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   Chapter 191 No.191

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Cam felt her hands upon his shoulders. He glanced up at her, seeing her reaching out to him from across the table where they sat.

Catrin stood up, leaning forwards over the table, she kissed him.

Cam's mind was a haze, he was only partially aware of what was happening around him, and it took him several seconds to realise what she was doing to him.

She leant back after a time, smiling down at him.

'Why don't we go someone more private?' she suggested alluringly. 'We could have a lot more fun if we were alone.'

His eyes became dull, as he blinked slowly up at her

'I have a place of my own' she told him, whispering into his ear. 'Why don't we go there?'

Cam woke up early the next morning feeling sick and confused. He turned over, shielding his eyes from the light that was blaring through the window.

He groaned, hand going to his head, he grasped the edge of the pillow and rolled over, hiding from the world beneath it, and keeping the sun at bay, all the while, experiencing the sensation of his brain being pounded by a tenderizer.

He lay there for a long time, before he realised that something was off. The pillow smelt different. It smelt of perfume.

Cam moved the pillow away, staring at it long and hard for several seconds, his mind working incredibly slowly. Every move he made was gradual, and he felt like he was wading through a bog.

The pillow was cream and bore pink roses.

Not my pillow Cam thought.

It was then that Cam realised he didn't recognise the ceiling above him.

I'm in a different room…

He turned his head to the side, seeing Catrin sleeping next to him.

Cam stared at her, blinking slowly. Then his eyes slowly widened. He looked forward again towards the ceiling, his heart beating faster as he drew short sharp breaths, coming quickly to himself now.

We didn't….

He ran his hand down his own body, sighing with relief when he felt the shirt he still wore and his trousers still on.

Oh thank the gods.

He sat up gingerly, watching Catrin lying beside him, noticing with even greater relief that she too was still dressed.

She shifted when she heard him move, opening her eyes and smiling up at him.

'Mmmmm….morning….' she pushed herself up, resting on her elbow. 'Are you alright?' she asked him. 'You look terrified.'

Cam's hand went to his face then, and he turned away from her.

'I wasn't myself last night' he mumbl

ed. He let his hand drop. 'I should go.'

Catrin grabbed his hand suddenly as he made to leave.

'Wait' she said to him. 'Why are you leaving?'

Cam had felt sudden fear at being grabbed like that, but as his mind began to process the situation, he realised slowly that there was nothing to fear.

From what he could read of the situation, and her reaction, the expression on her face, he didn't think that she wanted to hurt him.

'I don't know' Cam grumbled back, trying to ignore the pain in his head. 'This just doesn't feel right.'

'Please don't leave' she begged of him. 'I want you to stay.'


'Because I care about you.'

Cam stared down at her hand as she held him by the wrist, her grasp was firm.

His attention flickered back up at her then.

'Why don't you accept me?' she asked him. 'I would be good to you.'

'I'm sorry' Cam uttered. 'I've been hurt in the past.'

'I would never hurt you.'

'I don't trust people.'

'Let me in' she whispered desperately to him, letting go of his wrist and weaving her fingers between his. 'Let me help you. You cannot spend your whole life living in fear.'

He stared back at her blankly.

'Why did you come here?' she asked him. 'Why did you leave your old life behind? To get a new start? Isn't that what you want?'

Cam blinked slowly, thinking only about the pain in his head.

'Let me in' Catrin repeated. 'Let me help you. I promise I will listen. I promise I will be good to you.'

Shortly after, they left her home together and went to the edge of one of the fields, from which they sat and watched the sunrise.

'This is my life from now on it seems' Cam spoke to the wind. 'I don't think I will ever see my family again.'

'Why is that?'

'I…' Cam began, bowing his head. 'Certain things happened' he finished without explanation.

'But won't they miss you?' Catrin asked. 'What about your parents?'

'My father died many years ago when I was still young' Cam said in a deadpan voice. 'My mother is indifferent to me…she always has been to me and my brother….' he broke off suddenly. 'My brother is the only one I will miss, him and…' he trailed off.

'Do you think your brother misses you?'

'I think so….I mean….I don't know. Things have been….strange between us for a while.'

'But why?' Catrin asked him. 'Siblings should be close to one another, they should look out for one another…I have many…'

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