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'Then…do it' Cam hissed, a manic expression on his face.

Desmond and the scarred man exchanged a glance with each other at that.

The scarred man looking back at Cam, then shrugged.

'Fine' he said simply.

He stepped towards Cam, though Cam did not flinch. The torturer approached, holding the hot iron, moving it closer to Cam's face, intending to burn him. But suddenly there was a hiss, and the iron no longer glowed red, but was dull again.

'What the fuck…!' the scarred man stepped back, touching the iron though tentatively at first. 'It's ice cold!'

'You're doing this' Desmond spat. 'Sorcery!'

Cam's upper lip twitched in a snarl as he glared hatefully at both of them. The well dressed man and the torturer both stepped back at the sight of him.

Cam's hair began to lighten, the black fading and transforming to pure white. His clothes began to glow and lighten in colour; his skin began to glow also, the whole room cast in bright and shining light.

'Witchcraft' the torturer uttered. 'I've never seen the like...'

The light began to fade quickly, lasting only a few brief seconds.

Cam's hair returned to black, his skin and clothes darkened to their original state along with the room. Having used too much energy, Cam slumped forwards in his chair, head hung and becoming utterly still.

The men stared in shock at him for several seconds, before Desmond dared approach him, doing so tentatively. He grabbed Cam by the hair and lifted his head up.

'He's lost consciousness.'

'This complicates things' the torturer said. 'What do we do now?'

'We have to tell the others' Desmond said, slowly letting go of Cam and letting his head fall again. 'This is….certainly….very interesting.'

When Cam woke next he was in the same prison cell as before, but completely alone and once again in the pitch dark.

He had no memory of what had happened, and he wondered why he experienced the pain he did.

To him, it felt as if he were missing several toe-nails.

Cam couldn't move, still bound to the chair he waited, for whatever was to happen next.

Chapter Eighteen

'There can be no doubt about it' Desmond was saying. 'It was he who did this.'

'I'm still not happy that you went and did this in secret without our knowing' Eden said, leaning forwards on the table with his arms folded. 'It all seems so hard to believe. What you suggest is just preposterous.'

Desmond glanced at the rest of the council sitting around the table, raising his

head and speaking clearly so that he may be heard.

'There is no mistake' he declared. 'Our king is a sorcerer.'

'Listen to yourself' Lamont scoffed. 'These sound like the ramblings of a mad man.'

'It's the truth' Desmond spoke firmly, glancing to the scarred man who stood behind him, the torturer. 'My man can confirm it.'

The other council members fell silent as all their attention fell upon this man. The torturer stood in the shadows, leaning against the wall with his arms folded. He raised his head, glaring back at the faces that stared at him before answering.

'It is true' he spoke. 'Our king is a sorcerer. That makes him dangerous.'

'This is ridiculous!' Eden cried. 'Magic does not exist! Have you all lost your minds? It's nothing but a fairy tale.'

'What you say borders on treason' Desmond responded turning to him. 'What you say, speaks against our religion, the very gods themselves. Why have we spent so many years burning heathens and heretics? Most of them were witches and sorcerers and evil people who would undo the new life we have been creating for the ones we see fit to live, the ones who are good and benefit our society.'

'Not all would agree with that' Denzil muttered under his breath.

Desmond turned to address him, but was interrupted before he could speak.

'Has anyone ever actually seen magic?' Valeri asked.

'It is a dangerous thing' Desmond spoke to Valeri. 'Who knows that he is capable of?'

'Never the less' Rhona uttered tentatively, 'he is still our king. We cannot treat our own king this way.'

'Look at the damage he did.'

'Yes but-'

'My good friend Brioke is missing' Desmond growling under his breath, balling his fists and gritting his teeth. 'It is most likely that he is dead. Cam has something to do with it, of that I am certain.'

'Brioke went missing after Cam ran away' Denzil reminded. 'He couldn't have had anything to do with it.'

'Look at what he did!' Desmond snapped.

'We do not know what happened that day' Rhona spoke calmly. 'It could be that Brioke went away on his own.'

One of the other council members called Castello turned from Rhona silently, looking to Desmond to hear his reply.

'No' Desmond shook his head. 'Something happened to him. It was shortly after that day…' he broke off then, baring his teeth angrily.

'You said before that Cam claims to have no memory of what happened' Agnus said to Desmond.

'Well' Desmond replied cruelly, 'let's make him remember.'

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