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   Chapter 161 No.161

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Cam slept peacefully, and he dreamed.

He dreamed of Lucy, someone he had once known. She was exactly as he had last seen her, beautiful, with hair orange like the setting sun. He sat at the table now with her family, eating a meal together, and he felt happy.

Cam woke shortly after, the memory of his dream quickly scattering. He gasped as he saw his own skin begin to lighten.

'Oh no…' he whispered, suddenly wide awake. 'It's happening again...'

Beside him Durril was already awake and sitting up watching him closely.

'Incredible' he breathed as Cam rose to his feet, holding his arms out and staring down at himself. 'The gods themselves could be no more beautiful.'

'I can't stop it' Cam told him beginning to panic. 'I can't stop it I don't know how!'

'Calm down' Durril told him firmly. 'Just be calm.'

Cam stared at his hands. They were pure white now, glowing like the sun. He turned and reached into Durril's bag, pulling from it a mirror and looking at his own reflection.

He gasped then, dropping the mirror.

'My hair is white!'

'It's alright' Durril said, showing his hands as he tried to calm him down, in a way one would do to a frightened animal. 'This happened before didn't it? It'll probably go away in a minute. How did you trigger it?'

'I don't know!' Cam called back, his voice shaking as his body began to tremble.

'Well what were you thinking of?' Durril asked.


Cam hugged himself, stifling a sob.

'I think it looks interesting' Durril said encouragingly, tilting his head and tapping his chin. 'I have never seen such a thing before…it's like magic.' He grinned then. 'I would even go so far as to say the white hair suits you.'

'I can't stop it….' Cam whispered, tears welling in his eyes. 'I can't stop it.'

'Relax' Durril told him firmly. 'Take a deep and slow breath, then take another one…slow and steady.'

Cam did so, squeezing his eyes tight shut and digging his nails into his own arms as he held himself, breathing slowly, once, twice.

He opened his eyes.

Cam looked down at himself quickly then. He was normal again, and Durril was smiling.

'You…' he said to Cam in quiet awe, '…you really are something special.'

Cam turned to face him.

'I wonder how much I would get for you if I sold you' Durril pondered aloud. 'I'm only joking' he added hastily waving Cam away. 'I would never do such a thing.'

Cam fell to his knees th

en, Durril rushed up to catch him before he collapsed.

'Are you alright?!'

'I feel so sick and dizzy…' Cam mumbled. 'I can't see anything….'

'You've over exerted yourself…somehow' he added quietly to himself. 'Just rest for a moment, you'll be fine.'

Cam sat quietly for a while with his head between his knees and trying not to throw up.

When he felt better again, he raised his head.

'I've got to go for a minute' Durril told him as the sun began to rise. 'I set a few rabbit traps nearby the other day. I'm going to go see if I caught anything.' He paused then as he made to leave. 'You sleep for a long time by the way' he added. 'If you're still tired why don't you sleep in the carriage? It's more comfortable in there.'

Durril slipped away quietly, disappearing into the bushes as he went.

Cam rose gingerly to his feet, taking Durril's advice and returning to the carriage.

He lay down upon the soft bed, silent tears running down his cheeks as he thought of those dearest to him.

Valery…where are you…what are you doing now? And Luke…I hope to the gods you are safe…please…please don't die…

Durril returned an hour or so later, carrying in his hand three dead rabbits. He had knocked loudly on the carriage door, waking Cam abruptly.

'Success!' Durril had said to him when Cam tentatively opened the door a crack. 'Guess what we'll be eating later!'

Now Cam and Durril sat side by side at the head of the carriage in the driver's seat as Sapphire pulled the carriage along.

'I tell you what' Durril was saying, 'today is going to be a spectacular day, I just know it. Don't ask me how I know, but I just know it. I really do!'

Cam listened to him sullenly as he talked, sitting beside him with a blanket wrapped around him to protect him from the morning chill. Durril wore no such thing however. He had exerted himself this morning catching the rabbits, and felt quite hot, and full of energy.

Durril, Cam had quickly learned, was full of energy.

'Look a bird!' Durril cried suddenly pointing to one flying overhead. 'I love birds!'

And then he broke into song.

Far over mountains and hilltops and plains

There lies a bell that was shattered again

In the dirt and dishevelled, all beaten and cracked

It fell from its tower, when the rope up there snapped

Down it fell! With a crash, that rang out for miles

The townsfolk came around, no longer they smiled

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