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   Chapter 159 No.159

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'It's Cam' he whimpered, brushing his tears away.

'Why are you crying?' Durril asked him. 'What happened to you?'

'My brother' Cam whispered. 'I left my brother at home…and…' Valery…

'Did someone hurt you?' Durril asked, his tone becoming serious.

'What?'Cam gasped.

'You've got bruising all over your body' Durril said, 'and cuts.'

'I fell from my horse.'

'It looks like you've been kicked repeatedly' Durril said.

Cam fell silent.

'I tried to patch up some of the cuts you had' Durril explained. 'You had a nasty one on your shoulder.' He reached towards him, touching Cam's shirt where he had cut the fabric to get to the wound easier.

He pulled the material back as if to check on it. Cam instantly panicked, slapping his hand away and drawing away from him on the bed.

'Don't touch me!'

Durril stared at him in shock, lowering his hand slowly as he stared at Cam.

He paused.

'Something awful has happened to you' he mumbled. 'I can see it in your eyes.'

Cam didn't answer, only glared back at him fearfully.

There came a whinnying from the horse outside, and Durril was snapped back to attention.

He left the carriage quickly then to look outside, returning seconds later.

'There are men riding this way' he told Cam, who instantly paled. 'Are they after you?'


'I can help hide you, but you must trust me.'


'Do you trust me?' Durril spoke harshly.

'N-n-n-n-…I mean….I d-d-d-d….'

Durril grabbed him roughly by his arm, pulling him from the bed and dragging him outside, Cam whimpering as he was pulled along.

'Hide under the carriage' Durril told him.


'I think you should hide under the carriage' Durril repeated. 'You can hold onto the axel underneath. They might not check there.'

Cam hesitated. In the distance he could hear the footfalls of horses drawing swiftly closer, but they were out of sight.

'Now!' Durril hissed.

Cam was broken from his trance. He lay quickly on the ground and rolled beneath the carriage, grabbing onto the axel and lifting himself up.

Here he waited.

He felt the carriage rock as he held on, Durril had entered the carriage, or perhaps he had entered the driver's seat at the front.

Cam breathed slowly through his mouth, trying hard to steady his racing heart. His palms began to sweat as he heard the horses draw closer.

Cam turned his head to the side, seeing one of the horse's legs as it pranced alongside the carriage.


day sirs' Durril called jovially above him. 'To what do I owe the pleasure?'

Cam squeezed his eyes tight shut, praying in his heart not to be found.

His concentration wandered, and for a moment he didn't hear what was said. And then he heard Durril speak again.

'You're free to check the carriage if you want. Not much in there I'm afraid though, well…nothing that will interest you folk I'm sure.'

Cam felt the carriage rock again as several bodies stepped into it. They left quickly after, lingering only for a few seconds. The carriage was small and there was not much to search.

There was some mumbled conversation, a prolonged explanation that Cam could not understand, and then they moved on.

Cam heard the sound of the soldiers mounting their horses and riding away, ahead of them down the road.

He listened to the diminishing sound of the horses hooves upon the earthy surface.

But Cam dared not let go until he saw Durril's face smiling down at him as he knelt beside the carriage.

'See?' he told him. 'All better.'

He waited.

'You can come out now' Durril prompted. 'It's safe.'

Cam tightened his grip, before letting out a sigh and allowing his body to fall gently back to the ground again. Rolling onto his front he crawled out from beneath the carriage.

Durril stepped back to give him space as Cam straightened up.

Cam regarded the gypsy, taking another good look at him.

'Why…' Cam said, 'why did you help me?'

'As if I could turn a blind eye to one in need' the gypsy smiled. 'What kind of a world would this be if we didn't help each other?'

Cam wiped away more tears as the man spoke.

'Again?' Durril sighed in exasperation. 'I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong?' he reached out as if to comfort him, but drew sharply back then, remembering the last time did so.

'Thank you...' Cam whispered through his tear. 'Thank you….no one's ever been so kind to me…'

Durril watched him in surprise for a moment, before smiling again, his expression warm.

'Don't worry about it' he beamed. 'It was nothing. Now, are you heading anywhere in particular?'


'I didn't think so' Durril interrupted with a grin. 'Come on, you can ride with me, but I think it's best if you stay inside the carriage, at least for now. You know….in case we see those soldiers again. I've got loads of books in there.' He encouraged. 'Read whatever you like, touch whatever you like. Just put it back where you found it. Kay?'

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