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Later that night, Durril and Zeana slipped away quietly together.

'Where are they going?' Cam asked Lel.

'They need their time together' he answered simply. 'They have not seen one another for quite some time.'

'Why do people kiss?' Cam asked him.

Lel raised his head.

'Either you're very naive' he said to Cam, 'or you've led a very sheltered life.'

When Cam didn't answer (unsure how best to) Lel continued.

'People who are in love with each other kiss' he explained, 'like a husband and wife.'

Cam frowned uncertainly at this, even more confused than before.

'Husband and wife?' he murmured.

Cam thought of his own parents who had been married. He had never once in his entire life seen them kiss, or show any love for each other in any way.

And then he thought of Auntie, and how she had kissed that man before he killed her.

And then he thought of Brioke, forcing himself upon him.

His stomach turned.

Cam could still feel his touch, even now. He could feel Brioke's lips upon his, and then the pain.

'It doesn't make sense' Cam mumbled.

Lel watched Cam curiously, tilting his head at him.

'Have you never loved before?' Lel asked him.

'What do you mean?'

'Well…' Lel began. 'Have you ever met a woman that made your heart skip a beat?'

Cam thought about that for a few moments.

'Yes' he said in a distant voice. 'But…'

'You've never told her how you feel?'


Cam turned away.

Lel leant back where he sat; lifting the violin that rested beside him he began to play.

Cam listened in silence to the beautiful solitary tune that echoed through the night, all the while thinking of Valery, thinking of Durril and Zeana, and the strangeness of it all.

Might he and Valery have been like that one day? Was there perhaps still a chance?

He hoped so.

Chapter Fourteen

Durril and Zeana did not return for hours.

When Cam finally woke, the sun was already lighting up the sky. He had lay back against the tree, just for a moment to close his eyes, and had fallen quickly asleep.

He must have been more exhausted than he realised, for he had been asleep in mere seconds.

'You're back' Cam said hastily to Durril, rising to his feet the moment he appeared.

'Why?' Durril grinned slyly back at him. 'Did you miss me?'

Durril was seemingly always in a good mood. But right now he seemed happier than he had been before, friskier even.

Zeana appeared by his side, holding onto his arm lovingly.

'Durril' she said to h

im. 'Would you like some breakfast?'

They ate quickly together, cooking sausages around the fire, before parting ways.

Durril and Zeana kissed for one last time, as Lel shook Cam's hand.

'It was wonderful to meet you' Lel said to him, 'a real honour.'

Cam didn't know what to say to that, so he simply smiled silently and nodded back to him.

They each readied their own horses, and got on their own carriages again, waving at each other one last time before going in opposite directions, and heading the ways they had been before, each to a different destination.

'Why don't you stay with them?' Cam asked Durril as the carriage trundled onwards.

'We both have our own paths' Durril gleamed, casting him a sideways glance. 'I will see them both again soon.' His attention drifted to Cam's body then.

'You need some new clothes' Durril told him facing forwards again. 'Can you drive the carriage for me?'


Durril waited expectantly for an answer.

'Me? You mean now?'

'Yeah' Durril laughed. 'There's no one else around. It's easy, just hold the reins…here' he said forcing them into his hands. 'Sapphire will lead the way.'

Before Cam could protest, Durril slipped away from the driver's seat, crawling over the roof of the carriage and carefully climbing down the side, opening the door and slipping inside the carriage itself.

Cam listened carefully, wondering what Durril was doing. He heard faint sounds, like things being moved around from inside the carriage. He gulped nervously, holding the reigns in both hands which trembled slightly. But he need not have been worried. Sapphire, continued forwards at a gentle pace, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the driver had changed. The road ahead of them was smooth and more or less straight.

Cam let out a heavy breath, slumping back in the seat and closing his eyes. He felt suddenly very tired.

'Are you alright up front?'

The unexpected noise caught him off guard, and Cam suddenly jerked to attention.

'Y-yes!' he called loudly back. 'Everything's fine here…I mean…I'm just fine….just waiting…but I'm ok….'

'Good!' Durril smiled cheerily back as he leant through the carriage window to see him. 'Just checking!'

Cam caught a glance of his cheeky grin, before his head disappeared back inside again.

He focused hard on the road before him.

They stopped a short time later, travelling off the road a short distance and coming to stop by a clear lake, secluded in a small section of woodland.

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