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   Chapter 174 No.174

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It was several hours later, when they saw their first bandit.

Durril tensed suddenly, seeing a lone figure sitting atop a horse and looming over them at the head of the cliff.

'Cam' Durril hissed, jabbing him in the ribs with an elbow.

Cam was suddenly alert, staring wide eyed up at the figure.

He noticed Durril's expression then. Durril was looking in the opposite direction. Cam turned his head the other way, seeing on the other side of the canyon on the cliffs above them, two more figures on horses.

'Oh gods…' Cam whispered.

Durril turned then, rising to his feet and facing the road behind him where several men on horseback approached, riding at a canter.

'What are we going to do?!' Cam cried.

'Don't panic' Durril told him calmly. He reached to the side of the carriage, releasing the clasp that tied the dog to the carriage, before turning the other way, leaning over Cam's lap and stretching to reach the other clasp, releasing the second dog.

The dogs were alert, prancing around with tails up and heads held back. They both headed towards the back of the carriage where the bandits approached from, picking up their pace and quickly closing the distance, before lunging up at the horses, causing them to rear up in terror screaming, many of them throwing their riders from their back.

Cam's eyes darted away from the riders behind them and back to the cliffs above, seeing in horror that the figures that had stood there, where now gone.

He rose swiftly to his feet, his attention darting now right ahead of them, where there were more riders approaching.

'They're trapping us!' Cam cried as the bandits formed a wall with their bodies, picking up their pace and spurring their horses onwards.

Durril was hardly listening, he stood on the roof of the carriage with a bow, the string drawn back as he fired arrows one after the other at the men that swarmed around them.

But the men wore armour and helmets, prepared for such an attack. The arrows just bounced off them. Durril threw down his bow angrily, cursing loudly.

'Durril?' Cam's voice wavered.

Cam suddenly noticed a figure appear to the side of them, seemingly coming from nowhere, a mounted figure with his face concealed and a whip in his hand.

Cam automatically threw his arm up to defend himself as the bandit lashed out at him. The whip curled around his arm, and the bandit kicked his horse away, jerking Cam off the carriage. Cam stumbled, falling to the ground. Stricken with terror, he was dragged by several hands away from the carriage, away from Durril.

Durril instantly grabbed the reigns, jerking them sharply back and causing the carriage to skid to a halt.

'Let go!' Cam screamed in horror.

The bandits only obeyed when his skin began to glow. Leaping back in shock and speaking in a foreign tongue to one another at the spectacle.

One of the bandits called out sudd

enly, and the men around them stopped the attack. Cam threw his head back, up to the cliffs above them where he saw a whole host of men standing in a row and aiming bows and arrows at the bandits on the ground.

But these men were different. They were not bandits, but dressed in bright colours.

'Leave now!' one of the men above them called down to the bandits. 'Leave now or we kill you all!'

'You cannot hurt us with arrows!' one of the bandits called back.

'We could come down to you if you like' the archer offered to him speaking loudly, his voice faint due to the distance between them. 'We'd be happy to introduce you to our swords. We outnumber you by the way' he added almost as an afterthought.

The bandit cursed in his foreign language, turning towards Durril and speaking in English.

'Call your dogs off and we'll leave.'

Durril called the dogs to his side, using the safe word 'cactus' to draw them to him. The dogs who had previously been fighting with several of the men a short distance away turned their tails and ran back to Durril with loyalty unwavering, as if he had cared for them their entire lives.

Some of the bandit's horses had fallen, their riders jumping up behind other riders nearby and galloping away. In a matter of mere seconds, the bandits were all gone, like wisps of cloud. If it were not for the fallen horses left behind, it would be as if they had never come at all.

Durril leapt down from the carriage, helping Cam to his feet and dusting him off.

'Are you alright?' he asked Cam.

'Y-yeah' Cam said, trembling slightly. 'I'll be fine.' As he spoke, the glow began to fade away, and he returned to his normal appearance.

Durril turned towards the new figures that had overlooked them. The archers had put away their bows and were climbing down the steep hillside to reach them.

Durril's expression broke into a wide smile as they drew closer, recognition crossing his face as several approached him.

'Zale! Stiggur! Mander!' he cried throwing his arms out.

'Who are they?' Cam mumbled, shuffling up behind him.

'My brothers' Durril said proudly.

Cam watched the figures as they each moved forwards to embrace Durril. They wore the same gypsy clothes as he Cam saw, though their faces looked nothing alike.

'They look nothing like you' Cam mentioned quietly.

'Some of us share different mothers' Durril said clapping Cam heartily on the back, his demeanour back to its regular self after the incident, though Cam was still a bit shaken. 'Some of us share the same fathers' Durril went on, 'but we all share the same blood.' His attention drifted them towards other figures that approached them. 'My sisters!' Durril cried. 'Loiza! Kizzy! Florica!' he embraced each of the beautiful women in turn; then moved off into the crowd that had slowly gathered around them. 'My family!' Durril said. 'Thank you all for saving us.'

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