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   Chapter 188 No.188

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Lucas was listless as he turned slowly away from his brother, looking back at the baby.

'It is' he said.

'But how?'

'Isami and I…' Lucas began, but he never finished his sentence.

The three of them looked down, staring at the child who lay still in Isami's arms, deep in sleep and happy.

'I cannot care for him here' Isami spoke in a distant voice. 'I must…take him somewhere safe. Somewhere…he will be loved.'

There were tears in her eyes as she said this, and Lucas was surprised by how much this pained her, and how much it pained him to see her like this.

'Alright' Lucas spoke quietly. 'We will take him somewhere safe.'

'Do you want me to stay behind?' Reuben asked.

'No' Isami spoke sharply. 'No' she repeated again quieter now. 'I want…I want us all to go…together, I…don't want to be alone.'

The three of them stepped through the portal, one after the other with Isami following after the brothers. They came to a world that was peaceful, a world that was beautiful.

'He will be happy here I think' Isami sighed as they approached the holy temple. 'The people here are good and kind. The city here is wealthy, and there has been no war for many lifetimes.'

The three of them entered the temple, leaving the baby boy at the head of the great hall, bundled up in folded cloth. Isami lay him on the dark marbled floor, at the feet of a life-size bronze statue of a bull, trampling three snakes that writhed at its feet.

'He will be happy here' Isami spoke sadly, taking a step away slowly. 'He will grow to be healthy, and live a good long life…I am sure of it.'

'We should go' Reuben whispered, glancing around them. 'I don't know how long this place will be deserted.'

'Goodbye my little one' Isami whispered as she turned away. 'I will be watching over you.'

The three of them left the area quickly as a group of holy figures entered the hall from the other end.

The three masked and cloaked figures stood at a distance, hidden behind the columns they watched, as the holy figures approached the statue, and the child was carried away.

Lucas felt something strange inside him as he saw this, an emotion he could not name.

'What did you call him?' he asked Isami. 'I saw a name written on his wrist.'

She turned to him, before answering.

'His name' she said, 'is Rolo Luxis Flyte

Interlude end

'I want to be a blacksmith.'

Joe looked up at Cam, giving

him a confused expression. Cam had only just walked through the door to the home in which he lived when he blurted this out. Even Wallace beside him looked surprised.

'What?' he fumbled. 'You didn't say anything about that on our way back from the temple.'

They had only just returned, when Cam had mentioned this, on the entire journey back Cam had been completely silent, lost in thought.

'I didn't think about it until just this very moment' Cam told him.

'Well perhaps you should think on it a bit more' Wallace suggested, but Cam wasn't listening.

'I want to be a blacksmith' Cam said again excitedly.

'Why?' Joe asked as he sat down at the table beside his was his wife Beatrice and son Henry.

'I've been talking to the holy figures at the temple' Cam was saying, 'and they've given me some advice.'

'You shouldn't listen to them' Henry told Cam shortly. 'You know they only want money.'

'You're wrong' Cam snapped at him angrily. 'They helped me.' He bowed his head, placing his hand over his heart. 'I'm no good at being a farmer' he said. 'It's time I chose a new profession.'

'But we still need your help here' Beatrice said to him.

'I know' Cam said meeting her gaze. 'I'm extremely grateful for everything you've all done for me. I'm willing to help you whenever you need me, if you still want me……but…I feel I need to look after myself now. I want my own home, my own job. I want to earn money like a normal person.'

'You are a normal person' Beatrice told him, leaning forwards on her elbows, beaming at him.

Cam smiled back at her gratefully.

I feel like I am now.

'I'm grateful for all of you; you've done so much for me. But can I ask from you all, just one last thing?'

'What is it?' Joe asked him.

'Can you help me?' Cam asked them, 'help me achieve this goal. Then I can move into a place of my own, and no longer be a burden to any of you.'

They all stared at him in surprise.

Beside him Wallace considered him.

'I have a friend in the trade' Wallace spoke up. 'He is a blacksmith. He may be able to help you.'

'Really?' Cam gasped, turning back to Wallace eagerly.

'Yeah' he mumbled. 'We could go see him now if you like.'

A short time later, Cam stood beside Wallace nervously, blinking several times as the smoke from the furnaces stung his eyes.

'Have you done anything like this before?' the blacksmith that stood before him asked.

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