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'Just seeing them…' Durril shuddered emotionally, pretending to wipe a tear away from his eye, 'it makes my heart soar to experience this once in a lifetime moment. Right' he said speaking normally again and clapping his hands together. 'Let's get them to the carriage.'

There were seventeen sheep in total. They carried them two at a time, one beneath each arm as they made their way to the carriage that was parked a short distance away. As they went, they were overlooked by soldiers, looming over them from their stations on the rooftops and in the street around them.

Cam swallowed the lump in his throat, gritting his teeth as he walked, holding the sheep beneath his arms.

A short while later and all the sheep were loaded onto the carriage; they were given water for the journey and hay to sleep on. Durril pushed the ramp up and closed the doors, bolting the carriage shut and turning to Cam.

'Good' he said dusting himself down. 'Now there is one last thing we must do.'

The next place they came to was a kennels, filled with various dogs. They were of different breeds but all were large, and many were scarred.

Durril spoke quickly to the kennel master before he vanished and returned again a short time later, with two burly dogs on the end of chains. These were older dogs, though still in their prime. Fearless and hyper alert. There were little scars all over their bodies, and both had had their ears cut, to prevent them from being torn and damaged. They had been removed at birth, like every other dog around them.

Durril paid the money for them and left, holding both the chains close to him.

'Are you sure they're safe?' Cam asked Durril tentatively. 'What if they attack us?'

'They will only attack if they feel threatened' Durril explained. 'Don't worry; they both share the same safe word.'

'Safe word?'

'These dogs are highly trained' Durril said. 'They will never attack if you use this specific word. Its different for each dog so you couldn't guess what it is.'

'They don't make me feel safer' Cam said eyeing them both with distrust.

'We're far safer with them than we would be without' Durril explained, 'especially since we're travelling with such valuable cargo.'

'I can't wait until we reach our destination' Cam grumbled, 'and get rid of both the sheep and these dogs.'

The dogs they had were only rented; there were many establishments across the kingdoms

that were all run under the same name. These dogs were only ever rented out and not sold. They were moved between the kennels across the lands by travellers who sought protection. The colossal deposit needed to obtain even one were enough incentive not to steal them.

The dogs were each tied up either side of the carriage on the chains. They would run alongside the carriage as Durril's horse Sapphire would pull the carriage.

Durril climbed into the seat at the head of the carriage, using the short ladder built into the side to do so. He took the reigns as Cam sat next to him.

'Ready?' Durril gleamed at him.

'Ready' Cam replied.

Durril flicked the reigns lightly, and Sapphire pulled the carriage forwards. The dogs either side began to trot, as they made their way along the road.

Chapter Fifteen

'What are you going to do when you retire?' Cam asked Durril after a time.

It was late, the stars were shining in the sky above their heads, and Cam and Durril sat close to the fire. Behind them Sapphire grazed, and the dogs sat still chained to the carriage, one on each side, each chewing on a raw meaty bone.

'Where did that come from?' Durril replied, giving Cam an amused look.

'I was just thinking' Cam said absentmindedly. 'Are you going to do this for the rest of your life? Trading and travelling the world forever?' And what will happen to me?

'I suppose I'll do this for as long as I can' Durril answered, 'until I find a woman I want to marry, and who wants to marry me. Then we will have tons of children and live happily ever after.'

He smiled happily at the thought as Cam watched him, listening closely.

And then Durril's expression dampened slightly.

'My family would love to have seen my children…'

He sighed wearily then.

'You know the home I once lived in' Durril continued sadly, 'oh….it was beautiful.'

The fire crackled between them, and a vixen in the night called out far away, its scream echoing far.

'Why?' Cam asked him. 'Why did that happen to your family?'

Durril's brow furrowed slightly, the firelight dancing in his eyes.

'It is a terrible story' Durril began. 'The strife from the capital spread towards the north, towards my hometown. The grip of the holy men is tightening on the world. They get rid of anyone who to them seems unfit to live. Heathens, people who are born disfigured, simpletons, people in other religions….gypsies…'

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