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The brothers were in the part of their home one might have called the kitchen. There was no electricity here, or in any part of the building for that matter. This room was small, and was as bare and simplistic as the other rooms. Within the cupboards it was mostly empty, the only food being the food brought in from other worlds. For nothing could be grown in Lacklustre Paradise.

'You must like this world a lot then' Reuben said to his brother. 'It's almost always deserted.'

'Yeah' Lucas said bending down to pick up the packet Reuben had dropped. 'I guess I do.'

He offered the packet back to Reuben, who took it in his mouth again.

Lucas turned, heading out of the 'kitchen' and to the next room where there was a table at which they could sit.

This room, this hall, was colossal, with only a single long white stone table in the middle and a ceiling that was impossibly high. Everything within seemed to glow white, and the glass in the tall windows appeared only as sheets of gold, through which nothing could be seen of the outside.

Lucas took a seat in the white chair beside his brother, who sat at the head of the table, dumping all he carried in his arms upon the table. Lucas watched Reuben disinterestedly as he sat himself down, pouring over the food before him before choosing a packet, putting his feet up on the table and leaning back in his chair.

'Aaaahhh…' he sighed, before opening the packet and eating noisily.

'I'm surprised you're not fat with the amount that you eat' Lucas mumbled to him.

'I'm bored' Reuben stated flatly, staring up at the ceiling above them as he munched loudly.

'Want to visit a world together?'

'Yeah' Reuben sighed. 'Maybe…'

Reuben continued to eat. He paused, yawned, and continued to eat again.

Lucas let out a slow breath, turning away and looking across the hall. Everything here was so bare, so bland, pretty at the same time, yet boring.

'You'd think we'd have a better system for cataloguing and organising the worlds' Rueben spoke suddenly.

Lucas turned back to him.

'Just think about it' Reuben continued. 'We spend our entire lives visiting and exploring other worlds, and yet we don't record any of what we see. If I were to die right now, then everything I have learnt about the other worlds would be lost. The same would happen if you were to die, or if any other of the eight were to die. It's strange how we don't even have any proper names for the other worlds.'

'It's jus

t not how we work' Lucas said.

'I miss Love' Reuben mumbled to himself suddenly. 'I've returned to my normal self since…' he looked at his own hand, where his skin had returned to its fleshy pink. His eyes had also lost their glow, the pupils were round like a human instead of vertical slits like a cats. The process had been slow, but he had physically begun to change back to his old self, ever since he had stopped visiting the world which had begun to change him. 'Say…' Reuben began, suddenly changing the subject. 'I haven't seen Isami for a while. Where is she?'

Lucas felt a slight twinge in his stomach at the sound of her name.

'I…' he began looking away. 'I don't know.'

'Hm' Reuben sighed carelessly. 'I wonder where she has gotten to; I haven't seen her for over a year.'

'Yeah' Lucas mumbled. 'It's strange.'

'And Lucretia' Reuben went on. 'I haven't seen her since she first came here.'

'She's having adventures' Lucas told him simply. 'She seems to be enjoying this new life greatly. She only returns here to rest briefly, before going off again.'

'Hmm' Reuben sighed again. He stretched back in his chair, looking all around him. 'I wonder what the others are doing' he said absentmindedly to himself.

Lucas straightened up. 'Come on' he said. 'Let's visit a world.'

Reuben leapt up quickly, suddenly full of life.

'Get the cloaks and masks' Lucas said to him moving away. 'I'll go to the control room.'

Reuben nodded once before making his way away. Lucas marched across the silent hall, his footsteps echoing off the smooth white stone floor. He moved out of the hall, and into the narrower corridors. But before he could reach the control room, a figure stepped out in front of him.

Lucas slowed to a stop, staring ahead at the figure.


She raised her head, wearing a sombre expression.

'Lucas' she said, her voice strained. 'I have…I…'

Lucas looked down as she revealed what she held in her arms. He had not seen at first, for her folded arms had been tucked beneath her cloak. Now his heart skipped a beat at what he saw. He drew a slow and deep breath, and his eyes grew wide.

'What is this?' he spoke in a whisper, not trusting his own voice suddenly.

'Your son' Isami spoke huskily. 'It's…why I've been gone all this time.'

Lucas heard movement behind him. He turned sharply around, seeing Reuben standing behind him. His eyes were wide with shock.

'Is it true?' he asked stepping forwards.

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