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   Chapter 180 No.180

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'What do you mean you don't know how to milk a cow?' Wallace was saying. 'Jeez what is the matter with you?' he sighed, brushing his hair back in exasperation. 'Were you raised in a palace or something?'

Cam baulked. His stomach flipped over and he became suddenly nervous. He turned away sharply and began to fumble.

'No! I mean…I just….its…it's not…I mean….'

Wallace turned to him then, giving him a look of scrutiny.

'I am very curious to know more about you. You were travelling with a gypsy, but you are clearly not a gypsy. You are not a farmer, or any type of common folk. Who are you really? And where did you come from?'

Cam gritted his teeth nervously, unsure how best to respond.

'I bet you're the son of some important lord or something' Wallace said waving away as he turned back to face the cows. 'Let me guess, your father tried to force you to marry someone you didn't want? Or something like that?'

Cam's attention flickered reluctantly back at Wallace.

'Well' Wallace sighed, 'wherever you've come from, it's obvious to everyone you've come from a wealthy background. I sure hope it was worth it, running away from home and all that. Or maybe you were cast out. Who knows?' he shrugged, looking back to Cam who had said nothing.

Wallace frowned at Cam in mild irritation.

'Would you like some help?' he offered.

Before Cam could answer, Wallace turned behind him and called to a figure that was working nearby.


The young woman looked up from what she was doing.

'Come over here for a minute!' Wallace said waving to her.

As she approached, Cam got a better look at the young woman. She was a small figure, with brown hair cut into a bob. She had pale skin and dark eyes, dressed in plain clothes like so many of the women who lived in this village; she would have blended in well with a crowd. The woman stopped before Cam, holding her hands behind her back and averting her gaze shyly.

'Elaina' Wallace said in a bored tone. 'Cam here doesn't know how to milk a cow. Could you show him please? I'm very busy.'

Elaina's eyes flickered up at Cam's then, before turning back towards Wallace.

'I'm actually quite busy myself.'

'Don't care' Wallace droned. 'Just help him once and I'll be grateful. It won't take long I'm sure' he said beginning to walk away, 'or maybe

it will' he added under his breath. 'Anyway, I'll make it worth your trouble later!'

Cam and Elaina stared at his back as he stormed off.

Elaina turned to Cam uncertainly, and he reluctantly glanced back to her.

'We…pay each other in favours here' Elaina explained, 'it's a small village and everyone knows everyone.' She smiled. 'There is so much work to be done around here.'

She paused, waiting for Cam to speak. When he didn't she went on.

'What is your name? I've seen you about, but I've never had the chance to talk to you before.'

'I…' Cam said to the floor. 'Cam' he said. 'It's Cam.'

'I'm Elaina' she said. 'Where did you come from?'

'I don't want to talk about it' Cam answered shortly.

'Oh, ok…sorry…'

'You're not like the others' Cam mentioned.

'What do you mean?'

Just as Cam was about to speak, he noticed several woman sitting on a wall nearby. They were all watching him, giggling amongst themselves and pointing.

Elaina glanced around, seeing them before turning back to him.

'Oh' she said. 'You mean I'm not like them?'

'I…I guess……'

'I don't like them' Elaina said peering over her shoulder at them again. 'They're lazy. They never do any work, and somehow they always get away with it.'

'That's very unfair' Cam mumbled.

Elaina shrugged nonchalantly. 'I stopped caring years ago. They are all bitches.'

Cam started then, not expecting such a thing to be said by her.

'Their parents are important people' Elaina explained. 'Even in this small village we have such folk. They don't need to work. I suppose if I didn't have to, I'd be the same as them. But I'm glad I'm not. They're all spoilt.'


'Hey!' a voice shouted at them in the distance.

Cam and Elaina both glanced around.

'You haven't got all day!' Wallace called to them. 'Get on with it!'

'Come on' Elaina mumbled, moving away and keeping her head down, ignoring the young women as they giggled again, this time mockingly. 'I'll show you how to do it; then I've got to go. I've got other things to do.'

Cam did his job well enough Elaina told him. As soon as she thought he could manage on his own, she left. It seemed to Cam that she couldn't wait to get away. He didn't mind. He wanted to be on his own anyway, and especially didn't want to be bothered by any women, not even her.

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