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   Chapter 157 No.157

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'You cannot marry that girl. She is a bad influence. She does not act the way a princess should act.'

Brioke moved across the room and over to his drinks cabinet. Reaching for a bottle he began to pour himself some wine.

'You've been lying to me this whole time' Cam mumbled. 'You've been keeping me in the dark.'

Brioke raised his head slowly, placing the bottle slowly back down.

'I saw you visit the city' Brioke told him. 'I saw you command those guards at the front gates of the palace grounds.' His brow furrowed in thought. 'A few suffer for the greater good' Brioke spoke through a grimace. 'We're making this world a better place.'

'Only for you.'

Brioke fell silent. He turned very slowly to face Cam. Cam had never spoken to Brioke like this before.

'You tried to kill Valery didn't you?'

'She is a liability' Brioke answered. 'She's going to take you away from me.'

'No' Cam said, his voice breaking. 'I will never be yours again. Not ever. After everything you've done to me, only now am I breaking free. Only now…because of her…'

'She cannot stay here. Her presence is destroying everything the council and I have been working so hard to achieve.'

'I love her' Cam uttered. 'I love her…' He balled his fists then, gripped by a sudden anger. 'This world is rotten enough' Cam growled at Brioke, 'without rotten people like you making it worse.' He narrowed his eyes in pure hate. 'You've forced me to turn again my brother' he said. 'You force me to hurt him…to push him make me alone……'

Brioke straightened.

'You belong to me' Brioke said menacingly as he approached him. 'You will do as I say' he spoke with surety. 'You always will.'

Cam backed himself against the wall. In his mind Cam counted the steps as Brioke descended upon him, squeezing his eyes tight shut, expecting to feel pain.

Instead Brioke caressed him, leaning forwards and kissing him, moving his lips down his neck as Cam turned his head away.

'No' he whispered.

Brioke acted as if he hadn't heard, grabbing Cam's wrist with one hand and pinning him against the wall, with the other hand, he moved to touch his groin.

'This body' Brioke smiled cruelly, 'belongs to me. Your body belongs to me…you are mine. You will always be mine.'

Cam began to tremble as he felt Brioke begin to undo his breeches, enveloped by a sudden wave of anger he tensed, growling and snarling he pushed Brioke away.

'No!' he cried. 'You will not touch me again!'

His memory lapsed.

Cam ran the horse on as fast as it would go. The poor beast was exhausted; its body steaming in the cool day and flanks foaming with s

weat, but Cam kicked it harder, running it at high-speed across the land until it stumbled.

Cam was thrown forwards as the horse toppled beneath him, hitting the ground hard and rolling to a stop.

He groaned in pain, hugging his aching body and forcing himself back to his feet without much pause. He stood without too much effort. He wasn't badly injured, he was lucky. A fall like the one he had just experience could have seriously hurt him, or even killed him. The stallion however was not so lucky.

He moved tentatively back towards the beast, holding his arm to his chest, feeling it throbbing painfully. The stallion was thrashing around on the floor in agony, trying to get up before submitting and laying still, holding its body stiffly. Cam saw at a glance its leg was broken, having landed its foot in a rabbit hole as it ran.

He knew there was nothing he could do, and so he left it there, to suffer its end, heading now on foot onwards to a forest ahead of him, hoping it would give him cover.

Once he dared a glance behind him, heart jolting as he saw in the distance a mass of riders heading his way. They would shortly find his fallen horse, and then find him.

Cam sobbed in panic as he picked up his pace, beginning to run now towards the woods before him, all the while glancing back at the riders who were coming closer, riding their horses at a gallop.

Cam would have been easy to spot, a single figure out on the open plains, his long purple cloak trailing after him like a flag to his pursuers.

He reached the edge of the forest, but continued to run, never stopping, not until he was trembling from exhaustion and the stitch in his side had become unbearable.

It was dark around him; the forest he had come to was thick and wild.

Cam reached the head of a waterfall, wheeling around in panic when he heard shouts from behind him. By the sound of it, the men that pursued him had fanned out as if trying to close a net around him.

Cam glanced to his side, where he heard more voices to his left, and to his right.

They were trapping him.

He spun around, looking ahead again at the cliff before him. It was a long drop to the water below, every instinct within his body screamed for him to stop as he stepped closer to the edge.

Cam threw himself forwards without thinking, his stomach balling into tight knots as he plummeted downwards, hitting the water hard. He struggled to the surface, pawing at the water and fighting for air, his clothes now soaked with water weighed him down, his cloak even more so. But he was a strong swimmer, having swum from an early age with his brother.

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