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   Chapter 154 No.154

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'Alright' she sighed. 'Let's go right now.'

She let the metal piece she was holding fall from her hand, leaving the game where it lay, she rose with Cam. Hand in hand, they walked down the corridor, followed a step behind by the silent Plum, who was smiling to herself as she followed after them.

It made her very happy to see Valery happy, and Cam also.

Things are going well the handmaiden thought to herself. Things are going very well.

Cam and Valery walked hand in hand through the city streets beyond the home they shared. The palace could be seen from any point within the city, it was so tall, reaching nearly to the clouds in its magnificent structure.

Cam squeezed Valery's hand suddenly, feeling butterflies in his stomach.

'Your arrival is the best thing that's ever happened to me' he said to her, speaking his thoughts hastily before he had time to hesitate. 'It feels as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders, a weight that has been there for so long, I didn't even realise that it existed.'

She glanced back to him, smiling in turn, before looking away again.

'Look at it' she said, gazing at the street about them at the people who bustled by. The mothers and their children, the rich merchants selling their wares at a stall, the holy group of men preaching on the street corner, the vagrant begging for scraps in the doorway of an abandoned home. 'This' Valery began, 'this is our world, and together, we will work hard to make it better for everyone, together we will work hard to make it stronger.' She smiled to herself. 'Everyone' she said, 'everyone will be treated fairly, whether they are rich or poor. I want to help rule a world I would enjoy living in, no matter who I was.'

Cam looked down to her.

'Create a world in which you do not know who you will be' Valery said to him. 'A world that is fair for everyone. A world that is just. That is the world my father tried to create in his own kingdom. That is the kind of world I want to create also, the kind of home I would want to live.'

'As would I' Cam sighed, 'as would I.'

They walked through the city streets, simply wandering and looking around, until Cam noticed something. A man dressed as a palace guard. His gaze lingered on them a little too long.

Cam noticed the flash of steel, quick enough to pull Valery out the way as the man made a lunge for her.

Valery stumbled, hand going to her neck where he had cut her, feeling just the tiniest sliver of blood against her fingers.

She turned to the man that had attacked her, staring wide eyed as Cam held her in his arms, he was suddenly tense, suddenly terrified.

'That was sloppy' Valery uttered, before the man took a s

tep towards them.

Cam and Valery both noticed suddenly that they were alone. There were no civilians wandering about as there had been before, and they were surrounded by more of the men dressed the same. They guarded each escape route, trapping Cam and Valery where they were.

'Step away from the princess' the first man ordered. 'It's her we want.'

Cam could not speak. He only stared back in horror.

They want to kill her! He realised. Who sent them?

'We're not here to hurt you' the man said again to Cam. 'Hand over the princess, or we kill both of you.'

He's bluffing Cam thought desperately as panic gripped within. He has to be.

The man advanced towards them, taking a slow and deliberate step. Cam drew sharply back, holding Valery tighter to him, when the man suddenly fell.

Cam blinked in shock, seeing a bolt sticking out of the man's back.

It was then he realised, that the men on the ground around them had fallen too. The same bolts sticking out of their bodies, shot with precision and protruding from their armour.

He had been so fixated on the man that had spoken, that he had not noticed what happened around them.

Cam glanced up, seeing on the rooftops around them more soldiers, these dressed in dark colours, with shabby cloaks and hoods raised.

Cam and Valery stared up in fear at the bowman that had killed the soldier that had spoken to them, relaxing only when he lowered his weapon, bowing low to them in respect.

'It's one of your mother's men' Valery hissed. 'It has to be.'

'They've been following us this whole time?' Cam uttered.

'What she said then must be true' Valery glared. 'They were loyal to your father, and loyal to you now. This is it' she said turning to Cam. 'For their sake, as well as everyone else's, you have to prove you are worthy of their loyalty, prove that you are strong.'

She pushed him away sharply, breaking from his hold and marching towards the man that had cut her, lifting a brick lying on the street nearby as she did.

She stood over him, lifting the heavy brick in both hands and bringing it crashing down on his head with all the force she could muster. Then she picked it up and hit him again, and again and again, until there was left nothing but a bloody pulp, a mass of blood and flesh and bone that was barely recognisable as a face anymore.

'I will not be weak' she spoke defiantly, throwing the bloodied brick away. 'I will not be swayed by fear. Anyone who tries to cause harm' she said glaring down at the dead body at her feet, 'will meet a similar fate. 'There is no mercy she hissed, 'for men like these. I wish quash my enemies, like my father did, like the fearless queen I should be!'

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