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'It's good to see you again brother' said one of the men, grasping Durril by the arm.

'Likewise' Durril beamed.

'Who's this?' one of the women said sidling up to Cam and stroking his arm seductively. 'He's handsome.'

'I picked him up as a stray' Durril beamed merrily, grabbing Cam and hugging him playfully. 'He's my travelling companion, and my loyal friend.'

'What do you have in here?' one of the younger men asked, climbing up to the side of the carriage. 'Good lord, are those Lheyart sheep? They're worth a fortune!'

'We're selling them' Durril informed them all. 'We were hoping to get through this place before we were found by bandits. Its lucky you were here.'

'Not luck' one of his brothers said, 'we knew you would be coming this way soon. We kept a lookout for you.'

'My family' Durril sighed happily. 'How lucky I am to have you.'

Cam climbed back into the seat at the head of the carriage, sitting beside Durril as he walked Sapphire onwards along the canyon and to a secluded area, where the other gypsies who now accompanied them had set up camp. Luckily, Cam realised as they made their way onwards, none of them, friend or foe, had been badly hurt.

Durril slowed the carriage to a stop, unhooking Sapphire and tightening the dogs to the carriage. He then took his place amongst his family.

Cam jumped down from the carriage, walking into the crowd between the other carriages after Durril. He was given a welcome as warm as the one that Durril received. They immediately treated him as if he were one of their own.

That night, they celebrated their reunion with a gala.

The women danced around the fires, and the men played the most beautiful melodies to accompany them. Cam played on his flute alongside Durril, until Durril was pulled away by a woman. Shortly after that, a woman approached Cam.

She slipped the flute away from his fingers, gently pushing him back against the rock so that he leant on his back against the slope of the canyon wall.

She straddled him, lifting her skirt as she did so.

Cam stared at her nervously, eyes flickering up to hers.

She lifted something towards him. It was a long and thin pipe, slowly smoking at one end.

She drew it close to his mouth, indicating for him to take a pull. Cam glanced at the other gypsies celebrating around him, seeing that many others had the same pipes from which they were smoking from.

'Try it' the gypsy woman purred seductively. '

You might be surprised.'

Cam placed his mouth around the end of the pipe, breathing in deeply.

The effects were instantaneous. He felt suddenly as if he were tipping back, the sky overhead began to spin and his stomach tightened.

His pupils dilated until they were huge, and as he turned his head to the side, he saw one of the horse's legs had lost all its bones. It moved along the ground now as an octopus did, its head sliding across the ground as it slithered between the other gypsies, who were blending in with the rocks around them. It climbed up the side of one of the nearby carriages, oozing its way across the roof, and away. And for some reason, this did not alarm Cam; in fact, it did not bother him in any way.

He laid his head back as the woman straddling him, taking a pull from the pipe herself, began to slowly unbutton his shirt.

Cam let out a groan as she ran her hands across his naked chest, leaning forward and beginning to kiss his face, trailing her kisses down his neck and to his chest.

Cam barely felt her touch, barely felt her kisses. In his mind he was far away.

The stars descended around him, great balls of light hovering in the air and beginning to slowly spin around him. The figures around him faded away until he was surrounded by only black, and the great balls of light, floating in the air.

Cam woke the next morning when Durril shook him firmly.

His voice was distant at first, as if he were speaking underwater. It gradually became clearer.

Cam opened his eyes, blinking wearily in the bright light.

'Finally!' Durril said as Cam's vision focused on him. 'I thought for a minute there that you would never wake. Are you alright?'

Cam pushed himself up, groaning and holding his head.

'Looks like you had a good time' he sniggered. 'Did you try the Snap?'

Cam raised his head to gaze at Durril.

'It was good wasn't it?' Durril encouraged.

Cam groaned again.

He glanced down at himself, noticing his trousers were unbuttoned and his shirt open.

'Snap was not the only thing enjoyed last night' Durril said giving him a wink as Cam hastily covered himself up again. 'Come on' he said, patting his shoulder and pulling him to his feet. 'Let's go get some breakfast.'

As Cam sat by the fire, nibbling feebly at his breakfast, he watched Durril laughing and talking with his brothers and sisters. He felt a lonely pang in his heart then, thinking again of his own brother.

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