a stony expression. Even now he dare not defy him.

'Cam?' Valery asked him, sounding suddenly nervous.

'Can you…' Cam whispered urgently, 'go back to our room?'

'What? But why?' she instantly protested.

'Just…' Cam fumbled. 'Please' he begged. 'Everything is alright I promise. I just need you to go back to your room for a minute. I will join you shortly.'

Valery ground her teeth, glancing once towards Brioke, before looking back at Cam.

'Are you sure?'

'Yes' Cam hastened. 'Just go. Please. I'll be alright I promise.'

Valery stepped away from them both reluctantly. Turning on her heel she marched away, sparing just one last glance back at them, before rounding the corner.

Cam let out the breath he had been holding, glancing hesitantly towards Brioke. Now the two were alone.

'Come with me' Brioke ordered, striding away without pause.

Cam scratched his itchy palms, before following after him. Together they walked through the palace with its many stairs, and back to Brioke's office.

Cam entered the office, and Brioke closed the door behind him.

'I canno

t let you go through with this.'

Cam turned back to Brioke, watching him closely. But he was utterly silent. He held his tongue.

'You cannot marry that girl. She is a bad influence. She does not act the way a princess should act.'

Brioke moved across the room and over to his drinks cabinet. Reaching for a bottle he began to pour himself some wine.

'You've been lying to me this whole time' Cam mumbled. 'You've been keeping me in the dark.'

Brioke raised his head slowly, placing the bottle slowly back down.

'I saw you visit the city' Brioke told him. 'I saw you command those guards at the front gates of the palace grounds.' His brow furrowed in thought. 'A few suffer for the greater good' Brioke spoke through a grimace. 'We're making this world a better place.'

'Only for you.'

Brioke fell silent. He turned very slowly to face Cam. Cam had never spoken to Brioke like this before.

'You tried to kill Valery didn't you?'

'She is a liability' Brioke answered. 'She's going to take you away from me.'

'No' Cam said, his voice breaking. 'I will never be yours again. Not ever. After everything you've done to me, only now am I breaking free. Only now…because of her…'

'She cannot stay here. Her presence is destroying everything the council and I have been working so hard to achieve.'

'I love her' Cam uttered. 'I love her…' He balled his fists then, gripped by a sudden anger. 'This world is rotten enough' Cam growled at Brioke, 'without rotten people like you making it worse.' He narrowed his eyes in pure hate. 'You've forced me to turn again my brother' he said. 'You force me to hurt him…to push him make me alone……'

Brioke straightened.

'You belong to me' Brioke said menacingly as he approached him. 'You will do as I say' he spoke with surety. 'You always will.'

Cam backed himself against the wall. In his mind Cam counted the steps as Brioke descended upon him, squeezing his eyes tight shut, expecting to feel pain.

Instead Brioke caressed him, leaning forwards and kissing him, moving his lips down his neck as Cam turned his head away.

'No' he whispered.

Brioke acted as if he hadn't heard, grabbing Cam's wrist with one hand and pinning him against the wall, with the other hand, he moved to touch his groin.

'This body' Brioke smiled cruelly, 'belongs to me. Your body belongs to me…you are mine. You will always be mine.'

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