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But the one person who didn't seem to think this, was Elaina. She was considered peculiar by a lot of people too, but she coped well with this, and still had friends.

She didn't care what people said about her.

Cam groaned to himself as he shifted in the dirt where he sat.

He wondered then, that if anything were to happen to him, would the family he lived with worry, would they even care?

Cam let out a sigh, blinking slowly.

At least he thought to himself, I am safe here.

The sun burned in the sky before him, and ever glowing sphere, never fading, never dying.

I wonder what Luke and Valery are doing right now. I hope they are safe.

He raised his head then as a thought struck him.

I wonder if there are any temples nearby. Perhaps the family would let me borrow a horse and I could ride to one. I would very much like to pray for my brother and Valery; perhaps the gods would hear my prayers clearer if I were in a temple.

He let out another sigh then, closing his eyes and allowing his body to relax.

Tomorrow, he thought. I will ask them tomorrow.

'I've never see you so excited about anything' Beatrice said when Cam told the family of his plans at breakfast the next morning. 'I think it would be good for you. It's good to see you really happy. You're normally so glum.'

'So I can go?' Cam asked urgently. 'Please?'

'I don't see why not' Beatrice said turning to Joe with a grin. He smiled back at her.

'Henry' Joe said, picking a son at random. 'I want you to go with him. Cam doesn't know where our nearest temple is and he would only get lost.'

Henry stopped chasing his egg around his plate. 'I actually had plans…'

'They can wait' Joe interrupted. 'You can see how important this is to him.'

'But the sheep need to be shorn today.'

'Wallace will do it. Won't you Wallace?' Joe said forcibly volunteering him.

'Well I am now aren't I?'

'I'll make it up to both of you' Cam said to the brothers. 'I promise.'

They both stared at him unconvinced.

Later that morning, Cam and Wallace readied the horses. It was a few hours ride to the temple, but an easy enough journey Cam was told. He had been given food to keep them going along the way; he carried the bag at his side, the strap slung over his shoulder.

'Right' Wallace said, pulling back the reins as he regarded Cam. 'Ready?'

Cam mounted the horse he had been given, turning to Wallace before answering. 'Ready' he answered.

Wallace tapped his heels into the horse. The animal

jerked its head back sharply, before trotting out of the stables with a flick of the tail. Cam rode after him, urging his animal onwards. He was far more comfortable riding the horses than he was actually caring for them. The horse he had been given was a particularly docile one, one of the better behaved in the village. Cam was grateful he had been given this particular horse which he knew fairly well by now, each had different personalities, the one Wallace had been given was a little livelier. As Cam caught up with him, he heard Wallace cursing under his breath.

'Dam animal' he snarled through gritted teeth as his horse began to dance on the spot, tossing its head around. Wallace cast a glanced beside him towards Cam. 'It's still early in the morning' he said, 'he's still full of energy' he indicated the horse. 'Fancy a run?'

'Yeah' Cam said smiling. 'After you.'

Wallace released his grasp on the reins, no longer pulling them back but kicking his heels hard into the beasts flank.

The horse picked up pace swiftly, Cam sending his own horse after it.

They tore across the open land, running at full speed. Cam's eyes watered as the wind stung them, and he held on for dear life, a little afraid at travelling such a speed, but also excited, as he felt the adrenaline coursing through his body.

He resisted the urge to call out in joy as his clothes and hair whipped in the strong wind as they raced onwards, slowing gradually as the horses began to tire.

It was many minutes later when they returned to a gentle pace, coming to a slow walk.

Cam let out a breath as Wallace turned to him with a sigh.

'How did that feel?'

'That was fun' Cam huffed.

Wallace grinned back, turning away again.

'You picked a good day to make this journey' Wallace told him, tilting his head back to the sun. 'Clear sky…a beautiful blue.'

'Listen' Cam whispered then, 'do you hear that?'

The both of them fell silent as they heard the call of a bird, seeing it flying high above their heads through the air.

'A skylark' Wallace said. 'You get many of them around here.'

'How do you know what it is?'

'Because I've seen them before' Wallace replied.

The bird above them flew ever higher, and was soon lost from sight.

'Buts it's so far away' Cam said to him. 'How can you tell?'

'Only Skylarks sound like that' Wallace said.

'It's amazing how you knew.'

'I know all sorts of bird calls. I can tell what type of bird is singing just by listening to its song.'

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