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Cam's heart tightened in his chest as he listened.

'They came to the house' Durril spoke in a dead tone. 'They…attacked my family…they…burned my father alive…..and my mother who put up a fight…I…saw everything…and my sister……they…they….raped her….'

Durril turned away, going silent for a moment, before looking back.

'I was forced to watch the whole thing' Durril continued. 'I…was only able to escape by the skin of my teeth when…they were distracted when they were…torturing my younger brother………they….burned out his eyes………'

Oh god Cam realised with horror. I've caused this to happen! He turned away from Durril, feeling sick. How many others have suffered because of me?

'I was able to escape' Durril mumbled. 'I hide for hours in a place where they would never find me. I returned days later. I took a horse and a carriage…and escaped.' He looked behind him to Sapphire standing beside the carriage. 'They belonged to my mother' Durril said. 'My mother built this carriage from scratch herself. And the horse, she raised herself from a foal, trained her, broke her…their bond was strong…'

'Have you ever had a horse of your own?' Cam asked him, trying to change the subject.

'Yes' Durril said. 'But…I had to leave him behind. Whiplash was his name.' He smiled weakly. 'He was too young for me to take. I had to leave in a hurry and…he would only have been a liability. He wasn't broken in…still just a baby….'

There was a hoot of an owl nearby, and fluttering though the sky above them were several bats.

Cam and Durril listened to their quiet chirps, each lost in their own thoughts.

'My family…' Cam volunteered, 'my father died when I was young. An illness I think, my brother and I were never really told what happened to him but……he was sick a lot, and was unwell for a long time before he passed away.'

'It's not an easy thing' Durril nodded.

'Growing up was hard' Cam said. 'My brother and I stuck together. Our mother didn't really care for us…and in the end…I….had to escape.'

'I wouldn't forget about your brother if I were you' Durril advised, 'especially if you had a strong bond. After all…family is all we have.'

'How can you be so happy' Cam asked him suddenly, 'when so much bad has happened in your life?'

Durril smiled sadly.

'Life is hard' he answered, 'but we have to make the best of all things, or else every one of us will sink into a pit of misery.' He tilted his head at Cam, his black hair falling over his face. 'You cann

ot move forwards when you look back' He turned towards the fire again. 'I loved my family very much, they meant the world to me…but I wish to remember how they lived…not how they died. I prefer to remember the good moments we had…how we laughed…how we smiled…'

He sighed then, reaching for his instrument.

'Come on' he said to Cam, 'let's play. This night is too silent.'

The next morning they set off early. Cam sat beside Durril in the driver's seat, hugging his cloak tightly to him and yawing loudly.

'You could have a nap you know' Durril suggested.

'But what about you?'

'I'll drive for a few hours; then you take over.'

'We're coming to the canyons aren't we?' Cam asked.

'Yeah' Durril replied seriously. 'We are.'

The canyons were a dangerous place to be. It was the reason they had taken two dogs with them instead of one. They would have taken three if they could afford it. The canyons were a main travelling route between several cities, and it was by this route that many merchants came through.

It was because of this that the canyons had become a favourite hotspot for bandits. The canyons could be avoided altogether if necessary, but the alternative paths were a round trip of several hundred miles, and generally the merchants just didn't have much time. If it took too long to get something somewhere, then the buyers would have moved on and the merchants would be forced to sell to anyone they could for a vastly reduced price.

Though the canyons were perilous, they were the most practical route to travel.

'We won't reach them for a while' Durril told Cam quietly. 'Why don't you have a rest?'

'How long does it take to travel through the canyons?' Cam asked him.

'About a day.'

'When do we reach them?'

'In about six hours or so.'

Cam's eyelids drooped; he was exhausted, having spent most of the previous night playing.

'Alright' he sighed. 'I'll rest…just for a little while.'

When he woke next, they were travelling through the canyons.

Cam tensed, recognising the environment around them.

'It's alright' Durril told him hastily, 'everything been quiet so far.'

Cam sat back in his seat, forcing himself to relax slightly, though keeping his guard up.

The carriage trundled onwards along the straight and even road, the clip clop of Sapphire's hooves continued, as the dogs either side of the carriage padded alongside them. Cam could hear the miniature sheep shuffling about in the carriage behind them.

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