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   Chapter 185 No.185

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Cam slowly walked around the edge of the temple, gazing at each of the faces of the seven gods in turn, until he walked full circle around the temple, and came back to the first god he had approached.

The statue he stood before now was that of the god Ezla, depicted as a man growing out of stone, with a bare chest and sharp claws.

Cam thought to himself as he stared at the stone, the figure forever frozen in that pose as it grasped the lower half of his body which was only rock, tearing at himself with an expression of rage.

The story of Ezla was a sad one. He had fallen madly in love with the goddess Micro, imprisoning her beneath the earth for eighty long years. The warmth from the sun she created had been taken away, and the land was thrown into a savage winter, it was a time where gales blew none stop, a time where it was always dark and nothing grew, people and animals starved.

Ezla had loved Micro his entire life, but even after eighty years, she did not love him back. Eventually she convinced him to let her go, and Ezla released her, dying it was said many years later of a broken heart. But a god could not be dead forever, and he was brought back to life, only to die over and over again, as time and again, she rejected him.

Many thought Ezla to be evil for stealing her away, and causing so many to die in the following winter. But many worshiped him for his loyalty and pure heart. He never stopped loving her. No matter what.

What an incredible being Cam thought as he stared at the god's face. But here he did not see anger in his face, but grief.

'Are you alright?'

Cam turned to the figure that had spoken, a holy figure. A woman.

'Yes' Cam mumbled, stepping back from the statue and turning to face her.

'Are you a believer?' she asked him with a smile, glancing briefly towards the statue.

Cam raised his head.

'May I speak with you?' he asked her politely. 'I have some troubles.'

A short while later and Cam was sitting in one the small rooms at the edge of the temple, alone with the holy woman.

'He used to beat me, hurt me…I was always scared of him, and…I struggle to trust people…even now…I don't really trust anyone anymore……only my brother…and one other...'

The woman had been listening silently as Cam opened up to her. She had been hearing every word, and caught Cam off-guard with the next thing she said.

'Did he rape you?'

Cam tensed suddenly, staring at her wide-eyed. She stared neutrally back at him.

Cam suddenly bowed his head then, shuddering as tears prickled in his eyes.

'I'm sorry' Cam whispered, gritting his teeth.

'It's alright' the woman spoke kindly, 'I understand.'

'It's just been so hard' Cam whispered, not trusting his voice not to waver, 'for so long I've felt so alon


'You are not alone' the holy woman said to him, reaching out and grasping his hand firmly.

Cam tensed slightly, but as he looked up to her face, he saw that her eyes were gentle.

He relaxed a little.

'I have seen and spoken with many troubled souls who have passed through this temple' the holy woman said to him. 'They ask us for help. We console them. You are not the first to tell me a story like this.'

'I'm…I'm not?'

The woman shook her head, then smiled.

She withdrew her hand, letting go of him.

'You are not alone' she said. 'In fact, there was a boy I spoke to just the other day, whom this was happening to.'

'And?' Cam asked her tentatively. 'W-what happened?'

The woman smiled.

'Look' she said turning away and gazing out of the little glass window in the door. 'Do you see that person out there?'

Cam followed her gaze, seeing a young man about seventeen in age moving across the temple, lighting several candles before one of the statues, before kneeling and bowing his head in prayer.

'He lives with us now' the woman said turning back to face Cam. 'He was abused by his father, his mother also who beat him. He's been with us only for a short time, but he is very happy here.' The woman fell silent for a moment. 'Would you like to speak to him?'

Cam hesitated, unsure of what to say.

'I'm…afraid of strangers' he told the woman fearfully, 'especially men….I'm…afraid….I don't trust them.'

'I understand' the woman replied. 'But he has been through the same thing as you have. You can trust him. He may be able to help you.'

Cam stared at the holy woman for several seconds, mulling this idea over in his head.

He still felt afraid, but in the end he agreed, deciding the trust the holy figure's word.

Moments later, the young man sat beside the woman in the small room before Cam.

'I am very happy' the young man was saying. 'I thought that I could not escape, that I would never escape, but one day I was brave. I left my home, and travelled alone to this temple. I had nothing, no food or shelter, only the clothes on my back. I was starving… I travelled across the plains alone, and slept out in the wilderness, in whatever shelter I could find. I never stopped travelling, rain or shine, night or day. I was desperate to reach this temple, and when I finally did….' The young man paused, a slow smile spread across his face. 'It was the most liberating experience in my life. For the first time ever, I felt I have achieved true happiness…and I did it on my own. My days of suffering are behind me now, and I have never looked back. The people here are good to me. They fed me, and gave me a place to stay. I live here now. This is my life. This is what I want. They helped me here, and now I will help others.'

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