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   Chapter 153 No.153

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She leant forward, kissing him on the cheek.

'Sleep peacefully' she whispered to him, before dressing into her nightdress and joining him on the bed.

She too was asleep shortly after.

Interlude start

Reuben moved forwards slowly through the tall grass. The birds were singing in the trees all around him, calling to one another in their sweet songs.

It was early morning, and the sun was blinking through the branches that waved in the breeze.

It was beautiful in the world around him, but Reuben paid no attention to any of this. His mind was on other things. He was focused as he made his way onwards. For hours he walked this thriving world, but at last, he left the boundary of the trees.

Reuben stood there, clinging to the foliage, gazing out at the open land before him.

Reuben blinked slowly. Before him the land had been cleared of trees. Before him, the land was open. From this point he stood, Reuben could see a small town, grey in comparison to the rest of this world.

Reuben smiled. It took a lot of effort; his skin was coarse and cracked, resembling more like tree bark than human flesh. Reuben balled his fists, his knuckles cracked as he did so. His eyes shone like stars, the pupils vertical slits, like a cats.

Reuben glanced back into the forest behind him, seeing a glimpse of Love. She lingered in the trees, too afraid to stand out in the open, too afraid, now that they were near the town, the town where people gathered in number.

The humans terrified her, as they terrified almost all of the creatures that lived in this forest. But not Reuben. Reuben had been born into a world that was filled with people. His early life had been spent living in a modern town, and he was once just like they were. But now he had changed.

Reuben nodded towards Love, before she slipped out of view, hiding herself away. He faced ahead again.

Reuben took a step forward, out into the open where Love would not follow. He walked the path towards the town, crossing the border and entering the town itself. He ignored the strange looks the townsfolk were giving him as he went by. Reuben knew where he was going, he knew who he had to find, and when he found him, the young man was just as surprised to see him as everyone else around them.

Reuben smiled with great effort at the young man, his eyes wide and vibrant.

The young man stared back uncertainly.

Lucas watched the screen intently, doing so from his own world. He saw as Reuben opened his mouth, and spoke to the youn

g man.

'What's he doing?'

Lucas glanced up to the masked figure that had spoken.

Isami removed her plague mask, smiling at Lucas.

'You're watching Reuben?' she asked.

Lucas turned away from her, looking to the screen again.

'Yeah' he grumbled. 'I am.'

Isami sauntered up to him, taking him by the arm.

Together they stood, watching the screen.

'What is he doing?' she asked again.

'He's looking for his replacement.'

'He's leaving?' she asked curiously.

'Yes' Lucas spoke quietly. 'He's fallen in love with this creature….this…earth elemental…'

Isami watched him closely, before looking back at the screen.

'You're not ready to let him go' Isami spoke slowly. 'Are you?'

'No' Lucas murmured under his breath. 'I'm not.'

Interlude end

It was still early morning, and Valery and Plum were sitting on the corridor floor playing games.

'My turn' Valery sang, holding the metal piece in her hands, a piece which was painted several different colours. 'If I land on red, I win this round.'

Plum smiled at her, lying on her front with her chin resting on her folded hands, before her lay several more metal pieces painted many colours, and one painted a single colour, purple. Alongside these pieces were several large red die, and a flat piece of card painted silver.

'Go ahead' Plum teased. 'You know red is the hardest colour to get.'

Valery stuck her tongue out at Plum, lifting her hand getting ready to throw the metal piece.

'Ok' Valery whispered, frowning in concentration. 'Here I go…'

She paused then as a shadow fell over her, glancing around she saw Cam standing behind her.

'You're awake' she said. 'Are you feeling better today?'

Cam smiled down at her, grinning widely.

'Yes' he sighed. 'I feel better today. In fact I feel better than better. I feel great!'


Cam knelt suddenly, reaching forwards and embracing Valery tightly.

'Thank you' he whispered into her ear. 'Thank you for everything you have done for me.'

Valery blinked in shock as Cam held her. Her body relaxed slightly, and her arms lifted, holding him back.

'I'm doing everything I can for you' she said to him. 'After all, we are to be married soon.'

'And for that day' Cam whispered to her, '…I cannot wait.'

He smiled again, before slowly releasing her and leaning back, gazing into her face.

'I want to go outside.'


'I want to go outside' Cam repeated happily.

She stared at him for several moments, before breaking into a smile.

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