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   Chapter 166 No.166

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'Auntie was my friend. No…she was more than that.' Argentina removed her mask. 'I loved her like a sister...'

Rodrigo didn't answer.

'She loved you Rodrigo' Argentina said. 'How could you do that to her? How could you?'

'As if your past isn't tainted with sin' Rodrigo answered bitterly.

'Don't change the subject; what you've done is barbaric and cruel.' Argentina whipped out a blade from beneath her cloak as she said this. 'You murdered her in cold blood! I may be guilty of sin, but I never betrayed anyone close to me. I never betrayed anyone who loved me.'

Rodrigo roared in fury, crouching and pulling forth his own weapon that he hid. He charged towards Argentina who blocked his attack.

Their swords clashed in the air, Rodrigo's arms shook with the effort to hold her back, but her own clockwork body was strong, and she held her stance with ease.

Rodrigo leaned closer towards her, hands still on the hilt of his sword. He gritted his teeth, glaring at her in rage, their faces inches apart.

Argentina's expression was that of peace. She appeared relaxed, but Rodrigo knew her well. She hid her emotions; inside she was just as consumed with hate as he was.

Rodrigo leapt back, swinging his arm and flinging his sword straight at her. The blade spun through the air towards her, but Argentina suddenly vanished from where she stood, the sword sailing harmlessly through the air and landing softly with a thud on the sand.

Rodrigo turned to his side just as Argentina appeared out of thin air right before him, barrelling into him and knocking him over.

Rodrigo fell onto his back, casting his hand out and grasping the hilt of the sword he had thrown, which had materialized right into his hand by magic.

He pointed the tip towards Argentina, who bore over him. He drove it with all the force he could muster through her navel, piercing her right the way through.

Argentina moaned, coughing up blood instantly which flecked his face. She gritted her teeth in pain as he twisted his sword inside her, doing so to deliberately hurt her.

Argentina raised her head, body trembling, as Rodrigo lying on his back, felt pieces from her fall onto him as she knelt over him.

Cogs from her clockwork body, mixed with blood.

'You know you can't kill me' Argentina groaned through gritted teeth. 'At least…not that easily…not like this….'

She relaxed her body, deliberately so that she rested upon him. The only thing keeping their bodies from being any closer, was the hilt of the sword between them.

Argentina giggled, caressing Rodrigo's hair playfully. 'You know' she said, 'this will take a while to repair.'

She m

oaned again in pain as Rodrigo twisted the blade once more.

'What are you trying to do? Avenge her death?' Argentina asked referring to the mermaid she had just killed. 'You won't succeed.'

'So are you going to kill me?' he spat at her.

'Don't be silly. And find another replacement? What a hassle. We've already lost one of our own. I wouldn't want the trouble of killing you and having to find two replacements. I've got far more important things to do.'

'If you hadn't interfered' Rodrigo growled, feeling the damp sand soaking into the clothes at his back, 'then you would have avoided a lot of hassle.'

'No' Argentina said simply. 'A could not let that harlot be one of us, especially since you killed Auntie just to make a space for her. You won't get to pick the new replacement because of this. I won't let you.'

Rodrigo threw his head back, screaming and suddenly head-butting Argentina.

'You will not call her a harlot!' he howled. 'She was a princess of royal blood!'

He looked crazed now as Argentina bore over him, blood running down his forehead where he had struck her. Even so, Argentina couldn't resist goading him.

'I wonder' she began, 'how were you planning on fucking a mermaid?'

Rodrigo could take no more. He screamed in rage until his throat was sore, jerking the sword out of her and throwing it aside. He grabbed her by the shoulders, rolling over so that he came on top of her, striking her with his bare hands, clawing and ripping and hitting and screaming. His hand shot to the side, reaching out for his sword which materialized in his hand and flipping it over. He lifted it high above his head, bringing it down hard and driving the hilt into her skull, again and again and again until the sword slipped from his fingers.

His arms were shaking and his whole body trembling as his breath came in wheezes. He struggled to breath now, tears streaked his face and eyes bloodshot red.

Beneath him, Argentina turned towards him, her face caved in and broken.

'Does that make you feel better?' she asked him calmly, gazing up at him.

'I hate you…' he whispered. 'I hate you…'

Argentina sat up, pushing him off her and rising to her feet.

She straightened up, dusting the sand off of her clothes casually, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

'You should come home now' Argentina said to him, touching her face where she had been damaged. 'The others are worried about you.'

'I don't care for any of them.'

'Suit yourself.'

Argentina strolled away.

Rodrigo raised his head, glaring at her and feeling within him hatred to the extent he did not know was possible.

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