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   Chapter 186 No.186

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Cam tilted his head as he listened. The young man continued.

'I had been brainwashed to think that I could not survive without the parents who abused me. But it was thanks to my faith in the gods, that I took the risk in leaving.'

Cam looked down.

'Something still bothers you?' the young man said. The woman beside him was utterly silent now.

'I've escaped my difficult past' Cam mumbled. 'I've gotten away from the abuse……but I have not found true happiness.'

'How did you escape?' the young man asked him.

'Well' Cam began uncertainly. 'I don't exactly remember how I escaped. I….my memory is blank. I only remember running away. I was found by a gypsy who cared for me for some time. Now I live with a family in a small village. But I am not as happy as when I lived with the gypsy.'

'Why did he leave you?' the young man asked.

'I don't know.'

'Then why aren't you happy with the family you live with now?'

Cam chewed his lip in thought. 'I have to earn my keep' he said, 'but I'm no good at farming…and they all think me to be a fool.'

'Then why don't you change jobs?' the young man suggested.


'Have you considered doing another job?'

'No' Cam thought aloud, brow furrowed. 'I……it never occurred to me.'

'Perhaps you should look for another job you might enjoy more, something you are good at. Perhaps you could even earn enough to own your own place.'

'My own place?'

'There must be homes in the village' the young man offered with a smile. 'Maybe one of them could be yours. Just think about it. This is a new start for you. You could do anything with it. You could have your own home, a new life. You could pursue your own desires, marry, and have children, and make a family of your own.'

Cam stared hard at the floor as this new realisation slowly dawned on him.

'The world really is yours' the young man encouraged, 'your life…your own. What are you going to do with it?'

Cam approached Wallace who had closed his eyes and was beginning to fall asleep. Wallace glanced up as he heard Cam's footsteps.

'Finally' he huffed. 'Are you rea

dy to go back now?'

'Nearly' Cam breathed. 'I just want to do one more thing.'

Cam knelt before the statue of the goddess Zeana, a depiction of a woman with great curved horns. She had pointed ears, and eyes that were covered by her own long hair tied around her head.

He bowed his head, and began to pray, interrupted minutes later by Wallace.

'What do you pray for?'

'For my brother's safety' Cam replied, 'amongst other things…'

'If you care so much for you brother then why did you leave him?'

'I had no choice.'

'Well…' Wallace sighed, crossing his arms, 'he must really mean a lot to you.'

Interlude start

'I've always liked this room' Lucas was saying gazing about him. 'It's always been pleasant for me.'

Reuben turned to him, carrying a bag of pretzels, some crisps and packets of nuts in both arms. He was so laden that he had to carry one of the packets in his mouth. He spat it out, into the pile he carried. It slid off the top and fell to the floor.

'Why?' Reuben asked his brother. 'Why do you like this room so much? It's always so deserted.'

They were in their home world. Lacklustre Paradise. There were many rooms and vast halls in the building in which the eight resided. The building was made of white stone and everything inside was very bright. The windows were tall, the light from outside shone through the glass so brightly, that from inside the rooms nothing could be seen of the outside. The windows were just a sheet of gold, the light cast inside bouncing off the white stone surfaces and illuminating every corner. Everything was so clean and pure and pristine, that if anyone from outside were ever to visit, they would perhaps think that they were inside the house of god. But this was no heaven, and it was rare for anyone besides the eight to be here. This world was a strange place indeed. In this part of their world, it was midday. All the time.

'I like this room' Lucas said answering his brother's question, 'because it's deserted. No one ever comes here. They would rather eat in the other worlds, where food is more interesting.'

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