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   Chapter 155 No.155

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'You're becoming more like my mother…' Cam uttered in a distant voice, still shocked at what she had done.

'Is that a good thing?' Valery asked turning back to him.

'I don't know' Cam said. 'She can be cruel…but she is strong.'

Valery tilted her head at him.

'Only the strong make it in this world' she said, echoing Miranda's lessons.

Cam raised his head slightly, surprised to hear her say this.

'Let's go home' she said calmly. 'I'm getting bored of the streets for today.'

When they entered the main hall of the palace, they found Miranda and Luke waiting for them. The instant they walked through the main doors, Miranda rushed up to them, embracing Valery tightly.

'I heard what happened' she breathed, holding Valery tightly. 'Are you alright?'

'We're fine' Valery said holding Miranda back, 'we're both fine.'

Miranda stepped back, gazing into Valery's face as Luke looked over Cam, nodding to him silently.

'It's alright' Miranda said hastily, letting go of Valery and straightening up again. 'Things will get better. I know things will get better. Things are changing. I can feel it…'

The following day, Cam's life would change forever, would take a completely different direction…

…and things will never be the same ever again.

Interlude start

Tam smiled warmly to his family, having embraced each of them in turn.

'Please' he spoke to them softly. 'Please do not be sad. I am going to a different place, a better place, where I can change people's lives for the better.'

'Why?' his little sister Cynthia sobbed. 'Why did he say that it had to be you?'

'Because' Tam said placing a hand upon her head, 'I am the one he saw fit to choose. I am the best, and I will use this new power I have to make people lives better.'

'Will you really do such a thing?' Cynthia asked.

'Yes' Tam whispered. 'I have seen…incredible things…things you could only dream of, things beyond what you could even imagine.'

Cynthia's eyes grew wide as he said this, and she gazed up at her brother in awe.

'Will you come back to visit us?' his teary mother said as she was held by her husband beside her.

'Of course I will' Tam replied, straightening up and facing them. 'I will never forget you. I've met each of the eight and they tell me I can live forever…if I change my body to

a false one…'

'False?' his mother mumbled.

Tam smiled again, blinking slowly. 'It doesn't matter.'

'No please' his father said slowly. 'I want to know everything there is to know.'

'Well' Tam sighed wearily, 'they say there are ways that allow them to live forever, the best being…' he paused, 'putting your consciousness inside a clockwork body.'

'Your consciousness?' his father echoed.

'Everything that makes you, you' Tam replied, 'all your thoughts, your memories, your desires and wishes. It is you' he finished. 'But in a better body. A clockwork body. A body that can be replaced and fixed. Completely undistinguishable from the real thing…until you look inside.'

'And that will happen to you?' Cynthia asked him.

'Yes' Tam nodded, 'but not yet. When I am ready. When I start to grow old.'

'And you assure us' his mother interjected, clutching her handkerchief tightly in a fist, 'that you will be completely safe?'

'Safer than I am now' Tam replied. 'I will be stronger. I will be able to wield magic!'

'Magic' his father tutted, holding his dear wife close to him. 'Such a thing I have heard of only in fairy tales.'

'Well' Tam nodded slowly, 'all stories have a streak of truth in them., even the most fabulous ones.' Tam paused then, turning to the window and gazing out at the world. 'They say that even here' he spoke in a distant voice, 'in the forests, deeper than any man dares to wander, that there is magic, earth elementals, sprites, fairies and elves. Are we really justified to say now that they are all false? Especially…since one came to our front door…'

'I wish he hadn't come!' Cynthia sobbed. 'It's because of him that my brother is going away!'

'Only for the moment' Tam spoke quickly, trying to sooth her. 'You like it when I read you stories don't you?'

Cynthia stared up at her brother with large eyes.

'Yes' she breathed. 'I love that. You tell the most wonderful tales.'

'And now I will have even better ones when I return.' Tam knelt before her. 'I will be able to travel to other worlds, to past and future worlds, magical worlds, alien worlds. Even I, even now, don't know what I will find.'

'You've always been kind to others' his father said as Tam rose to his feet again. 'You've never been persuaded by material things…by gold and wealth.'

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