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   Chapter 179 No.179

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It opened, and a mature man stood before him.

'You must be Cam' the man said immediately. 'Come on in. We've got a room for you upstairs.'

Cam stepped tentatively into the small cottage, gazing about him wide-eyed.

'The ring that gypsy gave us is a fine one indeed' the man went on, closing the door after him. 'It will see us well fed for months to come. Quite a fine piece it is I must say.'

'Yes' Cam mumbled distractedly, hardly even listening. 'Yes of course.'

'I do wonder where he got it from' the man smiled. 'It doesn't matter I suppose. I'll sell it as soon as I can.'

Cam entered the kitchen, it was a very small room, there were only three small rooms downstairs.

'Let me introduce you' the man said. 'I am Joe. This is my wife Beatrice' he indicated a woman of about the same age as him as she entered the kitchen through a door on the other side, 'and my two sons, Henry and Wallace.'

The young men both looked up from the table at which they sat. They looked about the same age as Cam.

'This is your home now' the man said to him, the man who had introduced himself as Joe. 'You can stay here for several months, or until you find a place of your own. We expect your help around the farm, we've all got to eat, and if you have any questions then please ask me now.'

Cam stared at him, feeling nervous as the others stared at him back expectantly.

Cam felt naked under their gaze.

'Well?' the man prompted.

'I'm sorry?'

'Do you have any questions?' Joe repeated.


'Fine.' He turned to one of his sons. 'Henry, can you show him to his room please?'

Many weeks later

Cam sat in his tiny bedroom, the bedroom that was now his, staring out of the tiny window at the thatched cottages outside.

The room was no larger than a cupboard, with the bed talking up nearly all of the available space. A set of drawers for his clothes took up the rest of the space, though Cam used only one draw, having very few possessions.

He stared down at the flute on his lap. He played it rarely nowadays, most of the time he just looked at it. It was nothing more than an ornament now.

In the time that he had been here, Cam had shed his bright clothes, the clothes he had been given by Durril. He now dressed like everyone else, in plain clothes, dark clothes, clothes which were the opposite in every single way to the ones he used to wear when he travelled with Durril.

He found himself missing those days. He missed the carriage, the new views ar

ound him he woke to almost every morning. He missed the white and black horse Sapphire, with her long flowing mane and tail. But most of all, he missed Durril.

Cam touched a hand to his own face, feeling the flesh beneath his eye. He wore no eyeliner, not anymore.

And Durril had been right. It had begun to feel strange not wearing it at first, but without Durril, and living on the farm as he did, he no longer needed it anymore.

Now, he lived a new life. Twice this had happened since he left the palace, first when he had been found by Durril, and now.


Cam straightened slightly, raising his head towards the door, through which had come the muffled voice. Cam recognised it as one of the sons.

'We need your help' Wallace called. 'Can you come down here?'

Cam put his flute aside, rising from the bed and moving to the door.

He went downstairs where Wallace was waiting for him.

'Good, there you are' Wallace smiled. 'I need your help to corral the horses.'

'Oh' Cam said quietly. 'I'm not very good at that stuff.'

'I know' he sighed wearily. 'I would ask someone else but everyone is busy right now. So I need your help.'

An hour or so later, Cam was sitting in the dirt holding his bleeding head in his hands, pressing the area where the horse had kicked him.

'Honestly' Wallace was saying shaking his head. 'How are you so useless?'

'I don't mean to be' Cam mumbled back still holding himself.

'Perhaps we should find something else for you to do?' Wallace said to himself, looking about him as he thought.

'Perhaps I should just sit here' Cam suggested, feeling the sharp pain in his head, so fresh.

'No' Wallace spoke sharply. 'Work needs to be done. You've got to earn your keep. That ring won't pay for you forever. Come on. Even my own parents would kick me out if I didn't pull my weight.'

He grabbed Cam by the arm and pulled him up; Cam flinched as he did this, his heart skipping as he felt the same old fear of being touched.

But as soon as Cam was on his feet, Wallace let him go, and Cam breathed a sigh of relief.

'Come on' Wallace said again, brushing the dust harshly from the front of Cam's shirt where he had fallen. 'Let's go find you something manageable to do.'

A short while later, Cam stood before the paddock where the cows were gathered, with Wallace standing beside him. Cam still felt a little dizzy and a bit sick. But the bleeding from the injury on his head had stopped, and his head was bandaged now.

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