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   Chapter 190 No.190

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The mother smiled widely at her daughter, scooping her up in her arms and kissing her on the cheek.

Cam glowered, expression growing dark with resentment.

'I've seen one of those before' a voice said from beside him.

Cam glanced around, starting slightly, seeing a familiar female figure standing beside him. It was the young woman who had helped and had shown him how to milk the cows.

'Elaine' Cam mumbled, relaxing slightly, 'it's you…'

'Is it?' Elaine replied sounding surprised. 'Let me check.' She patted herself down. 'Yup…it's me' she finished with a smile.

Cam said nothing.

Elaina looked past him and to the mother and child, seeing the singing ball the child carried as they moved away.

'Those things' she spoke in a distant voice, 'those strange metal balls, they come from a place very far away, in a country that is hot and mostly desert.'

'I've never been there' Cam mumbled. 'I've never seen such a thing either.'

'They have camels there' Elaina said. 'I've never seen one though.'

'Me neither.'

'Would you like to?' Elaina asked.

Cam turned towards her. 'Why would I? It's just an animal.'

'I find animals fascinating. Even around here you see so many different kinds. And anyway, ' she shot him a sly look, 'I thought you wanted to learn all about the wildlife around here. You know, know the bird just by hearing its call.'

Cam's stomach twitched and he narrowed his eyes with sudden mistrust.

'Who told you that?'

'Wallace' she beamed. 'We're pretty close. We've known each other since we were children.'

'Oh' Cam turned away moodily. 'I guess that's not so surprising, in this small village…everyone talks.'

'We don't see each other so much nowadays, since we grew up…Wallace and I…but…we still meet from time to time.'

'Why were you talking about me anyway?' Cam asked his feet.

Elaina shrugged. 'We just talk.'

They fell into silence as they watched the people dance, listening to the beautiful music.

'I hope no girls are giving you a hard time now' Elaina spoke out of the blue, after several minutes.

'No.' Cam said shortly. 'I'm fine.'

'You're so strange' she said to him.

'Am I?'

'Are you happy here?' she asked him suddenly.

'That's a strange question' Cam scoffed. 'Why would you ask me that?'

'Are you?'

Cam looked back at the gypsies.

'Do you ever wish' he asked her, 'th

at you knew what your future would hold?'

'Why? Would you try to change it?'

'I don't know. I think it's my past I would rather change.'

Cam rose to his feet swiftly then, walking away from her before she could say another word.

He didn't want to talk to her, didn't want to think about his past, and so just walked away from it all.

'Hey Cam!' Henry called out to him.

Cam paused as he was making his way forwards, heading to nowhere in particular. Henry was part of a large group now of figures celebrating, laughing and singing and drinking. He stood now with a woman hanging off him, another standing his other side.

Henry beaconed Cam over to him, and Cam reluctantly trudged closer.

'How are you doing?' Henry slurred. 'Are you having fun?'

The gypsy woman hanging off him grinned slyly at Cam. She was sober. Cam could see that she was admiring his features, he was handsome after all.

'Yes' Cam answered Henry's question. 'I'm having fun.'

'Good!' he wobbled slightly where he stood, and his cheeks were flushed. 'I'd like to introduce you to someone' he said aloud, turning to the woman beside him. 'This is Catrin.'

Cam furrowed his brow then, blinking quickly as he suddenly recognised her. The dark haired slender figure was the one who had kissed him previously in the shed. He had pushed her away, and assumed he would never see her again. Apparently she had not lost interest after all.

'Hello Cam' she said to him. 'Remember me?'

'Yes' Cam replied sombrely. 'I do.'

Henry convinced them that they should be alone, and somehow, Cam found himself sharing a drink with her.

The hours passed.

'You've had quite a lot' Catrin noted, seeing the empty bottles around him.

Cam had been so nervous in her presence; he had made himself drunk very quickly, and was now sitting at the bench, swaying slightly from side to side.

The dancing and singing gypsies he saw over her shoulder, to Cam were nothing but moving shades of colour, like the flames in a hearth, reds and oranges and yellows all moving as one in a mass of confusion.

'Are you feeling alright?' Catrin asked him.

'I…' Cam mumbled. He groaned heavily, resting his head in his hands.

I feel so sick…

'You're so handsome' Catrin said to him. She had had a drink herself, and had regained her old swagger. But she was nowhere near as intoxicated as he was.

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