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'No' he said. 'I love her but…she's not….' He broke off. 'I'm not sure how best to explain. We just want different things…I suppose.'

Cam turned away, staring with eyes unfocused towards the fire.

Love he thought to himself. It's so strange…even now I don't understand it…

'My close family are gone' Durril said, 'I've lost them all, but scattered throughout this kingdom, I have many brothers and sisters and cousins and uncles and aunts. We care for each other…look out for one another…' he glanced toward Cam then. 'Do you have any blood-family you've left behind? Anyone you care about and truly miss?'

'Just one' Cam said. 'A brother. My twin.'

Cam hung his head then, burying his face in his arms.

Luke he thought. Where are you now…?

Luke took a deep breath, before opening the door and taking a bold step forwards.

The queen's bedroom was just as he remembered it; he hadn't visited this room in ages.

'What do you want?' Miranda asked him sullenly as she sat at her desk, brushing her blonde wig moodily. Her natural hair was black like her sons and cut very short.

Luke let the door swing open, standing in doorway.

'Mother' he began. 'I have something to tell you.'

'Well you'd better be quick' Miranda said moodily, putting the wig back on the pedestal and turning to face him at last. 'I've got things I have to……. Hm?' she paused suddenly at his expression. 'Luke?' she spoke more seriously now. 'What's wrong?'

Luke turned his back to her, closing the door slowly before facing her again.

He moved slowly across the room towards her, grabbing a chair as he went and dragging it with him across the floor.

He swung the chair around and sat heavily up it, facing her.

Miranda watched him uncertainly as he drew a steady breath, then another.

'Mother' Luke began. 'There's no easy way for me to tell you this, so I'm going to just come out and say it.'

She didn't speak, only continued to watch him silently. Luke continued.

'Cam has been sexually abused by Brioke since he was seven years old.'

Her eyes widened at this, her mouth fell open ever so slightly, brow furrowed.

'It started the day I broke my leg. That was the first time since father died that we were apart.'

And so Luke told her everything.

Miranda listened to her son speak for several minutes, before silence lapsed in the room.

The silence stretched on for a long time. The fire had burned down in the hearth, but the small flames still flickered. A draft from a window h

igh above them whistled in the rafters, the chill was ever growing, as the fire slowly died.

'And…' Miranda spoke, finally breaking the silence, 'you are absolutely sure of this?'

'Yes' Luke said shortly.

'That is why he ran away.'


Miranda thought for a moment. She rose from her chair, turning her back on him and talking a few small steps away. 'Have two fully grown live pigs brought to my room.'

'What?' Luke was thrown off by the sudden strange comment.

'Just do it' Miranda groaned. 'Now. Get out of my room and don't come back.'

She ignored him then, waiting for him to leave, which Luke eventually did. A short while later, two fully grown live pigs were brought to her room.

Miranda starved them for several days, keeping them locked in a room across from hers in the hall. Then she invited Brioke to visit her in her room.

'I do hope you have a good reason for summoning me here' Brioke said irritant. 'I'm a busy man you know.'

'Of course' Miranda replied politely, though of course this politeness was a fa?ade. 'Could you just pass me those notes on that table over there? I have something very important to show you.'

Brioke glanced around, moving over towards the desk. The instant his back was turned, Miranda plunged the knife sharply down through his shoulder, with all the strength she could muster.

Brioke had spun around in shock; the disbelief of what she had done written all over his face. He had then fallen on the ground, flapped around for a few seconds, then died.

As this happened, Miranda picked an apple from the fruit bowl at her desk and casually began to eat it, watching him bleed out.

When she had finished, she knelt over the body, pulling from her person a pair of pliers and opening his mouth. She then proceeded to one by one, pull his teeth out. Then she cut him into tiny pieces, and fed him to the starving pigs. And then she cleaned up the blood, washed herself, and burned her clothes.

After that, the pigs were slaughtered, and served as a dish to the members of the council.

A few days later, one of the council members stopped her in the corridor.

'You haven't seen Brioke by any chance have you?' he asked.

'Of course not' Miranda asked. 'What's he got to do with me anyway, after all I'm just a woman? What good am I without my husband?'

The sarcasm was not lost on him. Though he could never have guessed what she had done.

No one ever found out what had happened to Brioke. He had simply….vanished.

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