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He turned his attention back towards the charred body behind him, rising to his feet and moving over to it.

Argentina paused, glancing curiously back at him.

'You can't have her' she said to him. 'You could never have her. We would not allow you to kill one dear to us, to betray her when she loved you…for this creature…' she indicated the body. 'A mermaid' she shook her head. 'Really.'

She turned and walked away. Rodrigo looked around to face her again, pure rage rising inside him once more.

He made to charge for her again, wanting to hurt her, to kill her, for what she had done. But before he could touch her, she whipped around, driving a long sharp blade right through his body.

Rodrigo hunched forwards, groaning in agony.

'I gave you a chance to live' Argentina spoke through a sneer, 'but you chose to die. I knew it was a mistake bringing you into our world. Now the others can know that I was right.'

She jerked the blade sharply out of his body, cutting his head off in one swift move and walking away before the body had hit the floor.

'Fool' she hissed wiping the blade clean and hiding it beneath her cloak again. 'You never had what it takes to be one of us.'

Interlude end

Cam travelled with Durril for several weeks after that, learning his life, learning his trade.

They only had a vague resemblance of a routine, most of the time they travelled when was convenient, slept when they were tired, ate in the evenings or at night when the fire would look the prettiest, and when it rained, they would withdraw into the carriage, after seeking shelter for the horse beneath trees.

One evening when sitting outside on the grassy earth, Durril leant back in his seat, holding a knee with both hands as he gazed up at the sky.

'The stars are so beautiful' he said in a distant voice. 'They twinkle like jewels in the above, always sparkling…never fading……they look so far away.' He smiled to himself. 'Imagine how much money we could make if we could collect them…they would be worth an absolute fortune…we could make more money than any king or queen…a thousand times over.'

Cam tilted his head back at the heavens.

'It would take a long time to collect them all' he noted.

'It would be worth it' Durril gleamed. 'If only we could.'

He turned to Cam then.

'Hey Cam' he said. 'Come over here for a moment.'

Cam rose to his feet, walking over to Durril and sitting next to him.

'I've been thinking about something for a while' Durril told him, sitting straight and facing him. 'You look great

as a gypsy' he said to him, 'but there is still something missing, and I've just realised what.'

He took something out of his pocket then, opening it. It was a little silver tin, decorated with swirls on the case.

'It was so obviously' Durril said, speaking as if to himself. 'I cannot believe I didn't think of it before.'

He lifted the pencil to his own eyes, painting the eyeliner onto his own eye to demonstrate.

'All true gypsies wear this' he told Cam. 'May I?'

Cam moved to sit closer to him.

Durril lifted his hand to Cam's face. In days gone by, Cam would have flinched, would have panicked and lashed out in fear.

But Cam no longer felt these things towards Durril. Durril would even go so far as to think that Cam was beginning to trust him.

'This might feel a bit strange at first' Durril said lifting the pencil.

'Will it hurt?'

'Only if I poke you in the eye…which I won't' he added hastily. 'Just try to keep still ok?'

Cam listened, keeping as still as he could as Durril leant towards him. When he touched his skin, Cam did not flinch.

Durril moved slowly, drawing the black lines carefully around Cam's eyes.

'There' he said satisfied, leaning back when he was done seconds later. 'What do you think?' he asked Cam, showing his reflection to him in the mirror inside the tin.

Cam studied himself for the longest time.

And then he smiled.

'I like it' he said.

Several nights later, and Cam had learnt how to paint the liner on himself. He wore these black eyes permanently now. He liked it. It felt like he was distancing this new self from the self he used to be. The old self. The self that lived in fear every day.

The victim.

'I've gotten so used to it' Cam was saying some days later, 'I don't even feel it anymore.'

'You'll get to the point where you'll start to feel strange without it' Durril told him happily.

Cam smiled at this.

'Now come on' Durril said lifting his flute. 'Let's play.'

Durril began a tune as Cam lifted his own flute, joining in at the correct moment.

The two played together for a long while, their song echoing through the night.

They finished with a well known melody; the last note of the song stretched long, a sad yet beautiful one.

Durril lowered his flute, smiling quietly to himself, his eyes dreamy.

He sighed, putting the flute away back into his bag. Cam did the same.

'You know' Durril began, raising his head to the sky. 'This time is my favourite time. The nights here are so peaceful, just listen…can you hear that?'

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