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   Chapter 170 No.170

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Time passed, and after a while people stopped looking for him.

One day, Luke was leaning against the wall, at the head of the tower from which could be seen the outside world. Here he stood in a daze, staring out towards the horizon.

'Cam…' he spoke to the wind. 'I hope you stay away from this dreadful place.'

Months pass

The market was bursting with people, and Cam struggled not to lose Durril through the crowd.

'Keep up' Durril sang jovially, turning and grabbing him by the arm, pulling him along. 'If I lose you here, then I might never see you again.'

'I'm sorry' Cam gasped, stumbling after him, 'I just…'

They broke through the crowd, stepping out into a courtyard that was empty enough to comfortably walk through, though people still wandered here, there were far fewer in number.

'There' Durril sighed, dusting himself off and straightening up, planting his hands on his hips happily. 'That's better.'

'It sure is' Cam smiled, flustered beside him.

'Come' Durril said, tapping Cam's shoulder with the back of his hand and moving off. 'This way.'

Cam followed after him.

They advanced into the courtyard further, approaching the line of soldiers who stood utterly still, like rows of columns, fully armed and armoured.

Cam picked up his pace slightly, sticking close to Durril, glancing at the soldiers around him uncertainly. The rows either side of them surrounded them, as they moved further into the courtyard.

'Hey' Durril said, sensing Cam's hesitation he paused, smiling back at him. 'It's ok.'

Cam nodded, balling his fists. 'I'm fine' he said to the ground.

Durril bowed his head, walking on.

They reached the end of the courtyard, where there was a stall.

'In this courtyard' Durril began, pouring over the few pieces laid out on the velvet cloths upon the tables, 'are sold the most expensive things that money can buy.'

Cam lifted his head, seeing upon the wall surrounding the courtyard, a line of archers, running all the way around them.

They were surrounded.

Cam swallowed the lump in his throat, balling his fists and trying to stop them from trembling.

'Cam….Cam……. Cam!'

He gave a start, having only just heard him.

'Are you ok?' Durril asked, placing a hand upon his shoulder and tilting his head at him with concern.


'Breath slowly' Durril said to him gently. 'Now speak.'

Cam closed his eyes, bowing his head before looking up at Durril again.

'Take me away from here.'

'I will' Durril said. 'Soon. I just want to look at a few thin

gs while we're here. Don't worry' he added, seeing Cam's distress at this. 'You will be safe with me by your side.' He paused. 'You do feel safer with me right?'

'Y-yes' Cam said. 'It's just-just-just….I c-c-c-c-c…' he huffed, turning away and gritting his teeth in frustration.

'It's ok' Durril told him encouragingly. 'Don't speak if you're struggling. Just stay silent and stick with me.'

Cam glared at Durril's back resentfully as he followed him, moving closer to the tables.

'This is a fine piece' Durril said, reaching out to touch one of the items.

There was a line of guards behind the table, before them, sitting on large and luxurious seats were three men, positioned a short distance apart from each other. These were the sellers of the items upon the table.

'Do you see this?' Durril spoke to Cam, running his fingers along the item upon the table. 'It's the fossilised wing of a flying beast said to have lived hundreds of years ago, a beast made of three different animals, a chimera…now extinct. They say that one day the beast will be resurrected by magic, but first you need a piece of the creature itself. This wing alone costs more than most of us would make in our entire lives. Think how much the living creature would be worth!' Durril lifted his eyes, gasping in astonishment at the sight of another piece. 'Look here' he hissed excitedly back at Cam.

He lifted what appeared to be a cloak from the table, but the instant he touched it, the material seemed to vanish within his very hands.

'A cloak of invisibility' Durril breathed, feeling it between his fingers. Only by touch did he know it was there. 'Only a king could afford such a piece' Durril said; eyes large and shimmering as he gazed longingly down at it. 'Look Cam. Cam look!' Durril said back to him. '….Cam?'

Cam did not respond. Durril turned towards him, seeing him properly. Cam's shoulders were trembling. His black hair hung over his forehead, shielding his eyes. But Durril could still hear in his voice as he whispered, that he was crying.

'Please…' Cam begged of him. 'Please…. Take me away from here.'

Durril gazed at him. '…Cam.'

'Hey' barked one of the sellers sitting in the seat behind the table. 'If you're not going to buy that then put it back.'

'I'm sorry' Durril said hastily, folding the invisibility cloak and placing it neatly back on the table.

The second he let go of it, the cloth became visible again, returning to its non-colour, a strange shade that could not be described. It was almost otherworldly.

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