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   Chapter 160 No.160

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'And…' Cam began tentatively, '…what do you want in return?'

'Nothing!' Durril sang merrily. 'Nothing at all!'

Cam stayed inside the carriage for a long while after that, feeling the gentle bumps as the carriage jostled along the road, pulled by the long manned white and black horse.

Cam felt utterly exhausted, his body thoroughly drained and his muscles like lead.

Everything that had happened to him in the last few hours seemed like a dream. He could hardly believe that he was even happening.

Luke… he thought vaguely and Valery…I wonder where you are now….

He sighed heavily, closing his eyes.

Despite his exhaustion, it took him a long while to get to sleep, his mind so fraught with worry.

He didn't know how long he had been asleep, but he was woken sometime later by the sound of music.

Cam opened his eyes, recognising the tune played on the flute just outside the carriage. It was a common tune, and one that almost everyone would know.

Cam pushed himself up, staring across the carriage.

It was still now, and besides from the tune played outside, everything was silent.

It was dark. Cam could see that it was night.

He rose, moving across the carriage and slowly opening the door, stepped outside.

The nights breeze was cool. Cam saw that Durril had made a camp beside the carriage, sitting now beside a crackling fire, his horse lying down on its side nearby. Cam could tell by the horse's slow breathing, that the animal was fast asleep.

Cam closed the carriage door and Durril instantly stopped playing, turning as he heard Cam's soft steps as he approached.

'Ah' he said, breaking into a wide grin. 'He's awake. How did you sleep?'

'Fine' Cam mumbled in reply.

He took a seat on the ground near Durril, though keeping a distance between them. Durril watched him closely.

'That…' Cam began uncomfortably, 'that was a nice tune.'

'You liked it?'

'I didn't know you could play.'

'What sort of a gypsy would I be if I didn't have skills in instruments? I can play many. I am an entertainer after all. Many people find me pleasing…including you.'


'The tune' Durril said, lifting his flute to indicate. 'You liked it.'

'Oh' Cam said. 'Yes…'

'In that case' Durril said rea

ching for a bag which sat beside him, 'I have something for you.'

He put his flute down on his lap as he foraged through the bag.

'No not that…' he mumbled to himself as he searched, 'no…no…where is it now…? Ah.'

He straightened again, pulling a second flute out.

He turned grinning towards Cam, holding out the flute for him to take.

'For you.'


Cam stared down at it, eyes wide.

'It's not poisonous' Durril frowned in amusement. 'It's not a snake. It's not going to bite you.'

Cam took it, holding it in both his hands, he examined it.

It was beautifully carved and vividly painted in pretty patterns.

'I sell several like that' Durril told him. 'Instruments sell quite well, especially exceptionally decorated ones like that.'

'This is for me?' Cam asked him again.

'Yes' Durril laughed. 'It's a gift. Have you never received a gift before?'

Cam held it close to him, over his beating heart. 'Thank you' he mumbled. 'You're very kind.'

'Do you know how to play the flute?'


'Do you know how to play any instrument?'


'Have you ever played any instrument ever?'


'Well you're never too old to learn' Durril beamed. 'Put it to your lips. Play a tune. Any tune.'

Cam baulked.

'It's ok!' Durril waved at him energetically. 'Just make a sound, any sound…like this….'

He played random notes on his own flute to demonstrate.

'Go on' he encouraged. 'Try it, it's easy.'

Cam hesitated, bringing the instrument to his lips and playing one long note.

'Excellent' Durril said clapping enthusiastically. 'That I how we all begin! That is how I began to learn this instrument. You've got a long way to go, but I know in time you will learn to be as musically gifted as I am' he said, touching his own chest proudly. 'Just you wait and see. You're going to be magnificent…I just know it.'

For about an hour or so after that, Durril taught him the basics, until Cam was able to play a simple tune.

Durril congratulated him enthusiastically, and then they went to sleep.

For the rest of that night they both slept outside by the fire, near the horse that Cam had learnt was called Sapphire, who twitched happily as she slept, and above them, the stars shone brightly.

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