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'I hope so' she told him. 'Because…' she grinned widely at him, 'I care about you' she told him. 'I really do.' She smiled again, dipping her head. 'I'm…' she mumbled, 'glad we met.'

Cam blinked at her, feeling a strange emotion rising inside him, one he was unfamiliar with.

'Let's go' he said to her. 'I want to see this town of yours.'

About an hour or so later, Cam and Elaina had packed a few personal belongings and were sharing a carriage. It trundled along the road heading away from the village, and every closer to the town with the twinkling lights.

Cam shifted nervously in his seat. He watched Elaina out of the corner of his eye, hoping she wouldn't notice. She was leaning out of the window of the carriage, eyes closed and feeling the breeze on her face.

Cam felt his stomach tighten a little. He watched as she sighed in contentment, watched as the breeze blew her hair back.

He looked away suddenly, clenching his teeth.

'It's starting to get dark' Elaina spoke quietly after a time. 'The stars are coming out.' She glanced back at him. 'Can you see them?' she asked Cam. 'Can you see the stars in the sky?'

Cam raised his head then, glancing past her out the window.

'Yes' he whispered. 'I can see them.'

She left her seat then, moving over to sit next to him. Cam tensed suddenly as she leant into him, resting her cheek against his shoulder. She let out a slow breath and closed her eyes, falling still.

Cam stared down at her, feeling a lump in his throat. He relaxed slightly, bowing his head against hers. He closed his eyes too, and was asleep in minutes. Despite the slight tremble of the carriage as they made their way along the road, the two rested peacefully.

They woke together when the carriage came to a stop a long while later, when they reached their destination. Elaina shifted, straightening up and stretching.

'Are we here?' she groaned.

'Yeah' Cam said sitting up. 'I think so.'

They got out of the carriage gradually, Cam carrying their bags and resting them on the pavement as he turned to pay the driver, who took the money graciously, before dipping his head and snapping the reins, moving quickly off.

They were just making their way through the town when Cam bumped into a figure; he stumbled back, mumbling his apologies.

He bit his tongue suddenly, staring closely at the person, knowing instantly that something was off.

The man standing before him looked different. His skin didn't look like skin at all, but more like a sort of plastic, and was utterly smooth, with none of the natural creases that skin normal

ly had around the mouth and eyes. The figure was incredibly handsome, and almost too perfect, even his hair was impossibly neat.

'I'm sorry' Cam said again, speaking a little clearer this time.

The figure stared at him intently, before giving him a wide grin.

He didn't say anything, only gave him a knowing look.

The figure turned suddenly and walked away without even speaking.

Cam stared after him, watching him curiously.

'That was strange. Who was that?' Elaina asked him. 'Do you know him?'

'No' Cam mumbled. 'I've never seen him before.'

The handsome figure glanced back towards Cam briefly one last time before rounding the corner at the end of the street.

He smirked, replacing the crows mask to his face before opening the portal and stepping through.

'The inn is this way I think' Cam said, grasping the handles of the bags he carried tighter. 'Come on. Let's go.'

They spent that night watching the New Year fireworks from their balcony, staring up as lights blossomed in the dark world above them, lasting only seconds before fading away.

A beauty so fleeting.

'I love fireworks' Elaina whispered, as another shot upwards into the sky before exploding, lighting up her features before dying into darkness. 'They are so striking aren't they? So beautiful…and so strange.'

'They are' Cam nodded.

They stayed up late that night, talking and drinking. When they did finally go to bed, they went to bed together.

'Goodnight Elaina' Cam said, leaning over her.

She giggled tipsily back at him, reaching up to kiss him on the cheek.

'Goodnight' she sighed, before lying down on her side facing him and becoming still.

Cam watched her for a moment, before resting back and closing his eyes. He gave himself up to his dreams, where he dreamed of the most wonderful things, of lights and stars and bright colours shining in the night's sky. But when he woke the next morning, these dreams were lost to memory.

They stayed in the town for several days before returning home. When they reached their little village again, Elaina spoke to Cam.

'Come over to my place tonight' she offered. 'I'll cook for you.'

'That sounds wonderful' he replied, chuckling awkwardly and scratching the back of his head.

'So you'll come?'

Cam nodded once, smiling to himself. 'Sure. I'll come.'

She took a step towards him, reaching out to take him by the arm as she kissed him briefly, gazing into his eyes.

'I had a really good time' she said to him. 'Thank you for sharing that with me.'

'I-it's ok' Cam replied shyly. 'I had a good time too.'

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