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   Chapter 198 No.198

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Cam reluctantly followed after the leading soldiers, surrounded by the men. He spotted Beatrice in the crowd then, one of the many faces staring up at him in shock.

He called out to her.

'I'm sorry Beatrice! I'm sorry!'

'Where are you going?' she hollered back. 'What's going on?!'

'Tell Elaina…!' he gritted his teeth, swallowing the lump in his throat before forcing himself to continue. 'Tell Elaina I love her!'

He turned his head sharply away so that he could not see her anymore, so that she could not see his tears.

Just let it all be over he pleaded. I just want it to end…

The band of soldiers surrounding Cam left the village, and together, they headed back to the palace.

The dreaded palace, where Cam had endured so much pain, for so many years...

Interlude start

'You know what the cruel irony is?' Castello said to Tiara.

The two masked figure looked at each other.

'No' Tiara answered back. 'Please tell me. What is the cruel irony?'

'Well' Castello began, turning back to the monitor before them. 'Cam gave Durril a ring as a small payment and thanks for everything Durril had done for him. Durril gave this ring to the family in the village, to pay them for caring for Cam. They sold it for money obviously, and it was because of this ring…that Cam was found.'

'How so?'

'Well…' Castello said. 'Only one very wealthy could own such a fabulous ring. Therefore it was easy to trace.'


'The ring was given by Cam to Durril as thanks, and then given by Durril to a family, in an honest gesture, and to pay for Cam's care. But…it was because of this ring…that he was found…and returned to the palace.'

'Life can be a real bitch sometimes' Tiara sighed, turning away. 'We didn't even interfere this time and it still happened.' She paused. 'For the longest time we forgot about him, and he made his own happiness. And then by his own hand, unbeknown to him, it was taken away. By his own hand.' She shook her head.

'It would have happened anyway' Castello shrugged, gliding across the room and closer to her. 'One day. He is a king after all…they would never stop searching for him.'

'I wonder what they will do with him' Tiara said.

'Let's find out.'

They both turned back to the monitor and watched in silence.

Interlude end

It took many days to reach the capital, and in that time Cam was guarded closely the entire way. There was not a single moment that at least one of the soldier

s was not watching him, not even throughout the nights while he slept. Not once during the entire journey, and as they entered the capital by one of the many main roads, Cam began to experience the old fears coming back to him. He rode in the centre of the group, the soldiers all around him. Some rode their horses ahead of him, some behind, and some either side.

Cam swallowed nervously, feeling uneasy being surrounded by these men, but there was nothing he could do. He couldn't even voice his worries. He was sure they wouldn't listen, and if he spoke out he would only look weak.

As they walked their horses slowly through the streets, small crowds began to gather. Many talked, whispered behind their hands and cast glances to one another as word began to spread of the king's return.

'Your sudden disappearance has caused quite a stir' one of the guards beside him mentioned. 'It was big news, we've have been searching for you since you've been gone.' He smirked then. 'I do wonder how you got away from us, and how you hid for so long.'

Cam clenched his jaw as he stared back at the guard. He didn't entirely think the man's intentions were honest.

'The people' the guard continued looking away, 'they've been worried for you. They are glad you've returned.'

But they didn't look glad Cam realised as he gazed about. They appeared only curious, neither happy nor sad that he was back. Perhaps they had felt the same when he had left.

What am I to these people? Cam thought miserably. What do they think of me? Do they care?

And then Cam's heart jolted in his chest as another thought struck him.


A cloud descended over him, and his vision fogged momentarily before returning to normal.

What's going to happen? Cam thought beginning to feel even more afraid. Oh god…what is he going to do to me….?! He will kill me for this…

Cam squeezed his eyes tight shut, willing himself not to cry as tears came to him. He could already feel himself beginning to drown in his own fear.

I have to be strong……I have to be strong……I have to be strong……

He opened his eyes again, staring in dread at the back of the horses head as he rode onwards.

…don't cry…

They approached the palace, and the main gates were opened for them to enter.

Cam felt strange here, so strange after being away for so long, after adjusting to more than one new life, after truly beginning to believe that he would never return to this place.

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