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   Chapter 189 No.189

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'No' Cam answered reluctantly. 'But I'm willing to learn. I want to try. Will you please at least give me a chance?'

Wallace and the blacksmith exchanged a glance.

The blacksmith smirked then, giving a shrug.

'May as well see what you can do.'

He watched as Cam practiced making his first horseshoe, a process that took several minutes.

'Not the best' the blacksmith noted. 'But it's not bad. It might even get better some day.'

'So you'll let me help?' Cam asked him desperately.

'I will allow you to stay' the blacksmith replied. 'You can work here and learn. If by a month's time you're any good, then I will start paying you.'

'Really?' Cam's eye lit up then, and he glanced towards Wallace excitedly.

'Don't get too confident' the blacksmith told him sternly, 'there's a lot for you to understand before you can be considered any good. It took me my entire life to get to where I am now, and I started early. But, with a bit of patience on my part and a lot of work on your part, you might become passable.'

'When can I start?' Cam breathed.

The blacksmith shrugged. 'Now.'

A month passed, and Cam had just finished his first paid day at the blacksmith, it wasn't much, but he was grateful for every penny.

'You're doing really well' Wallace told him sounding surprised. 'Really. I mean it. No offense but I thought you would do a terrible job at that too.'

'Thanks' Cam smirked. He was familiar with Wallace's ways by now, and he knew that he was being kind.

'We should celebrate' Henry said, leaning against the wall of the kitchen with his arms folded. 'I think it would feel right to do so.'

Cam and Wallace who were sitting at the table in the small kitchen both turned to him.

'That sounds like a wonderful idea' Wallace said. 'I'll go find mother. You know how she loves this sort of thing.'

'Hold on a minute' Cam began uncertainly as Wallace left the room. 'What exactly are we celebrating?'

Henry smirked. 'Does it matter?'

Later that day, Cam left the house with Henry to help out in some work; he was approached by a boy of about twelve. The boy was one of the many people in the village Cam had become familiar with in his time living here, and Cam might even have considered him a friend.

'Wallace says you're throwing a celebration' the boy said eagerly to Cam. 'Is that true?'

But before Cam could answer, Henry spoke out for him.

'We sure are' he gleamed down at the boy. 'Run and tell your sister, tell your mother and father, and tell your neighbour…and tell them all to tell someone else…. We're going to make this as big

as we possibly can.'

'I will' the boy nodded obediently. 'But…what are we celebrating?'

'Life' Henry smiled at the boy. 'We are celebrating life.'

'You don't have to do this' Cam said timidly to Henry as the boy scuttled away. 'I don't want to be a bother to anyone.'

'It's no bother' Henry waved back at him. 'The truth is…I'm doing this for purely selfish reasons.'

'What reasons?'

Henry gleamed at him. 'It's been far too long since we've had a celebration, and I want to get completely smashed.'

The celebration began at midday the very next day, and as the hours ticked on; more and more people began to join in the crowd as barrels full of ale and wine were brought out along with more food than Cam had ever seen at one time. And it was here that Cam discovered with much surprise, that both brothers, Henry and Wallace were musically gifted. They both played their strings heartily, running a bow across their violins. A young woman, a lover of Wallace joined them playing the flute, and a young boy sitting at their feet played the drums.

Shortly after they first started playing, as if they were attracted by the music, the gypsies arrived in small groups.

Cam watched with envy as they called out to the villagers, selling from the brightly painted carriages, an assortment of different items that came from all corners of the map. From items they could find in the village neighbouring theirs, to rare items found only in other kingdoms and across the sea.

Cam watched from a short distance as a young girl picked up a strange item one of the gypsy men offered her. It looked like a metal ball, and when it was rolled, it began to sing.

He watched as one of the gypsies, a handsome young man, pulled out a flute, and began to play merrily away his tune.

He felt a sudden pang of loneliness, and loss, as he thought again of Durril. The gypsy who played the flute now, reminded him so much of Durril, and the life he had lost.

It doesn't matter anymore Cam thought angrily to himself. That life is over. I am creating a new one for myself here.

It was only a short time after that, that the gypsies and village folk began to dance, as the lights around them were lit with the coming darkness.

Cam watched from a distance as the people danced before him, the peasants in their dark coloured practical clothes, and the gypsies, in their bright yellows, oranges and reds.

A child ran past him then and towards her mother. Cam heard a strange ringing noise, and turned to see the child showing her mother the singing ball one of the gypsies had been selling.

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