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Luke. What are you doing now? Are you safe? Are you happy? And Valery….

Durril put his arm around the gypsy beside him, whispering something secret into his ear. The gypsy listened, laughing heartily at whatever he had just been told and shoving Durril playfully back.

Is this my life from now on? Cam thought to himself. Will I never see my own brother and Valery again?

When breakfast was over, Cam and Durril tended to their sheep, cleaning out the dirty hay and replacing it with clean hay, feeding them and giving them fresh water. The dogs were fed and Sapphire tended to. Before they left, Durril returned to the carriage again, picking up two sheep and carrying them out of the carriage.

'These are for you' Durril said to one of his brothers, handing them to him, 'as a thank you for helping us the other day.'

'Your gifts are well received' his brother said, gratefully taking the sheep from under his arms. 'Thank you very much.'

Durril climbed onto the carriage again, taking his seat beside Cam and waving at the others before setting off.

'Farewell my family!' he called to them. 'I look forward to when next we meet!'

He snapped the reigns and Sapphire pulled the carriage, picking up her pace to a trot.

The rest of their journey was peaceful, enjoyable even. Cam breathed a sigh of relief when they left the canyons behind them, and shortly after that, they reached their destination.

They found their buyer, sold the sheep and collected their money. Then they went to another man, giving back the protection dogs they had rented and collecting their deposit.

'A fine day' Durril was saying, sifting through the bulging bag of coins, 'a fine day indeed. We've made quite a pretty penny' he winked, swinging the bag before Cam's face hypnotically. 'Now, there is one last thing we must do' he said.

'What's that?'

'We've got to go back to collect my carriage. My carriage. My home where all my stuff is. Come along Sapphire' he sang jovially, leading the horse through the streets. 'Let's take you home.'

Cam hurried after him, jogging to catch up.

The three of them walked side by side down the street, Cam, Durril and Sapphire.

Together they made their way home.

Chapter Sixteen

'Eggs?' Cam said doubtfully. 'We came here for eggs.'

It was many days later, and they had travelled far in that time. Now they had come to a little village, a tranquil and peaceful place.

'Hey' Durril said defensively as Cam gave him a comica

l look. 'Sometimes a man just wants the simple things in life.' He plucked an egg from the coop, tossing in the air before catching it again. 'Hey!' he called to the old man nearby. 'How much for this egg?'

'Hm? Oh. You can have it' the man said with disinterest before moving on.

'Now if that isn't a good deal I don't know what is' Durril chuckled. He turned to Cam, waving the egg in the air before his face. 'Want to split it?'

'No you can have it' Cam told him. 'I don't like eggs all that much.'

'Your loss.' He grabbed Cam around the shoulders roughly then, shaking him in a playful manner. 'Come on' he said happily. 'Let's go back to the carriage. Sapphire needs feeding.'

Cam walked with him, gazing at the small village around them, the open fields, the thatched houses, the animals, some of which wandered free, and the people who all dressed in simple, practical clothes.

It was a nice place Cam decided, and a happy one.

'Are you daydreaming again?' Durril asked him ruffling his hair.

'N-no' Cam grumbled shrinking away from him. 'Please don't do that.'

'Oh don't be so sour.'

Durril sauntered over towards his carriage where Sapphire waited, tossing the egg up in the air and catching it over and over again, whistling as he went.

'Hey Cam!' he called over his shoulder. 'Are you coming?'

Cam stared back at a group of young women, hanging together like wolves in a pack and smiling at him, whispering amongst themselves and waving.

Cam jerked his head away from them, his stomach tightening and flipping over nervously.

He ran after Durril, jogging to catch him up.

'Those girls seem to like you' Durril noted with a glint in his eye. 'Maybe you should go and introduce yourself.'

'No I…I don't think….I don't know…'

'Have you ever been with a woman before?' Durril asked suddenly rounding on him. 'Have you ever been in love?'

Cam stared at Durril uncertainly.

Brioke caressed him, leaning forward and kissing him, moving his lips down his neck as Cam turned his head away. Brioke grabbed Cam's wrist with one hand, pinning him against the wall, with the other hand, he moved to touch his groin.

Cam swallowed the lump in his throat, trying hard to forget the memory and push it to the back of his mind.

'I've never known love' Cam mumbled. 'I don't even know what it feels like.'

'Why don't you talk to one of the girls?' Durril asked him, speaking more seriously now. 'It could be the start of something new.'

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