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   Chapter 199 No.199

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Everything looked the same…yet different. He couldn't explain it.

They entered the palace grounds, marching slowly up the path towards the palace itself.

The building was just as Cam remembered it, tall and celestial-looking; he remembered the many stairs it held within.

They stopped before the main doors. The guards dismounted their horses, Cam followed suit.

He straightened himself as stablemen approached to take the horses away. One of the guards that had not accompanied them, but had stayed at the palace waiting for their arrival, approached Cam. He looked him up and down, smirking as his clothes. Cam was dressed like a common peasant, in plain and practical brown and dark clothes. Not like the fine ones he used to wear when people knew him as a king.

'I guess a lot has changed.'

Cam didn't understand what the man meant by this.

'Follow me' the guard said briskly.

Several of the guards formed a shield around Cam as he was led forwards, some stayed behind.

Cam's eyes lifted to the ceiling as he entered the palace. He found himself realising that he had never before appreciated the true beauty of the place. He had lived here all his life, and had known no different. Thinking back to the tiny cupboard-sized room he had lived in back in the village, the palace seemed out of this world in comparison. Built tall enough to tower over all the other buildings in the city, it was the tallest building in the kingdom, with hundreds of rooms, and a ridiculous number of stairs. So many stairs.

But Cam was not taken up any of these stairs where the important rooms were, but down.

'Where are we going?' he asked tentatively as he realised they were not ascending.

'Just keep silent' one of the guards said, his tone was not a kind one. 'You will see soon enough.'

'But there's nothing down these stairs' Cam thought aloud, 'there's only the prisons down here.'

He froze suddenly, eyes wide with horror as he realised what he had just said.

'What's going on?!'

The guards either side grabbed him then, dragging him down the stairs.

Cam screamed in panic, trying in vain to fight against them. 'NO! Please let me go! LUKE! Where is Luke?! Where is he?! Does he know I'm here?!'

They ignored his cries as they dragged him down. Cam tried to resist, to fight them, to pull away. But they were far stronger than him.

His screams echoed off the walls of the dark tunnel and back at him as he was hauled away down the stairs.

They approached level ground, marching down a straight corridor, before the guard walking ahead of him opened one of the do

ors and Cam was taken through and into another room.

'LUKE!' Cam howled as they forced him down into the chair in the centre of the room, the guards tightening the straps around his arms and legs. 'LUKE WHERE ARE YOU?!!'

Tears of fear and panic ran down his cheek as he whispered now in shock and confusion.

'….why is this happening…?'

Once he was tightly restrained in the chair so that he could not move at all, the soldiers that had subdued him backed away, turning they left the room with the others.

The door was slammed shut. Cam heard the bolt slide across from the other side. He heard the muffled echo of the soldier's footsteps receding down the corridor.

And then he heard nothing.

Cam sat in the complete darkness. He couldn't see anything around him at all. Nothing.

It was pitch black and cold.

'Oh gods…' he wheezed, wide eyes darting all around him as he listened to his own echoing voice within the room. 'It's like hell itself in here…'

He sat there alone for hours, fearing for himself, but most of all fearing for his brother.

Luke…if they would do this to me…what would they do to you?

He shivered violently, partly through fear and shock, partly from the cold.

And then he prayed, prayed to all of the gods…for what good it would do.

Please let Luke be safe…he's the only family I have left......he's the only one in this world who really cares for me…and Valery…oh what have they done with her…?

He gasped then as fresh tears brimmed in his eyes.

Why isn't he here? Why is this happening to me? Has something bad happened to Luke? Why isn't he here to get me out? Why have I been brought here in the first place……oh gods please no……please don't let anything have happened to him and Valery…

Cam hung his head, crying openly now.

'Please don't be dead….please…oh gods…'

He started then as he heard the bolt slide across his door, so caught up in his fear and grief; he had not heard the footsteps approaching from the other side.

The door swung open, and two figures entered carrying torches.

Cam watched them silently, wide-eyed and frozen as they placed the torches in brackets on the wall.

'Hey!' a third figure called out appearing suddenly in the open doorway behind them. 'You're not allowed to be here' the guard said angrily.

'I am a member of the council' the first man that had entered snapped. 'It's my business to be everywhere. Now leave, before I have you arrested.'

Cam stared at the figure that had spoken, he suddenly recognised him as Desmond, left hand of the king and indeed a member of the council.

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