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   Chapter 182 No.182

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'Wait' Cam called after her as she made to leave. 'Where are you going?'

'Home' Elaina said as it her were obvious. 'You should be going home too. It's getting late.'

Cam glanced around him fearfully then, feeling suddenly exposed without Elaina around him. She wasn't like the other women he had encountered, she didn't seem to care that much for him, and that was the reason he suddenly feared being without her.

'Please don't go' he blurted out to her.

'Don't be silly' she laughed at him without a pause in her step. 'I have things to do. Just go home already.'

Cam swallowed nervously as he watched her leave him. He glanced about him, and then moved quickly, heading back home.

'So how did it go?' Wallace asked him when Cam returned home.

'Fine' Cam answered shortly, speaking to his feet.

The family were just preparing dinner, and Cam shuffled along the wall and out of the way as Beatrice moved past him carrying a large plate piled high with food. It was a small kitchen, and with all of them here it became very crowded.

'Sit down' Henry said to him indicating a chair at the table.

Cam did so quickly. He liked this family; they were good to him and treated him kindly. But even so, Cam still didn't feel comfortable here, even in the many weeks he had lived at this home.

It just wasn't the same as when he had lived with Durril.

Cam felt a twinge of sadness. How he missed him.

'Here you are' Beatrice smiled gently as she placed Cam's food before him.

As usual, it was too much and he was unlikely to eat it all. Cam always had leftovers, but that still didn't stop Beatrice from piling his plate up high.

'Did Elaina show you how to do it properly?' Wallace enquired.


'You met Elaina?' Joe asked. 'She's a good girl, always so hard working.'

'What happened to your head by the way?' Beatrice asked him, taking a seat next to her husband.

'Oh' Cam said, unconsciously touching the bandage around his head. 'One of the horses kicked me.'

Henry beside him instantly began to cackle.

'Quiet boy' Joe snapped. 'It's no laughing matter. He could have been seriously hurt.'

'Well it would serve him right for being so useless' Henry smirked, lifting his fork and beginning to eat. 'Honestly. One would think you've never worked a day in your life.'

Cam glanced towards him nervously, keeping silent.

'You still haven't told us where you came from' Beatrice said to him quietly.

'Nor shall I' Cam mumbled back. 'It is a life I wish to forget.'

'But don't you have family? Anyone who cares for you?'

'The only ones I care about….are safer if I stay away.'

The next day, Cam helped the brothers catch some chickens.

'Ok now watch carefully' Henry said to him holding the chicken's neck in his hand. 'You hold it like this' he demonstrated, and Cam instantly began to feel sick as he realised what was coming, 'and then go like this' Henry said, snapping the chickens neck and killing it instantly, making Cam flinch. 'There' Henry finished, handing the chicken to him. 'Dinner.'

Cam held the chicken tightly by a leg, panicking slightly as the animal began to flap.

'I-it's still alive!'

'No its dead.' Wallace told him shortly. 'They're just muscle reflexes.'

'What do I do?!'

'Just hold it' Henry told him angrily. 'It'll stop moving in a minute.'

'This is horrible…' Cam whimpered, holding the chicken as it continued to flap.

'What do you mean?' Wallace frowned in annoyance. 'How do you think it gets on your plate? He shook his head, mumbling under his breath. 'Spoilt rich kid.'

Cam held the unfortunate bird; its flapping became less frequent until it stopped altogether.

'Here' Henry told him, handing him another chicken, this one alive. 'Your turn.'

'No' Cam said in a panic. 'I'm not doing it! I can't.'

'You have to learn sometime' Henry pressed.

'I can't kill another animal!'

'It's just a chicken' Henry snapped.

Cam stared at him frozen. He began to tremble, then fell to his knees and began to cry into his hands, letting the chicken run free and escape.

A short while later, he was sitting by himself at the edge of the field just outside the small village, resting in the freshly ploughed earth, facing out towards the setting sun with his chin resting on the fence, arms folded over the wood as he sat.

It was so peaceful and tranquil, in the village, yet he felt so miserable here. The chores he was given every day were difficult for him, and he struggled everyday to relate to people. Everyone had been curious about him in the beginning, now they were even more so, but now they thought him strange. Too many people had seen how he behaved, and they talked amongst themselves.

They thought there was something wrong with him. Cam had heard their whispers as they gossiped behind his back. Most had come to believe he was born simple into a rich family, who had cast him out because of the way he was….weird. He couldn't relate to people in a way that was deemed normal, and everyone knew it.

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