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   Chapter 202 No.202

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In the dark of his prison cell, Cam was trying fruitlessly to fight against the binds that held him to the chair. But it was no use, he knew this, and yet he struggled against them anyway, for there was nothing else for him to do.

Why? He thought to himself in shock, eyes wide and unblinking in the dark. Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this?

He stopped struggling then, hearing through the door approaching footsteps.

He glanced around fearfully, hearing the bolt slide across the door. Cam squinted as the light from the corridor flooded in, blinking several times to clear his vision. He saw there a scene that filled him only with dread. From where he sat he could see five guards.

He began to tremble involuntarily.

One of the guards stepped into the room while the others stayed behind him. Cam stared wide eyed back at the guard who watched him cautiously.

'I am going to release you' the guard spoke evenly. 'No funny business. Understand?'

Cam nodded quickly, biting his tongue.

The guard knelt before him, doing so very slowly. He never took his eyes off Cam as he very slowly, one by one, unclasped the binds that held Cam to that chair.

'Rise slowly' the guard said backing away.

As Cam stared back at the man, he realised something with shock and disbelief.

They're afraid of me…but why…?

Cam obeyed the command given to him, doing so deliberately so that every move he made could be seen.

'Good' the guard spoke slowly. 'Now.' He indicated the door where the other guards stood, jerking his chin towards it. 'Walk.'

'Where are we going?'

'Don't ask' the man glowered back. 'Just walk.'

Cam did as he was told, moving tentatively towards the door where the other guards waited for him, all of them watching him with suspicious eyes.

Outside in the corridor beyond his door, he saw there were more guards than what he had seen at first. There were ten in number, and they were positioned in the narrow corridor either side of his cell door.

Cam saw with mounting trepidation that they were all heavily armoured, and armed. His eyes grew wider still as his sight travelled down to the men's hands, where he saw the weapons they carried, swords and crossbows.

Cam swallowed the lump in his throat.

'You know the way out of the prisons' the guard that had released him from his chair said to him. 'Go.'

'Where are you taking me?'

'If you ask me that again I'll make you wish you hadn't.'

Cam bit his tongue, turning away slowly and walking down the corridor towards the entrance of the prison. He had never been allowed here as a child. His father had always told him scary stories about what happe

ned down here, and the sort of people that were kept in these cells. Cam had always stayed away, but now, he found the truth was far scarier than the stories he had heard.

They tortured me he thought. How could they do that? I'm supposed to be their king?

Cam felt sick to his stomach as he continued to walk.

If they're doing this to me, what of Luke and Valery? He squeezed his eyes tight shut, fighting back his tears. Oh gods please let them be ok…

Beyond the prisons when Cam reached the top of the stairs, he found the council waiting for him, the left and right hands of the king, men who were supposed to serve him. There were six members on the right hand, and five on the left. It was all that was left of the council that was once comprised of forty men, now there was just eleven. It was terrifying how they had dwindled in size. Most did not know the fate of the other missing members, however they were all presumed dead. Everyone left behind was here, everyone except…

Brioke… Cam thought. Where is he?

'Follow me.'

Cam raised his head, recognising the council member that had spoken as the one called Desmond.

Cam suddenly began to feel more afraid.

The council members led the way as Cam was guided through the palace, surrounded at all times by the guards who never took their eyes off him. Cam could see how tense they all were.

He was led down the familiar halls and up several flights of stairs for several minutes, until they stopped.

Cam recognised this room as the one he had confronted Brioke in, what now felt to him like a lifetime ago, when he was someone else.

Cam stepped forwards slowly into the room, staring in disbelief at what was before him. Standing on one side, the council members and guards watched him in silence.

In the floor before him, was a great hole, and as Cam looked over the edge, he could see into the room below, and the one below that, and below that one too. In fact, he realised that the hole went all the way to the ground floor, several stories down.

'It's not just here' Desmond spoke stepping forwards, 'the structure of the entire palace is unstable now because of this damage, and outside, part of the wall surrounding the palace is destroyed, and the entire garden has been set alight. There is only blackened ash.

Cam turned in disbelief towards Desmond.

'Look at the destruction' Desmond glowered. 'Look at the carnage.'

He rounded on Cam, with fury in his eyes.

'You did this.'

'The priest will be here?' Cam uttered.

'Yes' Miranda replied, gliding past them. 'He has reached these shores, and rides to the capital as we speak……he will arrive sometime soon. Today in fact.'

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