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'Really?' Cam said impressed. 'How did you learn that?'

'But watching' Wallace answered quietly, 'and listening.'

'I couldn't do that.'

'Do you not have birds where you come from?'

Cam felt a twinge of nervousness then. 'No….I mean….yes. But I'm afraid I spent most of my life indoors.'

'That's a shame.'

'I guess it is.'

'You really missed out' Wallace told him. 'The world is not inside behind closed doors, it's out there' he said, casting his arm out wide and indicating the plains around them.

'Do you think I could still learn about the world?' Cam asked him. 'I mean…it isn't too late?'

'It's never too late to live' Wallace replied with a smile, 'it's never too late to learn.'

'I would love to be able to do what you can do' Cam sighed, 'knowing a bird just by hearing its call.'

'You can' Wallace said. 'You just need to look and listen, and remember.'

They reached the temple only a few hours later, having rested only once and eaten a little of the food they had brought with them.

Now their horses stood side by side, as they stared closely at the temple ahead of them.

'It's nice' Cam said as he observed it.

'It's only small' Wallace shrugged, 'not like the grand ones the city has.'

'No' Cam said again. 'It's nice.'

'Come on' Wallace mumbled dismounting his horse.

Cam followed suit, walking up the stone path towards the building he followed after Wallace, leading their horses with them. They went off the path before they reached the main doors, heading towards a small courtyard to one side where they tied their horses to posts, leaving them to wait for their masters return.

Then together, they ascended the wide and gentle steps towards the temple.

The doors before them were open, they were tall and made of thick and dark wood, upon the surface of each of the doors were carved depictions. Cam recognised them, pausing for the briefest moment as they made their way. The depiction was of the holy celebration that happened once every eighty years, and rejoiced the coming of the first rays of sunlight in the sky after an eighty year long winter. Upon the wood were carved men and women singing and dancing as fireworks lit up the painted sky above them. The door was intricately detail and beautiful.

He passed by these doors, having fallen a few steps behind Wallace, he moved to catch up.

Cam tilted his head back up as they moved within the temple. It was hexagonal in shape, its roof built like a great point, sheets of clear glass in rows hung above them in the ceiling, allowing the light from the world above them to shine down. It took Cam's breath away. The temple was small, and indeed modest in design to the ones

in the capital. But there was something about this one that stirred emotions within him, of awe and reverence. Cam's heart leapt in his chest as he stared up at the sky through the windows above them. He drew a slow gasp as he watched the clouds part and the sun emerge; he squinted, blinking several times as the light shone in his eyes.

'Hey' Wallace said staring at him. He had stopped and was watching Cam now with a hand on his hip as he waited expectantly. 'Are we going?'

'Yes' Cam whispered moving forwards. 'Sorry.'

He jogged up to him to catch up, walking by his side once more.

Cam's attention swiftly began to wander as he spotted several figures around them, they were dressed in modest clothes coloured white, and wearing a blue sash around their waists with their hair covered. They drifted quietly by. These were the holy figures that cared for the temple, cared for travellers, and helped to heal the sick. They also listened to prayers and confessions. They were the eyes and the ears and the hearts of the gods, or so it was told.

Cam and Wallace reached the centre of the temple where there was a bench in the shape of a hexagon; positioned perfectly in the middle to match the temple it sat it. Wallace turned, descending onto the bench and leaning back.

'Well?' he said to Cam. 'What exactly was it you wanted here?'

Cam's attention flickered away from Wallace then, towards the holy figures and back again.

'I….can I have a look around?'

'Sure' Wallace shrugged carelessly, sighing heavily and closing his eyes. 'Take your time.'

Cam nodded gratefully, moving away from Wallace and back towards the edge of the temple.

At the edges of this holy building were located smaller rooms which ran all the way around. These rooms had specific purposes. Healing rooms where the sick were cared for, dormitories where the holy figures that lived here permanently slept, offices where the holy heads worked, and other rooms that Cam didn't know. Despite this being only a very small temple, these rooms were used often, and there were several holy figures that lived here.

Cam approached one of the statues that encircled the empty space in the middle of the temple. Here were the statues of the seven gods that it was believed had created this world. There were four female figures, and three male figures. Each was different from the other, and each bore at least one distinguishing feature. One had knives for fingers and a great disk on his back, a lizard-like tail curled around his feet. Another wore a crown of blue feathers, body clad in gold. Another had six wings and a pair horns. And another had a scaly tail like a fish, her body enveloped by two eels.

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