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   Chapter 158 No.158

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Tears ran from his eyes as he remembered Luke, fighting to the surface through the bubbles and rapid water.

No he thought to himself as he fought against the current. I cannot die! I have to live to see my brother! I have to live! I have to live! I have to live!

He opened his eyes again, bubbles of air streaming from his mouth as he was slowly running out of breath. His foot found a rock beneath him, and he used it for support, struggling forwards and grasping onto another rock before him, pulling himself to the surface.

He finally broke the water, gasping a deep lungful of air, stumbling forwards onto solid land to sit on his knees, half in half out of the water, moaning and groaning and wheezing as pain and shock and adrenaline coursed through his body.

He glanced around him fearfully, his wet black hair sticking to his cheek and forehead as he looked towards the waterfall behind him, seeing a man on horseback staring down at him from above. Another joined him, then another, their eyes all fixed upon him.

Cam shrank under their stares, feeling suddenly so exposed. He rose to his feet to flee, jerked back suddenly as his cloak caught on a rock behind him.

He turned around, trying to pull it, failing, he simply unclasped it from around his neck, and left it where it lay, disappearing into the woods again.

Cam realised he was at last free of the palace.

But he never thought it would happen like this.

Chapter Thirteen

Hours later he had left the woods, wandering alone across the open road, having lost his pursuers, at least for the meantime. The sun above shone brightly and had dried his clothes. He roamed the open lands now; heading in no particular direction, only away from the palace, the place he had called home, the only place he had ever really known.

How he hated it.

Cam stopped suddenly, burying his face in his hands. He didn't know where he was. He didn't know where he was going; he knew almost nothing about the world outside the palace, having never travelled further than the city which surrounded his home.

Feeling so desperately lost and alone he began to cry, body hunched over and sobbing, slowly running his hands down his face.

He drew a sudden sharp intake of breath, staring down at his hands in shock.

His skin had begun to glow.

Cam forgot his sorrows for a moment, staring at himself, first to one hand, then the other, turning his palms over. He then examined himself. The very clothes he wore were glowing also; the deep turquoise of his clothes had lightened dramatically, as had his black sleeves and black boots. They were all the same colours no

w, all glowing white and very pale blue and silver, shining brightly, even in the sun in the clear sky above him he shone.

Cam lifted his hands, running his fingers through his hair, brushing his hair back out of his face. As he did so, the black ran from his hair too, seeping like oil between his fingers. Cam moved off the road, and to a small pond nearby, craning forwards over the water to see himself. The water was clear, crystal clear and clean, and as Cam leant forwards, he could see his reflection staring back at him, and he saw himself.

His hair was pure white like fresh snow; his skin glowed, as did his clothes.

His entire appearance was blazing brightly.

He looked like a celestial being, an angel…

Cam straightened again, still in awe and astonishment.

'What is happening to me?' he whispered.

'That's pretty impressive!'

Cam started; he spun around to face the figure that had spoken, breathing heavily in fear. His skin instantly stopped glowing, his hair returned to black and his clothes returned to their original colours.

His breath calmed slightly, as he saw the figure was not a soldiers as he had first feared, but a merchant of some kind. His white and black horse was stocky, with a long mane and feathers at its feet. The wooden carriage it pulled behind was decorated and vividly painted in all sorts of bright colours. The merchant himself was a gypsy, with tanned skin, painted eyes and wearing a bandana.

Cam was surprised that he had not seen nor heard him coming.

'Who are you?' the merchant asked curiously. 'Those are some fine clothes you wear, like that of royalty. What are you doing out here alone in the middle of nowhere?'

Cam stared at him wide-eyed, gasping like a fish out of water, before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he collapsed.

Cam woke sometime later, blinking wearily and trying to make sense of his surroundings.

He was lying on a bed, staring up at a wooden ceiling above him, the curtains in the small window beside him were a rich purple, and there were lamps fixed to the walls all around.

Cam sat up suddenly, hand going to his head as he was enveloped by a sudden wave of dizziness.

'Easy there' came a voice. 'Don't move too fast, you might make yourself ill.'

Cam lowered his hand as his vision began to clear.

'Who are you?' Cam asked the man sitting in a chair beside the bed.

'My name is Durril' the man replied. 'What's yours?'

Cam sobbed, burying his face in his hands.

'Hey…' Durril laughed uncertainly. 'I was only asking for your name, I sorry. You don't have to tell me if you really don't want to.'

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