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   Chapter 165 No.165

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'Sceptre' he hissed in the dark.

There was a pause in which nothing happened. And then a head appeared from the water. The figure rose until her shoulders were visible.

'Rodrigo' she sighed.

His face broke into a smile; she could see him clearly in the dark, better than he could see her.

He moved forwards into the water, doing so carefully so as not to slip on the rocks. Sceptre held her arms out to him as he bent down in the water, picking her up.

The water sloshed as he lifted her from the sea, the end of her scaly tail dragged in the water as he moved back towards the shore, carrying her in his arms.

She was a beautiful creature, the most beautiful he had ever seen in his life. And that's why he came for her, because she had stolen his heart. He was in love, and as infatuated with her as she was with him.

Rodrigo gazed at her as he waded slowly through the sea, the water reaching his waist.

Her skin was pale in the moonlight. Her long black hair was tied into six pony tails; two rows of three vertically either side at the back of her head. Her body was slender and beautiful and mature. Her chest was covered by two great sea shells, and over her bare skin, around the many jewels that clung to her body and around the base of her tail, were extensive tattoos. Stunning and intricately detailed black swirls and shapes, it was a masterpiece painted on living flesh.

Rodrigo's steps became easier as he drew closer to shallower water, eventually coming onto dry land.

Sceptre clung to him, shoulders hunched as he carried her, and pressing a hand against his chest, feeling his heart beat.

'I've missed you' she whispered. 'I've longed to see you again.'

'As have I' he whispered back. 'Don't worry my love. We will be together forever from now on. Nothing will keep us apart.'

'Nothing would make me happier' she said, closing her eyes in content, 'and nothing will keep us apart. We will both be part of the same world…from now on…'

'I want that' Rodrigo said. 'I really do.'

He carried her across the beach, the moonlight shining his path before him.

Rodrigo reached the end of the beach, where there lay a body before him, a clockwork body.

He stopped before it, standing over the body.

'What do you think?' Rodrigo asked her. 'Do you like it?'

Sceptre gazed down at the body, which lay on the sands, utterly lifeless. It looked just like her in every way, except the body instead of having a tail, had legs.

'You could live with us' Rodrigo

told her, 'amongst us…as one of the gods…'

'Oh Rodrigo' Sceptre uttered, tears of joy shimmering in her eyes. 'There's nothing I want more in this world...'

Rodrigo leant towards her, kissing her passionately. She held him around the neck, hugging him as she kissed him back.

They broke apart.

'I love you Rodrigo. I always will.'

He smiled warmly down at her, holding her to him tightly.

He approached the clockwork body, intending to lay Sceptre down on the sand beside it. But he hesitated suddenly, hearing a strange sound coming from the body.

A series of beeps.

Rodrigo suddenly turned, shielding Sceptre from the explosion.

He turned back in shock, staring in disbelief at the charred remains of the clockwork body, as he held Sceptre in his arms.

The body had been completely destroyed.

'I knew it was you' came another voice.

Rodrigo only just spotted the female, when she raised a gun and fired.

He screamed in horror as the bullet went through Sceptre's head.

The world seemed to slow, as her head snapped sharply back by the impact, her body instantly limp in his arms as the blood shot out the back of her head, spraying the sands.

'Sceptre!' Rodrigo screamed. 'Sceptre!'

But it was no use, she was already dead.

Rodrigo collapsed, falling to his knees and cradling his beloved in his arms.

'Why…?' and then he raised his head, glaring with raw hatred and passion, towards the killer. 'Argentina…'

Rodrigo lowered the body of the mermaid carefully onto the beach, before rising to his feet.

'How…?' he said to the cloaked female figure standing before him, wearing the crows mask. 'How could you do that?!'

Argentina only smiled, twirling the gun in her hand before slipping it beneath her cloak again to hide it.

'I loved her!' Rodrigo screamed at the masked figure, throwing his arms out. 'I loved her!'

'As I loved another?' Argentina asked quietly. 'As I…loved another…'

She glided towards Rodrigo, showing her hands submissively as she did so.

'You killed someone I cared about' Argentina told him. 'Do you remember her? She went by the name of Auntie.'

Rodrigo's eye twitched.

Argentina bowed her head to the bodies before her. The charred mechanical one, and the beautiful scaly body of the mermaid.

'I see' Argentina said quietly. 'There can only be eight of us, and the only way to recruit another, is if one of us dies…isn't that right….?'

Rodrigo's snarled like a wild animal, baring his teeth in savage rage.

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