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   Chapter 195 No.195

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'Elaina helped me tidy it up after the fire' Cam explained, as he worked preparing meat in the kitchen. 'She's been really kind to me.'

'Perhaps you should marry her' Beatrice suggested. 'I think you two would be a good match. I think it would be nice for you to live in this house with her, she's not seeing anyone right now. Just think about it, you could even have children together and start a family of your own.'

Cam paused what he was doing, staring down hard at the meat he had been cutting.

He said nothing.

The next day, after he had finished work, Cam went to find Elaina.

She was in the wheat field, standing in the strong wind with her back to him, holding her hands together behind her.

She turned to him as he approached her, as if sensing him here, her hair blowing in the breeze.

She looked beautiful standing there, with the sun setting behind her.

Cam smiled at her, and approached.

Seconds later, they sat side by side on the lip of the hill, Cam bowed his head against the wind, and beside him Elaina raised her hand to hold her hair back as she turned to face him

'It's so strong today' she said absent mindedly. 'I like days like these. The wind feels good, it makes me feel free.'

Cam tilted his head, saying nothing.

Elaina moved so that she knelt before him now, facing him head on.

'I'm going to kiss you' Elaina said to him. 'I don't want you to be alarmed.'

Cam's eyes widened slightly, and he felt his stomach clench, his heart skip a beat.

Elaina waited, perhaps expecting him to speak, perhaps waiting for permission.

But when Cam didn't speak, didn't react at all, she moved closer towards him, leaning forwards and doing so slowly, allowing him to see every move that she was about to make.

She touched his shoulder gently as she kissed him. Cam did not push her away. Instead he lifted his hand to brush her cheek, kissing her tenderly back.

He leant back, lying on the grass as Elaina leant over him, her hair falling over her face.

She smiled, gazing down at him. She raised her hand, running it through her own hair, holding it back from the wind.

'Are you alright?' she asked him. 'If I'm going too far, just tell me.'

'I will' Cam said to her. 'I'm fine.'

Elaina cupped his face in her hands, running her thumb across his bottom lip softly.

'I don't know what happened to you' she said gently to him, 'but I know yo

u've lived through something terrible.' She continued to caress him as she spoke. 'I want to make you happy' she whispered. 'I don't want you to be afraid anymore.'

'I don't want to be afraid' Cam whispered back.

Elaina bent down, kissing him again.

'I know' she said. 'We all want to live the best life that we possibly can.'

The next time Cam saw Elaina, she asked him for a favour.

'I want to travel' she said to him. 'I want to go on a holiday together, just the two of us. Wouldn't you like that?'

'I think that would be nice' Cam grinned at her, as the thought dawned on him.

'We should travel to a town' she suggested, 'go somewhere nice.'

Cam's expression broke into a wide smile then, and he grasped her hands tightly in his.

'That sounds wonderful' he said excitedly. 'We should go right now.'

'What?' Elaina chuckled uncertainly. 'You mean…now?'

'Yes' Cam urged hurriedly. 'Now.'

Elaina giggled then, amused by his sudden urgency.

'What's the rush?' she asked him.

'Well…' Cam shuffled, averting his eyes and becoming a little shy, 'why wait?'

'Alright' she said stepping back and folding her hands before her. 'Where would you like to go?'

'I don't really know' Cam admitted. 'I don't really know the area as well as you do. Where would you like to go?'

Elaina beamed at him happily. She took him by the arm, walking away with him.

'I know the most wonderful place' she sighed dreamily, 'where they light these tiny lamps which run through the entire town, down every street, outside every home. They twinkle like little stars of every colour. You can see the town from miles away. I have only visited the town once, a long time ago when I was younger.' Her eyes grew distant. 'I have wished' she said, 'sometimes, that I could fly over that town at night, like a bird, and see it from above.'

Cam let go of her, turning to face her, walking backwards as she continued to walk normally, kicking his feet playfully as he went. 'It sounds like a wonderful place to be' told her.

'We could go there.'

Elaina slowed to a stop, Cam followed suit. Elaina was frowning deep in thought.

'We could rent a carriage to take us. It's not far.'

Cam lifted his eyes to hers, meeting her gaze.

He reached for her, moving close he kissed her tenderly on the lips, before stepping back.

'I…just want you to know' he began, 'that I am happy with you.'

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