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   Chapter 178 No.178

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'And…' Cam asked, for the second time, 'what do you want in return?'

'I told you already' Durril replied simply. 'I want nothing.'

Later that day, when Durril and Cam were alone, Cam spoke to him.

'I've been thinking' Cam began uncertainly; 'that…we've spent a lot of time together…and…I'm sure you wanted something in return.'

'What do you mean?' Durril said. 'I already told you.'

I know Cam thought desperately in his mind. But your words make no sense…

'This world is cruel' Cam moaned. 'There are no good people in this world. Everyone wants something.'

'Cam' Durril frowned, worry etched in every line in his face. 'What are you talking about?'

Cam raised his head.

'You can have me if you want.'

'What?' Durril breathed, in shock and disbelief at what he thought he heard.

Cam moved closer to Durril, and kissed him.

Durril's eyes widened. He pushed Cam back firmly, hand going to his mouth.

'What are you doing?!'

'I…' Cam hesitated, 'thought you wanted me…'

'What…?' Durril gasped.

He froze suddenly. Durril lowered his hand, staring at Cam hard.

'Oh' he said at last, 'you mean you….' He went silent for a moment; Cam could almost see the cogs turning in his head. 'Oh' he said again. 'I think I see now…'

That evening, Durril packed away his things, preparing the carriage and making sure all of Sapphire's harnesses were in place.

He climbed into the driver's seat and snapped the reins.

Cam was elsewhere when this was happening, and he only caught Durril as he was making his way down the road, riding out of the small village, and leaving Cam behind.

'Where are you going?' Cam called out to him, running to catch him up.

Durril pulled the reins, causing Sapphire to stop suddenly.

He turned to Cam with a sad smile. There was no warmth in his eyes.

'I have to leave here' Durril spoke in a deadpan voice, 'I think I've stayed too long.'

'We've only just arrived.'

'I still think I've stayed too long' he repeated.

'You're going to leave me here?' Cam asked incredulous.

Durril gritted his teeth, Cam saw the vein in his forehead pulse, the way he grasped the reins firmly in both hands.

He was reluctant in his words.

'I've come to realise' Durril spoke very carefully, '…we just want different things…'

'But…' Cam uttered, feeling a lump in his throat, 'why are you leaving me here?'

'You must make your own path' Durril said. 'That ring you gave me b

efore, the one you had when I found you; I've given it to a family who live at the edge of this village. They've taken it as payment to care for you.'

Cam remembered the ring, he had given it to Durril to help pay for supplies, but Durril had never gotten around to selling it.

'You've…' Cam began distraught, '…sold me?'

'They have a green door' Durril continued as he if had not heard, snapping the reins as he spoke. The carriage moved onwards. 'There is a small vegetable patch right before their house!' Durril called out to him as he moved away. 'You'll see it! It's hard to miss!'

'I'm sorry' Cam called after him. 'Whatever I've done I'm sorry.'

'We've spent enough time together' Durril spoke loudly as the carriage trundled along. 'It's time we went our separate ways.' He looked back at Cam one last time. 'It was nice knowing you' he finished in a quiet voice, though Cam heard every word loud and clear.

He snapped the reins again; Sapphire tossed her head energetically, picking up her pace to a trot.

Cam watched deep regret as Durril rode out of his life forever. He didn't move from that spot, until Durril was so far away, he could no longer see him.

He felt within him, sudden loss and loneliness.

He hadn't realised how much he had cared for Durril, until he was gone.

Cam turned to the side, seeing his bag; the bag Durril had given him, left on the ground near the road, out in the open where it could easily be found.

Cam went over to it, rifling through. In it he found the rest of his clothes, the brightly coloured clothes Durril had given him, his bandanas, a tin of black paint he used to paint his eyes, and his flute.

Cam lifted the bag, slinging it over his shoulder and gritting his teeth in determination, glaring at everything around him and blinking rapidly to hold back the tears.

I'm so sorry Durril…I'm so sorry…

He trudged to the edge of the village, looking all about him as he went.

He found the cottage with the green door, the vegetable patch right before it.

Cam swallowed nervously. He lifted the bag higher up his shoulder, and reluctantly stepped forward.

He knocked on the door, taking a step back and waiting.

His breath was short, and his palms sweated and itched.

He resisted the urge to scratch them, instead giving all of his concentration on the door, glaring at the wood and wishing the door would open, at the same time, wishing it would stay shut.

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