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   Chapter 181 No.181

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He hated how they watched him, and felt extremely uncomfortable beneath their gaze. It felt like they were hunting him.

What do they want?

Cam had asked Elaina why they stared at him like they did, but all he got in response was a string of curses aimed at the woman. It was clear she despised them.

Cam spoke little after that. It was only a short time Elaina was with him before she left. Now he was alone.

Cam worked quickly, filling the pales before carrying them over to the shed on a yolk.

One of the woman in the group that huddled together, slid off the wall, following him from a distance.

Cam put the buckets down in the shed, rubbing his aching shoulders and groaning as he straightened up, tilting his head back and forth as the bones in his neck clicked.

He tensed suddenly, whipping his head around as he heard a sound behind him.

The young woman that had followed smiled. 'You're very jumpy.'

'I'm sorry' Cam averted his eyes and backed away.

'For what?'

He looked up at her again.

'You're very interesting' she purred.

'Am I?'

'Of course you are' she said gliding around him and coming to sit on a stack of wood piled neatly beside them, tucking the skirt of her dress beneath her as she sat. 'You appeared so suddenly here in this little village. I wonder who you really are. Where did you come from?'

'I……' Cam looked away.

'Are you shy?'

He looked back.

'There's no need to be shy. I won't hurt you.'

Cam was sure these words were meant to comfort him. But they did the exact opposite.

'What do you want?' Cam asked her.

The woman visibly faltered at that. She seemed to try a different tact.

'My name is Catrin' she said to him.

She stopped talking, and Cam suddenly realised she was waiting for him to speak.

'Oh' he said at last.

Catrin considered him for a moment, pursing her lips. Cam didn't like it; he didn't understand what he saw in her gaze.

She rose from her place then, moving over towards him.

Cam flinched as she reached out to touch him. He squeezed his eyes tight shut, before opening them again.

'One might think that someone hit you' Catrin spoke quietly, reaching closer towards him, moving gradually.

Cam drew a slow intake of breath as he felt her caress his cheek. He was backed against the wall now, leaning into it, willing himself to be disappear through it and escape.

He balled his fists.

'It's alright' Catrin spoke

calmly. 'I won't hurt you.'

She stepped closer to him again. Cam's eyes widened as she leant forwards, pressing her lips against his.

Brioke leant forwards, taking Cams' head in his hands and holding as he kissed him deeply. Cam cringed inwardly as he felt Brioke inside of him.

Cam suddenly shoved her back, glaring at her with tears in his eyes.

'Don't touch me!'

Catrin stared at him in utter shock, horrified at the way he had acted.

Cam left the shed as quickly as he could.

He ran away, finding a place that was hidden away and quiet.

He thought he was alone as he leant against the wall, in the narrow space between two buildings, hand pressed firmly against the cool wood of the barn, his arm shaking. But there was another there with him, she approached.

'Got to you did they?'

Cam wheeled around, glaring and blinking the tears quickly from his eyes.

Elaina regarded him with a level expression. Cam wasn't sure what it was. Was she mocking him, perhaps finding his torment amusing?

'What do you want?' Cam snapped, turning sharply away and glaring angrily at the floor.

He gritted his teeth, finding it suddenly hard to breathe; he felt a lump in his throat and experienced a sudden pain in his chest.

Cam grimaced, the edges of his eyes quivering as he fought to control himself.

'I told you about them' Elaina said to him calmly. 'They are like wolves.'

'Why?' Cam gasped looking back at her at last. 'What do they want?'

'You' Elaina replied. 'Isn't it obvious?'

'I don't understand.'

Elaina smirked at him now.

'You don't know how to talk to girls do you.'

The statement wasn't phrased as a question.

'Am I really that easy to read?' Cam groaned, turning away again.

He took his hand off the wall slowly, straightening up.

'She fancies you' Elaina


'Because you're so handsome.'


Elaina sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of her nose. 'Gods you're hard work. Did you not have women where you came from?'

'I never really met other women growing up' Cam blurted without thinking. 'Only ser….' He broke off suddenly.

Elaina twitched then, ears perked. 'Were you about to say servants?'

Cam took a step back, hugging himself and hunching his shoulders.

'Where on earth did you live to have servants around you? Were they your servants?'

'I don't want to talk about it.'

'Fine' Elaina said shortly. 'I don't care anyway.'

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