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'Yeah' Cam said to his knees. 'We do…I mean we did. It's just….' He gritted his teeth, boding beginning to tremble slightly. 'Do you ever think that in order to protect someone, you have to keep them at a distance?'

'No' Catrin answered quietly. 'I've never known anything like that.'

'Well…' Cam said pulling at the grass beside him. 'It's sort of complicated.'

'Do you think you will ever go back home?'

'No' Cam mumbled unhappily. 'I don't think I will ever see him again…' his eyes grew distant. 'He is far away…and this here is my life now.'

'But things might change' Catrin offered. 'Things might get better. There might be a day where you could see your brother again. Wouldn't you like that?'

'I would' Cam admitted. 'But its best I think…if I forget about all that. That's in the past. It's best for both of us if we never see each other again.'

Catrin watched him with a curious expression; in her mind she couldn't imagine what would cause someone to say such things.

'I will never go back there' Cam whispered. 'Never, not for as long as I live...'

Cam raised his head to the horizons. He smiled then.

'I find it a bit exciting, scary…uncertain…but exciting.'

'What?' Catrin asked him.

'This' Cam indicated all that was around him. 'Living freely, the prospect of finding my own place in life away from…' he turned from her. 'I'm happy' he said facing the other way. 'I want to stay here.'

'Well that's good' Catrin chuckled. 'I want you to stay here. I would be sad if you left.'

Cam faced her then, surprised by what she said.

'I don't understand…'

Catrin reached towards him, resting her hand on his. She leant forward, and kissed him gently on the lips.

Cam's heart tightened in his chest, and he stared back at her in shock and uncertainty, but he didn't push her away.

'I want you to stay' Catrin told him again, leaning back. 'I really do.'

She rose to her feet suddenly, walking slowly away from him, heading back home.

'I'll see you another time' she told him pausing. 'It was nice…being here with you.' She smiled warmly at him, turning and walking away again.

Cam watched her go. He was left alone once more.

He faced the sun before him, hugging his knees to him and feeling strange inside.

Why did she do that? Does she want to be friends? Does she feel close to me? What does she want?

Cam touched his lips were she had kissed him.

Why do people kiss?

He clenched his fist.

It doesn't matter. Things will work themselves out in the end, I'm sure they will.

He tilted his head back to the beautiful clear sky above.

I have freedom, people who a

re nice to me, who don't hurt me, people who even seem to care for me.

He rested his chin on his knees.

It would be nice I think to stay here, I don't ever want to go back home to the palace again, and I won't.

Cam closed his eyes, feeling faint emotions of happiness stirring inside him.

That chapter of my life is over.

Chapter Seventeen

Several more weeks passed, and Cam's life in the village was slowly beginning to change.

One day, when he was working with the blacksmith, Cam held his hands open; his palms piled high with seeds.

Sparrows instantly flew to him, clinging to his fingers with their tiny claws and hopping up and down his arms, pecking energetically at the seeds and squabbling amongst one another as they fed.

Cam grinned widely down at them, feeling their little beaks pecking the skin on his palm as they picked at the seeds. But there were not only sparrows that ate out of his hands, but finches too, tits and thrushes and blackbirds.

It had taken him hours and hours of his free time everyday to make the birds this tame to him. While the birds that lived here were always familiar with the people, Cam had not known them to willing eat out of anyone's hand before. He believed he was the first, and this made him happy.

Cam was overcome with joy the first time a bird landed on his hand, he had watched utterly still and wide eyed, as the bird cautiously took some seeds, before flying away again. But it returned less than a minute later, to eat again. The other birds seeing the actions of this bolder one soon followed suit, until the behaviour spread. Now, the birds would not only fly to his hand, but sit on his arms too, and his shoulders, and his head.

Cam had come to be known now as 'the bird man', a title he greatly approved of, and was proud of. He felt that it showed his patience and kindness towards smaller life.

'Cam!' the blacksmith called out to him from nearby. 'Come on. Your break is over. Time to get back to work.'

Cam lowered his arms slowly, watching with a smile on his face as the little sparrows flew away.

He turned back to the blacksmith. 'I'm coming.'

Cam spent his days working alongside the blacksmith, learning the trade. He would work every single day, and it was hard, but he became used to the toil. In the evenings, and sometimes in the afternoon when he finished work early, Cam would borrow a horse and ride away. He felt safe enough to do so alone nowadays, travelling far and wide across the open plains and entering the forests, crossing the rivers, riding in the waves along the coast, exploring the caves that were hidden there.

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