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   Chapter 197 No.197

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'We should do it again sometime.'


Elaina nodded to him. 'Well' she said. 'I had better be going. I'm sure we will see each other again soon.'

'Of course' Cam replied, 'I mean…I hope so.'

Elaina dipped her head at him, before turning and walking away, sparing him one last teasing glance as she went.

Cam went home to unpack, where he was found by Wallace shortly after.

'So did you have a good time?' Wallace asked him, leaning through the open kitchen window from outside.

'Yeah' Cam said straightening and putting down the things he had been unpacking. 'We did.'

'So when are you going to marry her?' Wallace asked, only half-teasingly.

'Shut up' Cam glowered.

Wallace sniggered at him.

'You can tell me all about it later' Wallace said, 'and mother wants to know too. You know how she loves to fawn of you two. Anyway' Wallace continued, 'we need your help milking the cows. You won't be long will you?'

'Of course not' Cam replied hastily. 'I'll be out in a moment.'

In no time at all, Cam was in the field milking one of the cows.

'Work never stops here does it?' he said happily. 'I haven't even had a chance to rest. Get home…get straight back to work...'

'You've got that right' Wallace sighed, chewing on a twig as he leant on the fence behind him. 'When do you go back to the blacksmiths?'

'Later today' Cam replied.

'Work never stops' Wallace repeated happily.

Cam grinned quietly to himself.

'So Elaina's going to cook for you tonight' Wallace continued.

'She is.'

'So how long before you have children running around?'

'Are you still going on about that?'

Wallace smirked as Cam rose to his feet, looking down at the buckets he had filled.

'I'll be back in a minute' Cam mumbled. 'I've just got to empty these.'

'Sure thing!' Wallace called out to him as Cam lifted the two buckets, carrying them on a yoke across his shoulders. 'I'll be here waiting!'

Wallace watched him go, remaining where he was leaning back against the fence.

Cam carried the milk across the field, heading to the barn nearby. He left the field through the small wooden gate, rounding the corner of the stables.

He had nearly reached the barn when a figure stepped out in front of him.

'Cameron the farmer' the soldier spoke coldly. 'I never thought I'd see the day.'

Cam instantly froze where he was, dropping the milk he carried.

He turned to run away, instead running head long into another figure that had l

oomed up behind him, another soldier.

Cam stumbled back and fell, staring wide eyed up in shock at the tall armoured figure.

'Come now Cameron' the soldier before him said calmly. 'There's no need for this. We're here to take you home.'

'I d-d-d-d-d…' Cam screwed his eyes shut, forcing himself to speak properly. 'I don't want to go home!'

'You have no choice' the soldier behind him said.

'I won't!'

The soldier grabbed him by his arm, hauling him to his feet; Cam instantly flinched at the contact, trembling in fear as the soldier growled at him.

'You don't. Have a choice' the soldier spoke dangerously. 'Do you see these people?'

Cam glanced up fearfully, shoulders hunched. He saw small groups of people beginning to gather around them, though they kept their distance, afraid of the soldiers as he was. Cam could hear their whispers from where he stood.

'What are soldiers doing here? What do they want with Cam?'

'I've been given orders to eliminate them if you won't come willingly' the soldier said in a voice quiet enough so that only Cam could hear him. 'Do you want to see them all die?'

'N-no please' Cam whispered, tears rolling down his cheeks. 'Don't…'

'You care about them don't you?' the soldier asked him.


'And you don't want to see them hurt?'


The soldier slowly released his grasp on his arm.

'You will come willingly back home to the palace, and we will forget about all of this.'

'Y-yes' Cam fumbled hastily.

The soldier clicked his fingers, and another brought forth a horse.

'Get on' the soldier ordered Cam.

Cam obeyed, lost for anything else to do, he simply followed orders now. He mounted the stallion and waited for further instructions.

Other soldiers began to descend upon him now, surrounding him. The ones not already on horses, left to fetch their own, while the others already mounted stood guard over Cam who sat upon the horse he had been given, sweating and experiencing painful sensations in his chest.

Everyone watched him now, as more people began to gather at a distance. Cam felt very nervous and exposed, the centre of attention for everyone around as the people continued to whisper.

When the other soldiers had retrieved their horses, one of the soldiers grumbled to him.

'Let's go.'

The soldiers leading tapped their heels into their horses and began to slowly head out of the village, the others begin Cam waited for him to move, guarding him closely.

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