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   Chapter 194 No.194

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The next morning, Cam woke early.

He wandered about his house for several minutes, simply looking at everything.

And then he noticed something.

'Something's missing' he said to himself.

He turned and left the house quickly

'I want you to make something for me' he said to the blacksmith.

'What do you need?'

Cam explained hastily, and the blacksmith listened mutely. He agreed to make what Cam requested, and a few days later, Cam was able to collect it.

He placed it in his home upon the small table at the foot of his bed, facing the room. It was a statue of the god Ezla, the one that had imprisoned Micro under the earth for eighty long years. Depicted as a man growing out of stone, with a bare chest and sharp claws, leaning forward and grasping the lower half of his body which was only rock. The figure was forever frozen in that pose, tearing at himself with an expression of rage.

Cam like this god, there was something about this one that was different from the others.

Many thought Ezla to be evil, but many worshiped him for his loyalty and pure heart.

Cam tilted his head at the statue as he considered it. The entire thing was carved out of metal, the inside was hollow. It was only modest in size, not as impressive as the ones at the temple, but good enough for his home.

Cam knelt before it, bowing his head, and taking a deep breath.

A short time later, the village had an unusually good harvest, and everyone was needed to work the fields. At the same time, a small fire had broken out in Cam's home. The cause was unknown, thankfully it had not caused too much damage, but there was much that needed to be done in order to repair it.

The only person that was free to help him, was Elaina.

'It's not so bad' Elaina said as she surveyed the blackened room around her. 'We'll get this fixed up in no time.'

It took only a day or two to fix the place, when it was finished; it looked as if there had never been a fire at all.

'Thank you for your help' Cam said to her shyly.

'It's a nice place this' Elaina said as she gazed about. 'You know what would make it look better?'

'What?' Cam asked her.

Elaina eyes roved around the room, studying it closely. 'It would be nice if there were maybe some flowers' she said. 'There' she said pointing to the table near her. 'Or there' she said pointing to the corner, 'a painting or two on the wall, a bit of colour….'

'Y-you think so?' Cam asked her uncertainly.

The two began to spend more and more time together, and a bond began to form.

One morning, Cam was

standing on the tiny balcony of his home, leaning forward on the rails holding his hands out for the birds that fed on the seeds he held. He giggled to himself quietly as they tickled him, their little claws scratching at his arms and their little beaks pecking at his palms.

They all left him one by one when the seeds were all gone. Cam brought his hands together, dusting them off. He raised his head, grinning as he saw the pretty little creatures flying through the air here and there. Off in the distance, he saw a swallow, gliding through the air gracefully, and another sitting at the head of a barn, he recognised it by its familiar call.

Cam sighed, feeling the sun's warm rays upon his skin.

He didn't remember feeling so proud in his life, so self fulfilling and so worthy. Never before had he owned his own home. Never before had he had a job, been self sustaining, and above all, felt safe.

He knew people in this village, they were kind, and treated him with respect. Without the family that had cared for him for so long, had fed him and given him a room and encouraged him when he needed it, he would not be where he was now.

Cam felt like a normal person now. His life of living in the palace, the fears and the pain he had suffered, seemed nothing but a distant memory, so far away that it felt as if he had experienced it in another lifetime. But despite all of this, Cam still sometimes thought of the ones he left behind. But nowadays, it was less often. They began to fade from his mind, as the days passed, Cam piece by piece, lost a little of the memory he had of them, especially of Luke. The time they had spent together as children, the fun they had, back in the day when life was good, back in the days when their father was alive, before he became sick. But recently, Cam was even forgetting his own father. He was slowly forgetting everything about him, and now, couldn't even remember what he looked like anymore.

He looked down, feeling his heart skip a beat as he saw Elaina below him on the ground. She raised her hand, waving up at him.

He straightened, waving back at her awkwardly.

She smirked at him, as if he had done something funny, and moved off.

Later that day, Cam helped Joe and his family work on the farm. He collected eggs, milked the cows, carried bales of hay and water for the animals. When all this was done, he invited them to his home and cooked for them.

'You've come such a long way since you first came to us' Beatrice told him kindly, admiring the place around her. 'This house looks wonderful!'

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