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'Ok' Durril sang merrily, standing on the shore of the lake with his hands upon hips as he gazed happily out at the waters. 'This is a good spot.' He turned back to Cam. 'You can bathe here.'

'Oh' Cam replied timidly.

'It's ok' Durril waved at him. 'I'll wait in the carriage for you. I'm tired. I think I'll have a nap.' He indicated to the rock beside him where he had placed a small bundle. 'These are spare clothes you can have. They should fit you. You'd be about my size I think.' He winked playfully at him. 'Have fun!'

He turned on his heel and strode away.

'Wait!' Cam called after him. 'What is it that you want me to do?'

Durril hesitated, giving him a peculiar look. 'Have a wash' he said as if it were obvious. 'Throw away your old clothes after you're clean. Wake me when you're done.'

He walked away without another word.

Cam watched as he circled around the carriage, it rocked gently as he stepped into it, then became still. Cam presumed he was resting on his bed now.

Cam turned slowly towards the lake behind him. Everything around him was tranquil and silent; it was almost like a dream. The horse Sapphire wandered on a long rope tied to a tree, allowed to go a short distance and graze.

Cam moved closer to the water. The sky was clear above, the birds he could hear singing in the trees in the woods behind him, and everything was peaceful, was calm.

Cam had never known such serenity.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, pausing to glance back at the carriage, where he saw no movement.

He slipped the shirt down his shoulders, then began to unbutton his breeches.

Cam cast his old and filthy clothes aside, stepping forwards into the cool lake.

The water felt good against his skin, and as Cam swam forwards, he felt his feet leave the ground beneath him as he reached deeper waters.

Cam swam out into the middle of the lake, staring up at the blue sky above, thinking of his brother and Valery, and wondering where they were and what they were doing now.

Cam didn't know what would happen, tomorrow, or even in the next hour, but at this moment in time, he felt happy.

He left the water when he began to feel chilled, drying himself quickly and putting on the clothes Durril had left for him. They felt so different, so strange and foreign. The clothes were unlike anything he had ever worn before. They were all very brightly coloured. Cam had never worn orange before in his life, not even when he was a child.

He dressed quickl

y, and went over to the carriage, knocking on the door before entering.

Durril woke quickly, sitting up and pushing the book aside that had been resting open on his face. He had been using it to shield the light from his eyes.

'Wow!' he cried dramatically, clapping his hands together as he applauded Cam. 'You look magnificent!'

Cam bowed his head, feeling self conscious.

'Wait' Durril noticed suddenly. 'There's something missing.'

He went over to one of the draws nearby, pulling out a piece of fabric and folding it.

He took a step towards Cam, raising the fabric to Cam's head.

Cam suddenly flinched.

'It's ok' Durril said in a quiet voice, moving slowly now. 'I won't hurt you. I promise.'

He tied the bandana around Cam's head. Tugging his fringe out at the front so that it lay over the bandana and pulling the trailing end forwards so that it hung over his shoulder.

'There' he said when he stopped his fussing. 'Would you like to have a look?' he teased.

Durril pulled forth a mirror, showing Cam his reflection.

Cam barely recognised himself. Not only had he dressed in different clothes, but it felt like now he wore someone else's skin too.

'You look handsome' Durril gleamed. 'All the women would be throwing themselves at your feet.'

Cam didn't know what he meant by that, so he did the thing he always did when he didn't understand something.

He stayed silent.

'What do you think?' Durril prompted.

'I…I like it' Cam said gradually. 'I look completely different…but…' he paused. 'I think it suits me.'

He raised his head to face Durril.

'What happens now?' he asked him. 'With me I mean?'

'You will be my travelling companion; we will traverse these lands together as unlikely friends. I will teach you the tricks of the trade, and you will help me with my work.'

'I'll do whatever you want me to' Cam told him.

'Good. Then you can begin by setting up camp. Light a fire!' he called dramatically grabbing the air with a fist. 'I'm starving for some good food!'

Interlude start

Many years ago (before Cam became king)

The cloaked figure moved slowly across the rocky beach, doing so carefully in the dark.

Behind him, the great spires of the city grew into the sky like stalagmites, glowing faintly green. They looked strange, like something out of a fairy tale.

But the man did not care for its beauty; his attention was fixed on the water.

The waves of the ocean were gently lapping against the rocks.

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