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   Chapter 177 No.177

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'I'm too nervous' Cam answered reluctantly.

'It's nice' Durril pressed. 'Being in love… and being loved.'

Cam stared at the ground between them.

'Come on' Durril sighed relenting and moving away again. 'Let's have breakfast.'

As they sat around the fire waiting for the sausages to cook, Cam played his flute, as Durril beside him poked one of the sausages.

'Mmmm. Smell that. Isn't that delicious?'

Cam lowered his flute.

'You're getting good you know' Durril said, indicating the flute. 'I might even go so far as to say you're almost as good as me.'

'Well…' Cam mumbled, 'I've had a lot of practice' he answered, 'and a good teacher.'

'Oh' Durril waved him away in a deliberately feminine fashion. 'You're too kind.'

He stabbed the sausages and divided them evenly between two plates, handing one to Cam and keeping one himself. He then began to cook the one egg.

'Are you sure you don't want an egg?' Durril asked him, poking the single egg. 'I could go and squeeze a chicken?'

'No thanks' Cam replied, smiling at the thought of Durril battling with a chicken.

'Blood pie?' Durril offered, tossing several slices of black pudding into the pan.

'Please' Cam said.

Once it was cooked, Durril shared the black pudding between them. Cam blew on his breakfast to cool it, before cutting it up into tiny pieces and beginning to eat.

'So when are we going to leave?' Cam spoke up after a time.

'Why?' Durril asked him. 'Are you desperate to leave here?'

'I just wonder why we came. Who are we going to trade with in this small village?'

'Sometimes it's nice to just have a break' Durril beamed, seemingly very pleased with himself. 'I've been thinking, there are some beautiful shores towards the south east, the view of the sun when it sets is the most beautiful in the entire kingdom. The sea is always calm and as still as glass that glistens like a thousand jewels…or so they say.' A slow smile spread across his face at the thought. 'There are dolphins that play there in the gentle waters every evening…or so they say, and once every year, great whales come to the shores to feed. They leap out of the waters, throwing themselves back as they fall, but the water is always calm. It is the most beautiful spectacle…or so they say.'

'You talk about it as if you've not been there.'

'I haven't.' Durril smirked. 'It's silly I know. I've spent my entire life travelling…even before I was born and… I have never been to tha

t place which is the most beautiful. I don't know why…I just never really got around to it. Strange.' He continued to eat.

'And you want to go to these shores?' Cam asked him.

'I'm thinking…it would be nice, maybe later this year…or next year. One day...'

'It really does sound like a nice place.'

'Yeah' Durril mumbled under his breath. 'It does.'

'So where are you planning on heading after this?'

Durril heaved a heavy sigh, leaning back where he sat.

'I have some fine silks in the carriage. They will fetch the highest price if we go to the shores in the east. I know a few potential buyers.'

Cam glanced up then at Sapphire who was tied to a post near the carriage, head lowered as she pulled at the grass.

'I was thinking of breeding her soon' Durril said distractedly as he saw Cam watching the mare. 'There are several stallions my family own that are suitable, but I have to find them first. They could be anywhere.' He smirked. 'My family' he sighed shaking his head happily, '…they do like to travel.'

'It's even more reason to leave' Cam said to him, trying to sound casual.

Durril just laughed.

'She is a magnificent horse' he said, admiring the beast. 'She would bear the most beautiful foals.'

Durril reached for the pack at his side then, pulling from it his flute.

He glanced towards Cam.

'Are you ready?'

Cam reached for his own flute, bringing it to his lips.

Together they played a tune. The beautiful melody caused people to stop what they were doing, listening as they played.

By the time they finished their song, a small crowd had gathered, and as they lowered the flutes from their lips, the people began to clap.

Cam glanced about him nervously with his head bowed. Durril only smiled, seeming to relish in the attention.

'We should get going soon' Cam said again to Durril, speaking with uncertainty in his voice.

'Why?' Durril asked. 'I rather like it here.'

Cam glanced timidly behind him at a group of women who had him in their sights.

'They're watching me again' Cam hissed under his breath.

'It's because you're so handsome' Durril winked at him.

'You…think that?'

'Well sure' Durril shrugged.

Cam looked down, feeling dejected.

'Why…have you done so much for me?' Cam began uncertainly. 'No one in my life has ever been so kind.'

'We share this world with many other people' Durril said. 'What kind of a place would this be if we didn't care for each other?'

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