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   Chapter 193 No.193

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One day he came to a river, and from a distance he saw a family of otters playing. He came here time and again, whenever he could. He didn't see them every time he came here, as they were secretive, but he saw them often enough to begin to be able to distinguish them from one another. There were two parents, and their young cubs, still learning to swim. One of the days he came to visit this river near the coast, he saw a flash of blue shoot past him. It took him a while to see it again, this time when it was still. It was a kingfisher, a beautiful little bird of striking colour.

Cam was happier now than he had ever been. Never in his life had he been freer. And never in his life had he felt more 'normal'. But he would think about his brother still, and of Valery, and in the evenings, and before he went to bed, he would pray. He had no statue before which to pray, so he didn't know if any of the eight gods would hear his prayers. But he thought to himself, that if he prayed often enough, he would surely be heard.

Please, I pray to each of the seven gods and goddesses that live in the world above us, please look out for my brother…and for Valery. Please watch over them and keep them safe. Let them life a happy life. A safe life. Let them not live in fear.

Cam opened his eyes and raised his head; he had been kneeling on the bed in the home he still shared with Joe, Beatrice, Henry and Wallace. He looked through the tiny window now, to the darkening sky.

Luke. Please still be alive. I don't know what is happening to you. I don't know if you are still in danger, and I pray to the gods that Brioke… he squeezed his eyes tight shut as his heart skipped a beat. Please just stay safe. I hope that one day we may meet again. With all my heart I wish this…

But there was more than these things which were beginning to change. Catrin had not yet lost interest in him, and began to 'appear' at certain times around him, when he had finished work, on the way home, when he was just about to leave the village to go out riding, when he was helping with the farm work and at other times too.

The two were gradually being drawn closer together.

They spent time together, would walk together, talk together. They would spend many days together, and many people around them began to acknowledge the two being in a relationship. But Cam never allowed himsel

f to enter her bed again, and in time, she began to drift away from him.

'I'm sorry' Henry said to him one day, when Catrin had been seen with another man. 'These things happen.'

'It's ok' Cam mumbled to him as they stood together outside, leaning against the porch as they watched the chickens scratching at the dirt looking for food. 'It doesn't matter.'

'There are other women out there' Henry continued. 'You'll be alright.'

It was shortly after that, that Cam had earned enough money to build his own home.

'I want it right here' Cam was saying, standing on a plot of land on the edge of the village. You get the sunset' he said pointing away, 'and I like the view of the fields from here.'

'Fine' Henry smirked, standing behind him with his hands on his hips. 'Then here is where it will be.'

It was only small, but it took several weeks to build the house, the entire village helped to do it.

When it was finished, Cam felt proud.

'I've never had a place of my own before' he said, standing in what was now the kitchen, turning slowly on the spot and taking in every detail of the room around him.

'How do you feel about it?' Beatrice asked him excitedly. She and her entire family were here now. 'Are you happy with it?'

'It's wonderful' Cam smiled a genuine smile. 'It's small, but its mine…my very own.'

That evening, the family and Cam had a meal together. A pig was killed especially for the occasion, and as the sun began to set, the five of them sat at the table in the small kitchen to eat. There was roast vegetables and gravy, and as usual when Beatrice was around, there was way too much food for all of them to finish.

'It's ok' Beatrice said to him with a smile. 'You can snack on the leftovers tomorrow.'

'I guess it would save me cooking again' Cam agreed.

That night, he spent his first night in his new home, sleeping in a new bed, with clean sheets, staring up at the new ceiling, alone.

He heard the rain patter on the window pane beside him, the single candle in the small room flickered.

Cam let out a heavy sigh, closing his eyes.

He was happy, but he felt a twinge in his heart, a sense of negative emotion.


The true realisation that he may never see his brother again slowly began to dawn on him.

Cam turned over on his bed, holding his pillow tightly. He began to cry silent tears.

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