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   Chapter 168 No.168

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Cam listened hard.

'I can't hear anything.'

'I know' Durril beamed turning to him. 'Isn't it wonderful?'

Cam fell silent then, hearing nothing around him.

'You're right' he said. 'It's so quiet…' he hugged himself, resting his chin on his knees.

Cam shivered slightly. The air was getting chillier. They had lit a healthy fire before them. But now it had died down, crackling as the little flames licked at the thin pieces of wood.

Durril sighed, reaching behind him for more wood and poking the fire with a thin branch, before throwing it on the fire too.

'I like it too' Cam spoke up suddenly.


'The silence' Cam answered quietly. 'My home was never this silent, not like this anyway…this feels different.'

He felt a twinge of nervousness then, realising what he had said.

'You've never spoken of your home before' Durril remarked.

Cam frowned, turning towards him reluctantly.

'You've never told me about where you came from' Durril said. 'Or your powers…'

'Powers…' Cam spoke quietly. 'I don't know if I would call it that. I don't know what I would even call it at all.'

'Magic then' Durril said leaning back and holding a knee.

'Yes. It is magic, I suppose. But I wouldn't call it power….it does nothing after all…it just makes me glow…' he stared at his own hands then, feeling the skin of his palms. He glared resentfully at himself. 'It's useless' he grumbled. 'I'm useless. I'm worried about it happening again when I don't want it to. I can't control it…useless….'

'Still' Durril said optimistically. 'It's pretty incredible. You never know, something might come of it.'

'What do you mean?'

Durril shrugged. 'When did it first happen?'

'The……first time we met….'

Durril laughed then. 'No wonder you looked so surprised. Well…' he said, 'you may in time come to understand why it happened…happens…' he corrected himself. 'It might even be useful to you in time; you might learn to control it.'

'How could glowing possibly be useful?' Cam asked him flatly.

Durril shrugged happily. 'Could light the way on a dark night?'

Cam smiled despite himself.

'There are many highly skilled people in my home country' Durril began. 'One day we'll go there. I travel to all sorts of places in my time. We'll probably meet one of these skilled people along the way. So

me people even call them magicians. They might know what's happened to you to make you this way.'

Cam turned to face him.

'Why did you leave your home?'

'Why did you leave yours?' Durril countered.

Cam fell silent.

Durril smiled sadly at him. 'I'm sure you've had to live through some terrible experiences to be the way you were…are…still…' he stretched, fiddling with the lace on his shoes. 'My life has had its terrible moments. I wasn't always a wanderer. I had a home once…a family…until fairly recently.'

Cam watched him closely as he spoke, keeping quiet as he listened.

'I am happy in life now' Durril said. 'But I was once happier. My family were good. I loved all of them, and they loved me.'

Durril met Cam's eyes.

'I have always been a traveller, but I only left my home country after what happened. It happened only…a year…and a half ago…'

Durril lowered his eyes, speaking now in a flat tone.

'My entire family were killed.'

Cam did not react.

'I was the only survivor. I…saw everything…' he went quiet for a moment, his body rigid, and teeth clenched. He relaxed slightly before continuing. 'I remember the small house we used to own. We only spend a short while there, just a few short months in the year. We travelled most of the time…trading…that is how I learnt the business, where to go and when…who to buy and sell from…' Durril fell silent for a moment. 'We had many horses, beautiful horses, and lots of carriages, beautifully painted……my father was the one who taught me to play the flute, when he was too busy, my older sister would play with me. We'd play the most wonderful melodies together, and…my younger brother…I used to have to look after sometimes when my parents left home. He was just a child, a real devil when he wanted to be. But I cherished him…that silly boy.' He glanced sideways at Cam. 'I hope you don't regret anything' he said to Cam. 'I don't know what you're running away from but…' he smiled weakly. 'You know' he began changing the subject. 'One day I would love to have a family of my own, and children….my own family I can care for. I have a dream, of teaching them to play music, as I was taught to from a young age. I want to have many children, boys and girls of different ages.'

'What about Zeana?' Cam asked.

The edges of his lips twitched.

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